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Item #: SCP-3594

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3594 is to be housed in a standard grade amphibious pet terrarium, half of which should be filled with water. The terrarium is to be kept heated at 21 degrees celsius using a battery powered heating lamp.

SCP-3594-A should be fed three times a day. Foundation herpetologist approved foods consist of Gryllidae, Periplaneta americana, and Lumbricus terrestris, though subject is capable of also consuming Mus musculus1. SCP-3594-A entering a brumation state and refusing food is considered normal, and has no effect on SCP-3594.

Description: SCP-3594 is an entity that claims to be a wart located on the back of an adult male Ceratophrys, henceforth designated as SCP-3594-A. SCP-3594-A displays normal behavior for a frog of its age, and is in all aspects non-anomalous.

SCP-3594 communicates telepathically through unknown means. Vocal perception differs subjectively, as humans communicate with SCP-3594 in their native language and do not describe it as having the same voice.

SCP-3594 claims that it is omniscient, though Foundation researchers have found little evidence to support this claim. SCP-3594 does however display extensive knowledge in many aspects of human history. Foundation researchers have determined that SCP-3594 has:

  • Comprehensive understanding of a wide variety of highly complex algorithms and scientific theories.
  • Fluency in a majority of known human languages
  • Extensive knowledge of a majority of recorded wars throughout human history.
  • Familiarity with every piece of published literature, both fiction and nonfiction.

Foundation researchers concluded that despite claiming otherwise, SCP-3594 does not:

  • Understand sarcasm.
  • Have any influence over SCP-3594-A.
  • Understand how to operate technology invented post 1846.
  • Have knowledge of classified Foundation information.

SCP-3594 is friendly with Foundation personnel, and has been consistently cooperative in assisting Foundation researchers in further understanding its nature.

Experiment Log: 3594.

Subject: SCP-3594 and SCP-3594-A.

Date of Experiment: 08/17/20██, conducted thirty six hours after initial containment.

Purpose: To ascertain the validity of SCP-3594's claims to being a wart on the back of SCP-3594-A. Prior to this test, researchers were operating under the assumption that SCP-3594-A was the entity they were communicating with.

Procedure: SCP-3594-A was outfitted with a custom built EEG2 device. Foundation personnel would monitor SCP-3594-A's brain waves while conducting an interview with SCP-3594.

Results: Head of research on nonviolent telepathic entities Dr. ██████ was introduced to SCP-3594, and the two began to converse. Foundation researchers closely monitored SCP-3594-A's brainwaves, which remained entirely neutral despite Dr. ██████ later confirming that she and SCP-3594 had been having a discussion about Annabel Lee, by Edgar Allen Poe. Approximately three minutes into the test, SCP-3594-A's brainwaves significantly fluctuated, though researchers determined this was because SCP-3594-A had noticed a fly in its terrarium. After fifteen minutes of limited brain activity, the experiment was ended and researchers concluded that the entity in question was not SCP-3594-A. Dr. ██████ conversed with SCP-3594 for three minutes longer before vacating its containment chamber.

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