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Item #: SCP-3603

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3603 is kept in a standard containment cell in Site-██. At no time should the temperature in the containment cell exceed 4 degrees Celsius.

Instances of SCP-3603-1 are to be kept in separate nature facilities depending on the color of powder covering their fur at time of emergence.

All testing propositions with this object must be provided with approval from the current project head.

Description: SCP-3603 is cereal resembling Captain Crunch's "Oops! All Berries." On the box containing SCP-3603, every "Quaker Oats" is replaced with "Dundle's Food."1 Testing has shown that both the box and plastic bag containing the cereal are not anomalous, although acute feelings of paranoia are not uncommon when observing it.

Ingestion or insertion of instances of SCP-3603 into a living being, human or otherwise, results in no anomalous effects. Personnel who have eaten SCP-3603 in tests describe it as being stale, bland, and/or flavorless.

SCP-3603 instances act as a seed. When put in a warm, moist environment, SCP-3603 will bloom at a rapid rate. Within 15 minutes, a bulb 2.1 meters tall resembling a large Captain Crunch "berry" will have grown no more than .5 meters away. All attempts to penetrate the bulb have failed.

The same effect happens when more than one instances of SCP-3603 are placed 5 millimeters or less apart. When multiples of the same color are placed in this way, no extra effects occur, though when two or more instances of different colors are placed together, they merge and form a new seed the same dimensions as the originals. Where the excess mass goes is currently unknown. This instance of SCP-3603 is the mixed color of the originals. The growth period from here on is completely normal, though the resulting SCP-3603-1 instance is the color of the hybrid seed.

After a period of time ranging from 15 minutes to 32 hours, the bulb grown from SCP-3603 will burst, followed by an emergence of SCP-3603-1. SCP-3603-1 instances artificially resemble Ursus Americanus (American Black Bears). The only discernable difference in appearance is instances of SCP-3603-1 are covered in a layer of powder corresponding with the color of SCP-3603 allowed to grow.

Testing has shown that this powder is most similar to chalk and contains several non-biological pigments. It is not dangerous in any way and is generally removed due to normal conditions in the nature habitat, i.e. rain and wind.

SCP-3603-1 instances have a number of anomalous properties depending on the color/colors allowed to propagate. For a full list, see Addendum SCP-3603-a. SCP-3603-1 instances are docile toward humans, and do not attack unless provoked. They live the normal lifespan of an Ursus Americanus (with birth being substituted for emergence), and are not able to reproduce. They can be terminated through normal means, but show immense strength regardless of color.

SCP-3603-1 instances are territorial and have a tendency to fight with those of different emergence colors, even if the powder is not still on other instances. It is unknown how they differentiate between themselves and instances of other colors.

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