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by Roufhous

Item#: 3580
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Area-55 Interim Dir. Samuel McManus Sr. Adelaine Pepper Nu-7 ("Hammer Down")

Special Containment Procedures:

Investigations into GOI-850 are ongoing and are headed by Project Labyrinth personnel.

Due to its extremely hazardous capabilities, SCP-3580 is not to be confronted by personnel. Attempts to capture it are to be conducted solely by specialized operatives. Unrelated or standard Mobile Task Force units are not advised for deployment against SCP-3580. No less than two Nu-7 units are to be immediately dispatched for appearances of SCP-3580.

Disinformation campaigns have been initiated to conceal the nature of the Türkiye incident. Attempts at neutralizing or minimizing the ongoing conflict between Germany and Türkiye are underway.

Locating SCP-3580, as well as other members of GOI-850, has been deemed Priority Level BETA.


SCP-3580 denotes a feminine humanoid entity belonging to GOI-850 ("Order of the Archine Eclipse").A secretive organization dedicated to collecting and harboring items of importance in anomalous history. All known members are highly dangerous and possess various anomalous traits..

Physically, SCP-3580 is 190 cm in height with tied black hair reaching down to its waist. Missing both its arms, SCP-3580 utilizes thaumaturgically enhanced prosthetics. The entity's ethnicity is unknown.

While interactions with SCP-3580 have been scarce, it is known that it possesses incredible proficiency in close-quarters combat, specializing in the usage of edged weapons. It is also capable of moving and reacting at rapid speeds, with one instance displaying an estimated 65 km/h.

In addition, it has been found that SCP-3580 possesses an advanced degree of expertise in combat-related areas of thaumaturgy, utilizing these skills for primarily defensive purposes during observed conflicts.

It has been found through recovered correspondence that SCP-3580 is regarded as "Inquisitor Proxima Ramexe" among GOI-850 members.

SCP-3580-A is a humanoid entity, measuring roughly 400cm in height, belonging to GOI-850.

Physically, SCP-3580-A possesses thick wrapping around its entire body with metallic plates placed around the shoulders, shins, thighs, forearms, back, neck, jaw, and head. Its left arm has been replaced by a mounted sextuple-barreled Gatling gun of an unknown model, with built-in ammunition reserves along its figure.

SCP-3580, alongside SCP-3580-A, has engaged in multiple raids on Foundation sites, leading to various numbers of casualties while stealing artifacts and documents, or releasing persons of interest. Contact with other under-the-Veil agencies has reported few but several occasions of being attacked or approached by, SCP-3580, SCP-3580-A, or other members of GOI-850.


SCP-3580 was first observed on 18/2/1971 during a raid on Site-41 which resulted in the deaths of fourteen personnel. One person in this group was the Site Director, Malkin Fallen, who refused SCP-3580's demands for him to open containment cells on the lower floors as Mobile Task Force operatives moved in.

When the incident concluded, several anomalous items were found to have been stolen, and an open terminal with level-3 submitted clearance entered was discovered. The terminal had been used to access all available topics relating to GOI-850, certain anomalies, and a brief attempt to uncover the location of Area-55 - the base of operations for Project Labyrinth investigations. This attempt was unsuccessful.

Near the end of the incident, multiple MTFs were deployed to Site-41, including Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") and Epsilon 11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox"). However, they proved ineffective at stopping SCP-3580, resulting in its escape and subsequent disappearance.

That same year, SCP-3580-A was first observed during the failed detainment of POI-9112 ."Kevin Gibson", an identified affiliate of GOI-850. Wanted for human trafficking.. During that incident, SCP-3580-A intervened, killing four operatives and injuring the fifth before proceeding to terminate POI-9112.

Before it fled, SCP-3580-A interacted with the fifth agent - Agent Mortimer Woodlock. A transcript of the after-action report has been provided below.

Internal log - Woodlock and Riley dialogue

Agent Woodlock and Senior Researcher Jackie Riley are seated in an interview room.

Riley: How're ya holding up, Morty?

Woodlock: I've been better.

Riley: Mm. I'm really, really sorry for what happened. I'm sure your team would be glad to know you survived.

Woodlock: It's just a part of the job. Come on, Jacks, you brought me here for a sob story or what?

Riley: Right. We wanted to know the specifics of what went on, on the twenty-first. What went wrong, what was that thing, just what happened?

Woodlock adjusts himself in his chair.

Woodlock: Well, it was all going smoothly. Got the bastard up in cuffs at his home and we were fixing to leave. To be honest, for all he did, just being held in a cell didn't seem like justice to me.

