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Item #: SCP-3606

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An electrified fence has been erected around the property on which SCP-3606 resides. Small holes along the bottom of the fence are regularly spaced to allow for the ingress of animals. A copse of trees has been planted around SCP-3606 itself for privacy. Humans affected by SCP-3606's attractive effect are to be retrieved, returned to their prior location, and monitored until death.

One live cow at least 500kg in mass is to be delivered to SCP-3606 at eight-hour intervals and sealed in its garage. If possible, the remains of the previous cow should be removed first. It should be noted that due to the effect of climate fluctuations on SCP-3606's anomalous properties, the amount of biomass delivered in an 8-hour period may be reduced by 50% if the outside temperature drops below freezing.

Standard supplies for extended residence, as well as writing and art supplies, are to be delivered to SCP-3606-A as necessary; SCP-3606-A may request additional accommodations by contacting SCP-3606's HMCL supervisor. Garbage and other refuse is collected from SCP-3606 twice per week. SCP-3606-A has accepted responsibility for clearing dust and skeletons from SCP-3606 so that personnel may retrieve them.

A stairway and tunnel in SCP-3606's backyard have been constructed to enable access to SCP-3606-B. SCP-3606-A has been told that this structure was built to access an unusual mineral deposit on the property, and must not be provided any information about SCP-3606-B.

While SCP-3606-B does not require active observation, surveillance footage should be collected and reviewed weekly.

Personnel are not to touch SCP-3606-B or remain in SCP-3606 for more than five minutes at a time under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-3606 is a two-story house located in rural New Jersey, near █████. Living organisms within SCP-3606 (with the exception of SCP-3606-A) will rot, decay, or otherwise deteriorate at an accelerated pace, such that damage to such organisms manifests after about seven minutes, and death invariably occurs within twelve hours.

Addendum: This effect is noticeably slowed when the temperature in SCP-3606's vicinity drops below 0°C. Due to the fluctuations of climate in recent years, these periods are less frequent and fluctuations in temperature should be noted for containment procedures.

When the amount of living biomass in SCP-3606 falls below a poorly characterized threshold, its area of effect will extend beyond the boundaries of the house at ~1.3 m/s until a sufficient quantity of such material is within its range, contracting when the total living biomass in the area of effect exceeds the minimum value. Current containment procedures have proven sufficient to prevent SCP-3606's effect from spreading.

Within a range of roughly 35 kilometers, animals whose death is imminent may experience a compulsion to travel to and enter SCP-3606 prior to death, generally dying within five minutes. While this effect is apparent in most observed animal life, it is most pronounced in birds, which will invariably travel to SCP-3606 to die.

SCP-3606-A is a human male by the name of August Mayes, a resident of SCP-3606 for his entire life. He is notable primarily for his apparent immunity to SCP-3606's anomalous properties and his lack of observed aging since said anomalous properties first manifested. When SCP-3606-A moves more than three meters from SCP-3606, he will fall into a catatonic stupor that will only reverse upon reintroduction to SCP-3606. As these episodes cause SCP-3606-A extreme pain and distress, he is permitted to reside in SCP-3606.


A drawing produced by SCP-3606-A.

SCP-3606-A experiences regular dreams featuring an individual he refers to as "████████", whose appearance is consistent with that of SCP-3606-B; he also reports experiencing waking hallucinations consistent with these dreams on occasion. SCP-3606-A is obsessed with SCP-3606-B, spending the majority of his spare time producing artistic works that depict SCP-3606-B in some manner, though he frequently expresses dissatisfaction with his works. SCP-3606-A exhibits a variety of intense emotional responses towards SCP-3606-B, most commonly those of love and reverence, though he often has difficulty expressing these emotions or his thoughts on SCP-3606-B.

SCP-3606-B is a human male of indeterminate age located eight meters below SCP-3606's foundation, at the bottom of an apparently natural stone pit. Records from the house's construction make no mention of such a pit, and SCP-3606-A is unaware of SCP-3606-B's presence. SCP-3606-B resides in a stone coffin-shaped depression in the bedrock; imaging indicates the existence of an additional, liquid-filled cavity of indeterminate size beneath this coffin, though this has not been manually confirmed. Organisms that make physical contact with SCP-3606-B will become desiccated and decay rapidly; death occurs within eight seconds, and the body will turn to dust completely within thirty seconds.

While SCP-3606-B is alive, it has shown no need for sustenance, and possesses no higher brain activity. It is fused to the interior of its coffin at several points, with essential organ systems extending at least three meters into the surrounding rock. Extracting SCP-3606-B from its present location is not considered feasible; furthermore, excavation of the area underneath or around SCP-3606-B's coffin carries a significant risk of injuring or killing SCP-3606-B.

