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Item #: SCP-3590

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All physical documents referring and/or describing the execution of SCP-3590 are to be kept in standard containment locker SCL27/3590, currently located at Safe class containment wing of Site-27. There are no on-going research projects dedicated to the analysis of SCP-3590 and requests regarding its study should be submitted to Site-27 administration through appropriate channels (see Form SCP-3590/R, embedded).

All personnel previously involved in the execution of SCP-3590 have received appropriate amnestic treatment. Knowledge of SCP-3590 is considered nonexistent outside of Foundation databases, but reports pertaining to similar phenomena will be monitored to gauge the possibility of containment breach.

Access to earlier iterations of Special Containment Procedures for SCP-GAMMA1 is currently restricted to authorized Level 3 personnel. This document is part of the required reading for all personnel assigned to SCP-DELTA2.

Description: SCP-3590 is a ceremony which, when correctly performed, will render one of the participants, henceforth referred to as SCP-3590-1, completely mute. No physiological changes are observed upon analysis of SCP-3590-1 and the process by which the participant is rendered unable to speak is not currently understood. No means to reverse the process are currently known.

SCP-3590 bears similarities to several rituals commonly pertaining to major Abrahamic faiths, although it cannot be accurately attributed to any of them, considering:

  • Iconography employed is contradictory and pertains to entirely different doctrines.
  • Spoken verses cannot be traced to any known religious texts.
  • Spoken verses are incoherent and convey no obvious meaning.

SCP-3590 requires three participants, each being assigned different roles. Participants assigned the tasks of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] display no anomalous properties before, during or after the performance of SCP-3590. The participant assigned with [REDACTED] invariably becomes an instance of SCP-3590-1, as observed in all recorded experiments following Incident GAMMA/DELTA-A.

SCP-3590 was formerly a major component of the Special Containment Procedures for SCP-GAMMA (original designation ''Procedure GAMMA-Cezar''), displaying no anomalous properties when performed either by non-anomalous participants or other Class I Reality Bending entities besides SCP-GAMMA. Before Incident GAMMA/DELTA-A, the ceremony had been successful at completely suppressing any anomaly originating from SCP-GAMMA during long intervals, and was performed routinely at the entity's request and/or according to necessity to prevent consistent, if mild damage to containment cell of SCP-GAMMA.

No known data exists regarding how SCP-GAMMA came to be in Foundation custody. It is also unclear how the knowledge of SCP-3590 and its application as an effective counter-measure to SCP-GAMMA were discovered.

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