Riley: What would have been justice, then?

Woodlock: Careful what you wish for played a bit in my mind after the fact.

Riley: Mm.

Woodlock: So we'd just cuffed him up and we were just about to move out. Suddenly, Kamsky starts shouting in the back. Says "Get down!"… I don't think he was alive by the time he hit the deck.

Woodlock briefly pauses before continuing.

Woodlock: Bullets start spraying everywhere. Kamsky went first, then Rodriguez… Allison… and the Captain. Was lucky I got behind cover in the kitchen, so I grab Gibson and pull him down with me. Even luckier I only got nicked.

Riley: I wouldn't say almost losing your leg was a "nick".

Woodlock leans forward with his elbow on his injured knee.

Woodlock: Sure, Jacks. Sure.

Riley: Sorry.

Woodlock: Now, as I was saying, I'm holding this idiot and he's screaming bloody murder. Of course, I can barely hear him since I didn't have my hearing protection in, and the gun show just started about twenty feet away.

Woodlock: But even while Gibson's crying like a baby, I could feel something - a rumbling. There was a shadow on the wall, and it was coming towards us. I could barely move, so I crawl over to hide behind the kitchen counter. I try to drag Gibson with me, but - too late. He gets picked up.

Woodlock: I look up and see this huge hulking thing standing there, hoisting Gibson by the neck. It's gigantic - has to get down on one knee just to fit in the room. Covered in what looked like roughed-up armor. Knight shit. It had these, these glowing green eyes that shot through the thing's mask. And a great big gun on one of its arms.

He leans back.

Woodlock: So it holds Gibson up and looks him in the eye. I can't hear what it says, and it looked like Gibson was just begging for his life. All I see after is a quick movement, just some shadows and a dust cloud falls from the wall. Gibson's brains are splattered everywhere, and his body falls backward from up on top the kitchen sink.

Woodlock: So I try to scoot away. I'm losing a lot of blood, so I try to treat it at the same time. I'm panicking - not thinking straight. Then it noticed me.

His fists clench.

Woodlock: It nudges over and looms over me. My ears start to clear, and I can hear it speaking.

Riley: What did it say?

Woodlock: Couldn't make out exactly what, but it did say something along the lines of an apology. I tried to raise my gun - big fucking mistake.

Woodlock: I take a shot at its face, it clocks me so hard in the arm the pistol goes flying and my hand feels twelve types of broken.

He raises his right arm, showcasing the cast.

Woodlock: It stands up and glares down at me with those cold eyes. It just stood there for like a minute, watching me writhing before it decided I wasn't worth it. I pass out and get rescued like a princess.

Riley: I don't know what to say, Morty, I-

Woodlock: You don't have to say anything. It's just part of the job. It's always just a part of the job.

These incidents marked the first time either entity was observed before they both disappeared for a period of eight years. During this time, Leonel M. Fallen, the son of the late Malkin Fallen, was inducted into the Foundation at the age of seventeen.

Addenda: 3580.1:

On 4/9/1978, SCP-3580 engaged in an attack on Site-102, killing multiple personnel in the process.

After on-site security failed to hinder SCP-3580, off-site MTF were called in and arrived twenty minutes after the entity had made contact.

SCP-3580 then proceeded through the facility. It made its way to several lockdown bunkers, breaking into them and searching for a researcher with level-4 clearance. It escorted Senior Researcher Julian Ross to a secure access terminal, demanding he input his credentials into the system and give it access to the database. He obliged.According to Ross, he had forgotten all emergency mock credentials that would immediately display a memetic kill agent, lock the terminal, or engage further site lockdown procedures at the time..

The terminal's history showed a single focus - discovering the location of Area-55. This attempt was successful. A notice to Area-55's Site Director has been sent, and emergency lockdown procedures have been issued.

The following is a Project Labyrinth briefing pertaining to topics of GOI-850.

GOI-850 / Order of the Archine Eclipse

Presented by Senior Researcher Jackie Riley

GOI-850 is a highly secretive, loosely organized international religious group comprised of both standard and anomalous humanoids. Evidence of GOI-850's existence dates as far back as the 18th century, though it is believed that it has existed for far longer than that.

GOI-850 has been credited with the theft of multiple items of interest to anomalous history - an undefined amount of the past that has either been forgotten or hidden from the Foundation or the general public. Such items that have gone missing range widely in subjects, from enchanted weaponry of old to evidence of the Siege of the Hearth.

