Item#: 3588
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SCP-3588 interior, image captured via drone

Special Containment Procedures: The building containing SCP-3588 is formally condemned and now owned by a Foundation urban development front organization, thus little administrative containment is required. The area surrounding this site is to be cordoned under the guise of government surveying and manned at all times, with no less than two armed security squads on permanent retainer. Remote observation of SCP-3588 should be maintained constantly, with automatic alerts in place to signal Foundation security elements in the event of vandals or vagrants entering the property.

Rotating Foundation security patrols and other personnel assigned to SCP-3588 are reminded that it is not to be used for recreational purposes.

Description: SCP-3588 is Flynn's, a condemned bar located in Springfield, Oregon, United States of America.

After being destroyed in a fire in 2009, Flynn's was deemed structurally unsound and subsequently scheduled for demolition. After its anomalous properties were discovered and reported by municipal property inspectors, Foundation front company Schaefer Construction PLC purchased the building and containment was established.

When observed from the exterior or internally via drone, SCP-3588 exhibits no anomalous properties, appearing as would be expected of an abandoned building with extensive fire damage. However, when a human enters through the front entrance, all exterior viewing points (i.e. windows, holes) become obscured, the structure's exterior becomes impervious to all forms of electromagnetic radiation, and the interior appears to the entering individual as it did before it was destroyed, undamaged and fully furnished with electricity and running water.

When in an active phase, SCP-3588 will always contain a single individual, designated SCP-3588-01. SCP-3588-01 appears as a Caucasian male of approximately 30 years of age, dressed in work clothes and an apron. This entity has never been shown to leave the area behind the bar, and willingly engages in conversation with anyone that approaches it, behaving as would be expected for a non-anomalous bartender, with some notable exceptions.

SCP-3588-01 possesses a number of anomalous properties. It is selectively tangible, and has as of yet been unaffected by any application of force upon it in testing trials. It is capable of spontaneously manifesting physical objects, typically ingredients and implements utilized in the preparation and serving of beverages. It also possesses some degree of omniscience. SCP-3588-01 is capable of preparing a visiting individual's most preferred beverage without being given this information, and can engage in conversation upon an apparently unlimited number of topics, displaying extensive knowledge of current events, sports, popular media, art, science, and history, among others, according to the conversational inclinations of the individual interacting with it.

The beverages produced by SCP-3588-01 possess no apparent anomalous properties apart from their origin, and can be consumed safely.

SCP-3588-01 has willingly given multiple interviews and demonstrations to Foundation personnel since its containment. Examples and testing trials follow.

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