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Item #: SCP-3592

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The location's importance to national transport infrastructure makes permanent containment unfeasible. Long term efforts focus on 1) information gathering and covert surveillance by MTF Theta-17 (“Sick Boys”), and 2) influencing mundane infrastructural decision-making so as to maintain the site's viability.

During and after an SCP-3592 event all forms of non-MTF communications to and from Liverpool Street Station should be blocked. This should continue until localised airborne scenario-specific amnestics have been successfully deployed.

Description: SCP-3592 is an anomalous event that has affected Liverpool Street Station's platform 10 once every three years since 1947:

Stage Avg Duration Notes
1 10 minutes Mundane platform activity decreases to zero.1 From this point on agents are unable to gain access to (or remain on) platform 10, citing confusion, disorientation and memory loss.
2 5 minutes Steam from an unknown anomalous source progressively reduces visibility to zero and disrupts manual/electronic surveillance.
3 20 minutes Steam completely obscures platform 10. Passengers and staff at adjacent platforms typically report hearing shouts, weeping and other vocalisations of distress throughout this stage. Individuals2 also report feelings of extreme dread and anxiety, even if they do not hear the vocalisations.
4 17 minutes The steam clears and mundane activity resumes. There is no evidence of any anomalous activity having taken place. This marks the end of an SCP-3592 event.

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