It is believed that GOI-850 operates outside of multiple unknown locations, having spread out across the Earth following a failed attempt at securing their original facility in the early 1800s. After this attempt, however, GOI-850 went into an elongated state of dormancy as the mission had, purportedly, heavily crippled their ranks.

GOI-850 is primarily maintained by an unknown number of enhanced humanoids - referred to as "Knights" - only one of which has been observed and contained by the Foundation, excluding SCP-3580 and SCP-3580-A. Analysis of this entity revealed a mixture of crude carnomantic.Thaumaturgic manipulation of flesh and living matter., technological, and thaumaturgical procedures had been performed on it, leading to its aforementioned augmentations.

The group is devoted to a figure known as "Archine", an ancient hero credited for having imprisoned multiple monsters, including a large bird-like beast that had been terrorizing a village.

Recently, however, with the identification of POI-9112, it has become known that GOI-850 engages in acts of slavery. Thus far, no person having gone missing as a victim of POI-9112 has resurfaced.

Further details on GOI-850 are scarce, unprovable, or unknown. Investigations are ongoing.

Addenda: 3580.2:

In light of recent events, resources have been pooled into creating a temporary MTF unit solely for combatting and containing SCP-3580. This group, managed by Captain Mortimer Woodlock, utilizes several kinds of prototypical anomalous weaponry and armor selected to deal with the subject.

Currently, the team (Sigma-8 "Hellbound Cavalry") is composed of seven operatives picked from multiple high-ranking units, and chosen for having experience in close-quarters combat. Given the threat displayed during Incident-3580-1 and Incident-3580-2, proposals have been made for agents under Sigma-8 to undergo augmentation, pending approval.

Internal log - Woodlock and Samuel dialogue

The two are talking as they walk through the upper facility of Area-55.

Samuel: This place might as well be a fortress, especially now on lockdown. Increased security, an MTF, yours excluded, on standby not far from here, several dozen levels full of architecture designed to handle rampaging anomalies, not to mention the big-bad re-containment specialist director themself.

They step onto a hanging catwalk overlooking the containment chamber for a massive half-serpentine entity secured with chains and other restraints.

Samuel: We've collected every piece on GOI-850 the site has and placed it all into a secure area on the lower floors. Personnel with clearance 4 have temporarily had their levels demoted to their lowest necessary access. Lockdown's a pain, but the safety of the site comes first.

Woodlock nods along.

Samuel: A team and I examined the recording of it fighting; while its technique is unorthodox, its most alarming facet, besides its swiftness, is its incredible strength. We'll have to better prepare your agents to counteract that attribute.

Woodlock: Twelve good men and women dead for its sadistic pleasure. Do whatever it takes. We won't be burying any more.

Samuel: Well, Captain, if you are approved for those augments, I'd imagine taking it on would be made much simpler. Tracking it has proved rather fruitless; the only lead we found was an attack on the GOC, which reported a description similar to SCP-3580 over a year ago. Killed the entire strike force of five mercenaries before kidnapping their target - some reality bender kid.

Woodlock: Great, so bupkis on where it is now?

Samuel: Unfortunately so. We're working as quickly as possible to find anything on it, but between the roadblocks we're already facing and the fact that the woman may as well be a ghost, we'd be lucky to find a single somewhat worthwhile bead.

Samuel stops and stares down into the containment chasm.

Samuel: How's the team going? The director expressed their disapproval of this task force's creation, and I'd like something to show to hold them over.

Woodlock: It's going about as well as it could be. Not many hiccups or problems. Hell, we even got a mage on the job.

Samuel: So you think they'll be ready to deploy and combat SCP-3580 should the need arise?

Woodlock: Maybe. I've been rushing them to get ready as quickly as they can manage since we only have one shot at this.

Samuel: Take your time, Morty. It disappeared for years after its first appearance.

Woodlock: Wouldn't be wise to depend on that. It disappeared because it screwed up. It couldn't get what it wanted so it hid from us, just like the first time we came knocking on their doorstep.

Woodlock: That wasn't the last period of Order activity either, it was just the last time we saw their ace in action. They probably spent all this time trying to find another site to attack and how to properly get in and out.

Woodlock: We're running out of time, Sam. And maybe, maybe they're running out of time as well.

Several requests have been filed by Junior Researcher Fallen to participate in Sigma-8's activities, all of which have been denied.

Internal log - Woodlock and Fallen dialogue

Captain Woodlock is overwatching the operatives of Sigma-8 practice with their weaponry in an underground range at Area-55. Junior Researcher Fallen enters the chamber and walks up to Woodlock.

