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Item #: SCP-3591

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3591 is constantly monitored at its location of discovery. A perimeter is maintained of 10km around the location (a larger perimeter is not currently feasible). Local population is monitored for evidence of unusual phenomena.

Description: SCP-3591 is the apparent corpse of a massive entity.

Physical traits of SCP-3591 are uncertain, due to difficulties in observation. SCP-3591 has characteristics both of a biological organism and of a mobile mechanical structure.

SCP-3591 is believed to have a roughly humanoid form, but observers universally report uncertainty. Observers typically report an additional impression "behind" or "disguised by" the humanoid form. Common imagery includes a fallen tower, a moving chasm in the ground, a spacecraft resembling a cetacean or other large animal, a faraway figure with its back turned, and a partially broken moon.

Observation techniques designed to account for limits in human perception have had inconclusive results. Confirmed traits include:

  • Reality distortion, including spatiotemporal characteristics of itself and its location.
  • Massive physical size, at minimum sufficient to crush an area of ███-███ square kilometers.
  • Limbs, some of which most likely could be used for locomotion in life.

SCP-3591 Discovery:

SCP-3591 Testing (Enhanced Methods):

SCP-3591 "Limb" Test
SCP-3591 "Body" Test
SCP-3591 "Head" Test

SCP-3591 Extra-Universal Investigation:

SCP-3591 Interviews:

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