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SCP-3586 and several duplicates during a containment breach on ██/██/████.

Item #: SCP-3586

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3586 is to be kept in a standard avian containment chamber, modified to be able to withstand up to 5 atmospheres of internal pressure. No edible materials are to be introduced into the cell other than designated meals. After the completion of each meal, any excess seagulls are to be removed and released into the wild. SCP-3586 is to have a tracking tag placed around one of its ankles at all times.

SCP-3586 is to be fed twice per day, with meals consisting exclusively of food items considered "high quality", which must each meet the following criteria:

  • Meal must cost at least a total of 30 USD1
  • 3 personnel must compliment the meal and chef responsible for creating the meal for 5 minutes each before introduction to SCP-3586
  • Meal must be prepared by a chef with an exceedingly positive reputation
  • Meal portions must be presented on a clean porcelain dish with ornamentive etchings and polished silverware, with individual portions weighing no more than 70 grams

Description: SCP-3586 is an adult male seagull2. It measures 29 cm tall and weighs 0.4 kg. Physically, SCP-3586 is indistinguishable from any non-anomalous seagull and is capable of flight and all other properties commonly associated with seagulls.

SCP-3586 will self-replicate upon ingesting any form of food, with the amount of duplicates inversely proportional to the perceived quality of the food item. It is noted that seagulls created by SCP-3586 display no anomalous properties and as such should be considered non-anomalous. The seagulls are created by rapidly emerging from the body of SCP-3586, with emergence speed proportional to total amount of seagulls. Factors confirmed to have an effect on duplication include:

  • Rarity of ingredients
  • Monetary value of the dish
  • Reputation of the person/persons/establishment responsible for creation of the dish
  • Number of times the dish has been complimented in the past 24 hours
  • Cleanliness of dish and dining area
  • Portion size, with smaller size regarded as "higher quality"

SCP-3586 has shown no preference for any foodstuffs over others, regardless of quality, and will simply consume any edible matter present in no particular order. SCP-3586 has also demonstrated an accelerated metabolism, capable of digesting materials approximately six times faster than a normal organism, regardless of the amount of food consumed.

The exact amount of duplicate seagulls generated is inconsistent, with variations of up to 18% in either direction. Eating high-quality food has yielded a recorded maximum of 3 seagulls, with the highest amount of duplicates on record being ███ after SCP-3586 consumed half of a week-old hamburger that had been run over by a bicycle and knocked into a gutter. This event occurred during a containment breach on ██/██/████, in which SCP-3586 escaped and was able to fly to a nearby metropolitan area before a recovery squad could be organized. A transcript of this event can be found below.

Background: Several members of MTF Lambda-4 "Birdwatchers" have tracked SCP-3586 to downtown ███████, MA, ██ miles from the containment site. SCP-3586 has just been identified and no replications have occurred as of yet. MTF members are moving in to recover.


MTF-3 "Pelican": This is Pelican reporting in, I have a visual on the subject, over.

MTF-1 "Eagle": This is Eagle, don't engage yet. Relay your coordinates, then wait for Bluejay and Toucan to get in position. Over.

MTF-3 "Pelican": Copy that, over.

MTF-2 "Bluejay": Coordinates received, moving in, over.

MTF members move into position, with MTF-2 and 3 blocking either ends of the alley where SCP-3586 is located, and MTF-4 "Toucan" moves to the adjacent rooftop for aerial coverage.

MTF-4 "Toucan": Alright, I'm in position. Prepping net gun, ove- Guys. I think he's going for that burger.

MTF-1 "Eagle": -Shit, that thing's filthy! That'll be triple digits at least. Move in now!

MTF-4 launches the net gun, trapping SCP-3586 in the alley, which is met with indifference as the anomaly continues to peck at the cheeseburger. MTF-3 runs down the alley and launches into a dive, grabbing SCP-3586 and eventually wrestling it into submission, despite the violent squawking and flapping.

MTF-3 "Pelican": I got him! I got him! Over!

MTF-1 "Eagle": Alright. Good work team, that's another flawless recovery. Sedate the anomaly, and then we'll head back. No witnesses too, so we won't need-

MTF-2 "Bluejay": Where's the burger?

MTF-1 "Eagle": Huh?

SCP-3586: Scrawk.

AV feed for all units is lost. A cover story involving freak migration patterns is released to explain the sudden massive influx of seagulls into the area. MTF members are recovered 4 hours later, alive but coated in feathers and seagull excrement. SCP-3586 was successfully recontained with the deployment of additional units, with no additional replications occurring. Repeated requests for Keter reclassification/termination by MTF members are denied.


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