Fallen: Hey, Captain, sir.

Woodlock: I have a name, y'know. What do you need now?

Fallen: I'm here about that rejection.

Woodlock huffs.

Woodlock: Look, take it up with the dictator. I'm not the one refusing your applications.

Fallen: Well, could you talk to "them" for me?

Woodlock: And say what? "Yeah, he's fresh out of preschool and ready to brawl with the ninja".

Fallen: Sir-

Woodlock: I kinda agree with 'em. Look, I know what you're playing here. You're angry, you're upset, but throwing yourself at a deranged lunatic ain't gonna bring your old man back.

Fallen: Well what else can I do to help?

Woodlock: You can stick around and help your mother get through this. I imagine she's going through the same shit as you. She needs you.

Fallen: She…

Woodlock: Yes?

There is silence for a second.

Fallen: Please, this is all I have - this is all I can do.

Woodlock: You can work on your career. You can get a grip on your life.

Fallen: That's what I'm doing right now, sir. If you just gave me a chance.

Woodlock: I told you: talk to the director. There just isn't much I can do on this end without their say-so.

Fallen: Fine, but I'm not giving up on this.

Woodlock: You really should.

Fallen: I can't. I just - I can't walk away from this. I owe him that much, at least.

He turns heads for the exit. Woodlock sighs.

Before Fallen makes it to the door, Woodlock calls out to him.

Woodlock: Hey kid!

Fallen turns back, his hand on the handle.

Woodlock: I'll try to put in the good word for you. Just don't make me regret it.

Fallen: Thank you. I won't let you down, sir.

Addenda: 3580.3:

On 14/10/1978, POI-1492."Jane Woodrow", an identified member of GOI-850. Wanted for eight cases of murder. was located and captured. Because of her potential information on GOI-850's affairs, an armored van transport carrying two agents of Sigma-8 was dispatched to secure and deliver her to Area-55 for questioning.

During POI-1492's transit, however, the van was intercepted by SCP-3580, who proceeded to kill all four Foundation personnel on board and capture POI-1492. Both targets managed to escape before additional forces could arrive.

Because of this, Sigma-8 has been cleared for the use of augmentations sourced from trusted anomalous vendors for combat. These augments will be voluntary to operatives and will be fully covered by the Foundation. These cybernetic additions will aim to enhance agents' abilities during engagements, stimulating increased muscle capacity and speed.

To: Assistant Director Samuel McManus
From: Captain Mortimer Woodlock

Two of mine are dead, and two of yours are dead. Samuel, I told you that divvying the team up was the wrong move. Lockdown or not, this team was built on cooperation and combined strength, not taking on the black ninja one at a time.

Throwing more and more agents at this thing haphazardly isn't working. More people who are never going home won't solve anything. If you want 3580 in custody, then I need to be in control of this operation and how we go about bringing it down, not you. We can't afford another screw-up.

Don't interfere with my end of this again.

The following was recorded at the privately held memorial ceremony for Agents Donovan and Williams.

Internal log - Woodlock and Fallen dialogue

Footage is taken from an outside off-site training ground near Area-55. The remaining operatives of Sigma-8 are gathered, each holding up an umbrella to protect their cybernetic augmentations.

In front of them are two photographs nailed to a tree, one depicting Agent Donovan during a party, two bottles of liquor in hand as he extends both middle fingers to the camera. The other shows Agent Williams posing with a shot-out paper target with the caption: "Accepted!!".

Captain Woodlock is seated on a fold-up chair. Researcher Fallen is likewise present. After several speeches are said, he slowly makes his way over to Woodlock, standing beside him.

Fallen: Hey, Captain.

Woodlock: Don't do this.

Fallen: Sir, I-

Woodlock briefly turns.

Woodlock: Kid.

Fallen pauses for a moment as he begins shaking. He walks around to stand in front of Woodlock Woodlock.

Fallen: Those fuckers need to pay!

His shouting draws the attention of other participants.

Fallen: You all know it's true. They've been killing our people for years. Years! My father died eight years ago, and now you're burying your family too!

Woodlock: Stop.

Fallen: No! I'm not going to sit around and wait for someone else to deal with them. To take that bitch down! She's out there, right now, doing god knows what. Hurting god knows how many people?!

He takes several deep breaths.

Fallen: What about your old team, Captain?

Woodlock: Sit down, Leon.

Fallen: What does this badge even stand for?

He tugs on a Foundation emblem on his jacket.

