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Item #: SCP-3604 Level 2/3604
Object Class: Euclid Classified


A screenshot of SCP-3604's Soundcloud page.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3604 is to be contained within a standard marine life tank in Site-16's Marine Biology Wing. The Wi-Fi chip within SCP-3604 is to be disabled at all times. Following Incident-3604-1, Foundation Webcrawlers are to monitor private messages of Soundcloud rap musicians with fewer than 100 followers. Access to the entity is restricted to personnel with Level-2 clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-3604 is a sapient Procambarus digueti1 with an ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip located on the interior dorsal side of its shell, near the heart. SCP-3604 possesses the ability to communicate via the Internet using instant messaging programs, online forums, private messaging services, etc. However, it appears to mainly upload recordings of an unidentified male voice (hereby referred to as SCP-3604-1) rapping onto the music publishing website, Soundcloud. Twelve Soundcloud accounts have been confirmed to be associated with SCP-3604, though it primarily uploads recordings under the account 'craydaddy.'

Discovery: SCP-3604 was discovered on 14/7/2012 in The Broads National Park in Norfolk County, England when several wildlife researchers noticed a crawfish showing symptoms of Aphanomyces astaci infestation2. Upon bringing SCP-3604 to an on-location veterinarian, one of the wildlife researchers noticed that nine emails had been sent to her phone, from an anonymous sender.

After receiving the emails, both researchers contacted local authorities who were able to track the IP of the emails back to SCP-3604. Nearby Foundation implants were notified of SCP-3604 and were able to recover it without incident. After recovering SCP-3604 one final email was sent to the researcher, though it was shortly intercepted. All civilians involved were administered Class B amnestics. (See Log of Recovered Emails)

On 6/12/2018 Foundation Webcrawlers noted that a Soundcloud account, 'round$huckles', began to upload several raps involving SCP-3604-1 and various aquatic themes. Upon investigation, several chat logs with SCP-3604 were recovered. (See Incident Report-3604-A)

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