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Item #: SCP-3596

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: After the conclusion of each Nakajima event, SCP-3596 is to be transported back to Site-26 in ██████, Japan. Each Saturday, from the hours of 8 to 10 EST, all news, messages, satellite images and phone calls sent from Japan are to be screened for mention of SCP-3596, and censored accordingly. Widespread amnesticization is to be performed on all individuals in the vicinity of each Nakaijima event. The Japanese military is to be prevented from engaging with SCP-3596-1 instances via similar communications blocking.

SCP-3596-1 instances are to be lured away from populated areas via a coordinated effort between Foundation personnel and SCP-3596-2 instances. Minimal weaponry is to be deployed against SCP-3596-1 instances, used only for luring purposes due to redundancy given the structure of a Nakajima event.

Large amounts of building materials and cloaking cognitohazards are to be stored at Site-26, for the purposes of repairing damage caused by SCP-3596-1 instances and hiding the process of doing so. Cover stories involving tectonic activity or abandoned construction projects are to be released where necessary.

At least 12 personnel meeting the requirements for SCP-3596-2 instances are to be present at Site-26 at all times, to prevent civilians from becoming instances of SCP-3596-2. All onsite personnel are to receive full briefing on the effects of SCP-3596.

Description: SCP-3596 is a 4 meter long sarcophagus made out of brightly-colored ABS plastics. The base of the object is colored yellow, with red, blue and green decorative pieces placed on the sides and top. Small electronics such as lights and speakers are frequently placed along the rim of the lid, and upon being opened all such devices activate. In the center of SCP-3596's lid is a label reading "スーパージャスティス封じ込めアクション戦隊!"1 and a 20cm by 8cm television screen.

On every other Saturday at exactly 8:30 AM EST, SCP-3596 will undergo a Nakajima event. A Nakajima event consists of the following sequence of events:

  • All lights and speakers on SCP-3596 will activate simultaneously for 30 seconds. The television screen displays the message "Up Next: Super Justice Containment Action Squadron!".
  • A cloud of non-toxic colored smoke will appear around SCP-3596, obstructing it from view.
  • SCP-3596 and the current iterations of SCP-3596-2 teleport to a semi-random location in Japan, always remanifesting at an elevated position within a 7 kilometer radius from any major city.
    • Recordings show that the objects reappear in a cloud of smoke, similarly to when disappearing. SCP-3596-2 instances will reappear wearing brightly-colored lycra bodysuits reinforced with kevlar, often decorated with patterns or other additions.
  • SCP-3596's lid flips open, and a bolt of lightning will manifest regardless of current weather and strike the interior2, releasing a 50-meter plume of colored sparks and smoke. SCP-3596 shows no signs of damage from these events.
  • Upon the smoke clearing, an instance of SCP-3596-1 will have manifested. The SCP-3596-1 instance will monologue for up to 40 seconds, before either attacking all present SCP-3596-2 instances or moving towards the nearest city and attempting to inflict damage to any structures found there.
    • It is noted that no human casualties have occurred due to an instance of SCP-3596-1, usually with statistical anomalies occurring to prevent this.
  • Within 30 minutes of the Nakajima event's beginning, the SCP-3596-1 instance will claim to have been defeated by the SCP-3596-2 instances, make threats of revenge, then demanifest in a cloud of smoke. This will occur regardless of any actions taken by SCP-3596-2 instances or outside forces.
  • SCP-3596 will display a message on its screen stating the date of the next Nakajima event, as well as the message "Tune in next time!".

SCP-3596-1 is the collective designation for any anomalous entities manifesting during a Nakajima event. SCP-3596-1 instances vary greatly in appearance, but the majority of instances are bipedal humanoids standing between 25 and 30 meters in height, with the largest instance to date measuring 36 meters tall. Many SCP-3596-1 instances wear heavily ornamented armor or masks, and wield similarly decorated weapons. SCP-3596-1 instances may have additional limbs, such as wings or tails, and in some cases multiple sets of arms.

Descriptions of several SCP-3596-1 instances are included below:

Designation: SCP-3596-1A
Incidents On Record: Incidents N-3596-01, N-3596-14, N-3596-15, N-3596-32
Description: A bipedal humanoid standing 31 meters tall, with four arms and coarse red skin. Wears a metallic breastplate, helmet and boots, as well as oversized shoulderpads. The helmet is equipped with a visor covering the eyes and mouth, and two curling horns on either side of the head. A red X is emblazoned on the breastplate.
Designation: SCP-3596-1C
Incidents On Record: Incidents N-3596-04, N-3596-09, N-3596-32
Description: A bipedal humanoid standing 27 meters tall, with pale blue scales and a fish-like appearance. Flesh has a rubbery texture. Has gills on the side of the neck, and large fins placed alongside the body. Fingers and toes are webbed. Wears a long green cape with decorative spikes around the collar. Carries a 18-meter long spear, with the spearhead sculpted to resemble an anatomically incorrect fish skeleton.

SCP-3596-2 is the collective designation given to a group of 3 to 6 semi-random preexisting individuals affected during a Nakajima event. These individuals must be within a 0.8 kilometer radius of SCP-3596 during the activation of the event; if not enough individuals that meet the necessary conditions are present, the radius will increase until the conditions are met, with a delay of several seconds. Different SCP-3596-2 instances have been selected for every Nakajima event to date. It has been observed that all SCP-3596-2 instances fall within at least one of the following categories:

  • A physically fit male who was enrolled in any form of sports team between the ages of 12 to 18
  • A person wearing a cap backwards at the time of the Nakajima event
  • A female with hair done in a ponytail at the time of the Nakajima event
  • A person who wears glasses and achieved academic honors between the ages of 12 and 18
  • A male of African-American descent
  • A person of Asian descent
  • A person who bears any level of resentment for any other current SCP-3596-2 instance
  • A dog
  • A person who has trained in any form of martial arts between the ages of 12 and 18
  • A person wearing an outfit at least 60% compromised of a single primary or secondary color

A sample transcript of a Nakajima event is enclosed below.

Addendum 1: On 6/16/████, incident N-3596-32 occurred. This was the 32nd and final Nakajima event on record, with no additional Nakajima events occurring to date.5 During incident N-3596-32, all previously encountered instances of SCP-3596-1 manifested and a total of 28 personnel were selected as SCP-3596-2 instances. In addition, the event lasted for twice the normal duration at approximately 58 minutes. Transcripts of event N-3596-32 are level 3 classified.

After the event's conclusion, no message appeared on SCP-3596's screen, and instead the lid unlocked and was able to be opened. Inside was found a total of six neatly folded bodysuits identical to those worn by SCP-3596-2 instances, including helmets, boots and gloves. Each bodysuit was a different color, and all had the Foundation logo emblazoned on the chest and helmet.

In addition, a single photograph was included, depicting a group of Asian men smiling and laughing. Each individual wore a costume corresponding to an instance of SCP-3596-1, with the masks and/or helmets removed and usually held in the hands. On the back of the photograph a short message was written, reading:

Thank you for being in our show! Super Justice Containment Action Squadron Forever!

The individuals in the photograph have yet to be successfully identified.

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