History: SCP-3606 was built in 1928, and displayed no anomalous properties until June 18, 1951. Several days earlier, SCP-3606-A's mother and younger sister, both residents of the house, were hospitalized for atypical necrotizing fasciitis;1 this ultimately proved lethal in both case. Additionally, several minor earthquakes were detected near SCP-3606. SCP-3606-A was 23 years old at the time.

SCP-3606's development of its primary anomalous properties coincided with those of SCP-3606-A, as well as the beginning of SCP-3606-A's dreams of SCP-3606-B. The Foundation became involved within 36 hours, after reports of massive crop and livestock deaths. Eighteen human casualties were recorded before containment was established.

Infrasonic imaging of SCP-3606 and the surrounding property was conducted in 1972, leading to the discovery of the pit under the house; subsequent excavation revealed the existence of SCP-3606-B, which had not been given an SCP designation prior to its discovery. SCP-3606-A expressed surprise when informed of SCP-3606-B's presence and status, claiming to have had no prior knowledge on the matter. This information ultimately proved deleterious to SCP-3606-A's mental stability, and the decision was made to erase it from SCP-3606-A's memory.

Addendum: The following interview was conducted on September 13, 1998, and is considered representative of the content of most interviews with SCP-3606-A. Dr. Cabrini and SCP-3606-A conversed on the front porch of SCP-3606.

Dr. Cabrini: Good afternoon, August.

[SCP-3606-A ignores Dr. Cabrini and continues sketching.]

Dr. Cabrini: August, I said good afternoon.

SCP-3606-A: Yes. Just a moment. It's almost done. Would you like to see it when it's done?

Dr. Cabrini: Of course. I'll wait for you to finish. May I sit?

[SCP-3606-A does not respond but shows no objection to Dr. Cabrini sitting. SCP-3606-A continues to sketch for 13m47s, at which time he places the pencil down and makes an unusual noise under his breath.]

Dr. Cabrini: Are you finished, August?

SCP-3606-A: Yes. I think. Why don't the eyes come out right? I want everyone to see them.

Dr. Cabrini: I am going to look at your drawing, August. May I take it?

SCP-3606-A: Yes. Go ahead. You see? They aren't right. They aren't how they're supposed to be.

Dr. Cabrini: And how are they supposed to be?

SCP-3606-A: His… His eyes. They're not like this. They're really bright, but also… incredibly dark. Stars. Water. The abyss. They swallow. In him, I am swallowed. Within him, I see.

Dr. Cabrini: Ah, I see. What prompted this drawing, August? What was the inspiration today?

SCP-3606-A: I dreamed him again. He was closer this time. I was at a picnic with some people, a man and a woman, and a little girl.

Dr. Cabrini: Would that be your family?

SCP-3606-A: My what? They weren't important. I'm talking about ████████.

Dr. Cabrini: Yes, about him. What happened in your dream, at the picnic?

SCP-3606-A: He… He sat beside me. He was looking down the hill, over the river. I said his name… His… It came out wrong, I couldn't hold it in my mouth. And he… he smiled. At me! He was smiling at me.

Dr. Cabrini: Did the people at the picnic with you see him? Did they talk to him?

SCP-3606-A: What people?

Dr. Cabrini: You just mentioned people at a picnic with you when ████████ sat with you.

SCP-3606-A: He sat with me. I could feel him, he was so close, Doctor. But I kept trying to speak, to beg him, pray to him, and nothing would come out. And… [Subject shudders and hugs himself, emits a high-pitched giggle. He then goes silent.]

Dr. Cabrini: … And what happened then, August? In your dream.

SCP-3606-A: … He held out his hands to me… They were cupped, and full of… something. Liquid. Something thick. And I knew… I knew he wanted me to drink it.

Dr. Cabrini: And did you?

SCP-3606-A: Yes. I… I dipped my mouth into his hands. I drank what he offered me. I remember clutching his hands, trying to get it all. It didn't seem like it was going to end.

Dr. Cabrini: Do you remember a taste?

SCP-3606-A: It was… sweet. But that's all I can say… There aren't words to describe…

Dr. Cabrini: I see. And what happened then?


SCP-3606-A: … I… Dissolved. I was falling apart. I melted. I… And he… With me… We both…

[SCP-3606-A's speech becomes incomprehensible. The subject mutters for roughly two minutes.]

Dr. Cabrini: … August. Are you unable to verbalize what happened in the dream? Could you draw a picture for me?

[SCP-3606-A does not answer or make eye contact, but re-enters the house. SCP-3606-A does not return to the porch. Through a window, Dr. Cabrini observes the subject drawing violently with oil pastels on and around a piece of paper on the floor. Subject verbalizes loudly and screeches in what is to be taken as elation before ignoring Dr. Cabrini completely and crawling onto a nearby couch. Dr. Cabrini later entered the premises briefly to retrieve the resulting picture, which is attached. No further comment could be elicited from SCP-3606-A for this session.]

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