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Item#: 3597
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3597 is to be kept in its containment chamber within Provisional Site-597. Any D-class personnel assigned to the project must also be permanently relocated inside this chamber.

Resident D-class may request supplies or additional personnel, provided no justification is given. Other than such requests, no people or coherent information may enter or leave the chamber. Two slats have been built into the structure which are used for delivery of food and waste. Any additional D-class must first be administered Grade-Z (permanent) dosages of Class-H and Class-I amnestics.

Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Recovery Log: Foundation AICs flagged an unusual series of civilian and police deaths linked to ███ ████████ Preschool in New York, NY. Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers") was sent in to investigate.

Date/Time Actions Results
2018/04/11 14:21 MTF-Pi-1 arrives at the location and establishes a perimeter. They then attempt to enter the building. Members report intense migraines. Operation aborted.
2018/04/11 14:34 MTF-Pi-1 attempts to enter the building through the second story window. Members report intense migraines and nosebleeds. Operation aborted.
2018/04/11 15:55 MTF-Pi-1 attempts to enter the building, equipped with gas masks. Members report intense migraines and blood loss. Two members expire.1 Operation aborted.
2018/04/11 16:23 MTF-Pi-1 attempts to enter the building while blindfolded. Members successfully gain access. Three members report tinnitus, one member hospitalized.
2018/04/11 16:26 MTF-Pi-1 attempts to explore the building, still blindfolded. Members report intense migraines, severe tinnitus, and blood loss. Two members expire, one self-terminates. Operation aborted.

As the existence of a visual cognitohazard was suspected, Mobile Task Force Pi-1 was recalled and Mobile Task Force Eta-10 ("See No Evil") was deployed. All windows and other openings were boarded up.

Date/Time Actions Results
2018/04/11 18:12 MTF-Eta-10 is briefed on previous recovery attempts. Task force devises several plans for locating the anomaly. Members report minor head pain.
2018/04/11 18:15 MTF-Eta-10 attempts to enter the building. Note that members are blind. Members report intense migraines and blood loss. One member hospitalized. Operation aborted.
2018/04/11 18:28 MTF-Eta-10 consumes Class-A amnestics and attempts to enter the building. Members successfully gain access. Four members report minor head pain.
2018/04/11 18:41 MTF-Eta-10 attempts to explore the building. Unattended toddler discovered in play area.2
2018/04/11 18:52 MTF-Eta-10 exits the building. After being equipped with external oxygen supplies and ear protection, they re-enter the building. Members report minor head pain.
2018/04/11 19:04 MTF-Eta-10 attempts to explore the building. Three members report head pain, two report nausea.
2018/04/11 19:13 MTF-Eta-10 arrives in the kitchen. Three members expire, remaining members are in critical condition. Operation aborted.

External staff attempted to question the recovered toddler. The child was unaware that the preschool had no other living people. When asked about the behavior of preschool caretakers, the child began crying and bleeding profusely. Some staff present experienced nausea and blood loss. Medical staff administered Class-A amnestics and hospitalized those affected.

Command authorized the use of D-class personnel to contain the anomaly. All personnel were given sensory deprivation helmets with an external oxygen supply. Because of suspected anomalous effects, personnel were not briefed.

Date/Time Actions Results
2018/04/11 19:29 D-87624 enters the building. D-87624 reports entering the kitchen. They have only minor tinnitus.
2018/04/11 19:34 D-87624 exits the building. D-87624 and D-11560 are equipped with plywood and wood glue, and then enter the building. Command instructs them to build a container. D-class personnel enter the kitchen. They report successfully marking out an area for the container, but also complain of haziness and lack of focus.
2018/04/11 19:48 D-36710, who has past construction experience, enters the building with additional supplies. They repeatedly attempt to assist, but say "[their] mind feels like it's full of cotton". No construction progress.
2018/04/11 20:17 D-09714 enters the building. Due to interaction with SCP-████ they have minimal sensitivity in their limbs and frequently lose awareness of them. D-09714 is equipped with a flamethrower and instructed to incinerate any cadavers. D-09714 reports success and noted an intuitive understanding of their surroundings despite the helmet.
2018/04/11 20:34 D-09714 exits the building following cleanup. They are [DATA EXPUNGED]. Two staff members expire, five are hospitalized. Security personnel terminate D-09714 and incinerate the remains.
2018/04/11 21:18 D-22809 enters the building. Their file notes they were previously an entertainer, and are generally regarded as affable. Personnel report that D-22809 is hurting morale. However, personnel also report D-22809 has been successful in constructing two container walls.
2018/04/11 21:32 D-57702 is administered Class-I amnestics, equipped with thick mittens and given 80 cm stilt shoes,3 and enters the building. They have prior brain damage. Despite difficulties entering the building, D-57702 reports clarity of mind while working on the task and claims to be very productive.
2018/04/11 22:50 Personnel request several items. D-41562 is administered 50mg Class-I amnestics and sent into the building with the requested supplies. Apparently making use of said materials, D-11560 reports that preliminary containment had been achieved.

The building was condemned by agents within the NYC Department of Buildings and was rebuilt as Provisional Site-597. During this process a standard humanoid containment chamber was built around the former kitchen area. The site was then acquired by Foundation front company Sunny Childcare and Preschool. The special containment procedures were formalized, and Dr. Archibald declared SCP-3597 contained.

Afterwords, all personnel not inside the containment chamber were amnesticized and transferred to different projects. Guards with no knowledge of SCP-3597 except for its containment procedures were stationed within Provisional Site-597. To date there have been no breaches.

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