Fallen: Contain… protect? Protecting who? Containing what? People are dead, and I, I …

He pauses.

Fallen: Captain Mortimer, sir, I'm either going to join your team, or I'm leaving. I can't take sitting around doing nothing anymore, getting nothing done as that monster slaughters us like cattle. I just can't.

He turns and quietly walks away. The others there all become silent.

Due to the ongoing threat presented by SCP-3580, additional agents for Sigma-8 have been considered to replace the newly opened positions. So far, four more candidates have been chosen, and are currently undergoing training.

Staff file - Leonel Fallen


File photo.

Name: Fallen, Leonel Maelstrom

Security Clearance: 3

Employed As: Junior Researcher / Field Agent

Current Assignment: Area-55 Engineering / SCP-3580

Personnel Report: Following the loss of his father, Site Director Malkin Fallen, during a containment breach, Mr. Fallen was offered a position with the Foundation after assessing his ability to adapt to the workforce and his sufficient talents and intelligence.

At first, he showed a level of maturity regarding the unfortunate incident and acclimated fairly well into the Foundation. However, shortly after the death of his civilian mother, Josephine Fallen, his demeanor took a rapid decline, both in his work and his social skills, and he took up a great interest in SCP-3580's case.It is unknown how Fallen had managed to bypass the security level requirement, though it is suspected that the document was leaked by a superior member of faculty..

Presently, Mr. Fallen has submitted five separate requests to enlist in MTF Sigma-8's activities in the containment of SCP-3580. Upon the fifth attempt, the request was tentatively granted by Director Roufhous with a recommendation from Captain Mortimer Woodlock on the condition that Mr. Fallen would be closely monitored during training and engagements.

Addenda: 3580.4:

On 11/3/1979, SCP-3580 engaged in an assault on Area-55.

The document stolen during this incident has been identified as half of an incantation capable of instantly transporting undefined amounts of matter from one location to another, at great expense to the caster. The remainder of this document beforehand remained unaccounted for.

The whereabouts of Site Director Roufhous are currently unknown. Assistant Director Samuel has assumed some of their duties over Area-55 in their absence.

Finding and containing SCP-3580 has been declared Priority Level ALPHA. The classification of this situation as a crisis is pending.

Addenda: 3580.5:

On 12/3/1979, a search effort across all known anomalous channels began, attempting to locate SCP-3580. Since this time, no new activity has been noted for either entity, and their current location remains unknown. Retroactive investigations revealed several reports for both entities among other paranormal agencies, with accounts usually including violent depictions but lacked applicable information.

No throughline has been established with sightings of either anomaly, and few identifying details could be found. This venture is ongoing, and increased funds and resources have been allocated to this project; worldwide locating is ongoing, and the O5 Council has been alerted to this issue.

After the events of 11/3/1979, Agent Leonel Fallen was brought into intensive care and remained unconscious for a period of four days. He later awoke on the 15th and stabilized on the 20th. The operatives who died during that incident have been awarded Foundation Stars of Bravery, and their families have been notified and compensated.

Internal log - Woodlock, Samuel, and Fallen dialogue

Agent Fallen is lying in a medical bed, Captain Woodlock at his side. Woodlock is looking down, stroking a photograph with his thumb. The image depicts the fully assembled Sigma-8.

Fallen: Both of them. At once.

Woodlock: Right when we had her.

Fallen: Just when I was about to…

Woodlock: You were out of line.

Fallen: But if I did manage to do it?

Woodlock: Then you'd be demoted.

Fallen: And the fat bastard wouldn't have escaped. Neither would she.

Woodlock sighs, staring ahead blankly.

Woodlock: We blew it.

Fallen: If I was quicker to the trigger.

Woodlock: I could have positioned the team better. Prepared you all better.

He puts his elbow on the table at his side and leans on it.

Fallen: The turnout would have been the same. You did all you could, sir.

Woodlock: It sure doesn't feel like it.

The two are silent; the only noise heard is the beeping of the nearby machinery.

A knocking is heard on the door. Woodlock stands up and walks over to open it, and Interim Director Samuel steps inside.

Samuel: Mortimer. Leon.

Woodlock: What do you want now?

Samuel: Besides the obvious, I wanted to discuss the future of Sigma-8. Perhaps we should do this in private.

Fallen: What's the damage?

Samuel: Fine then. Your team has proven highly ineffective in this case, Mortimer. Each deployment has displayed high casualties but no results. Higher-up, more professional task forces are being discussed for your replacement.

Woodlock: What's to be done with us?

Samuel: You will receive no further funding for augmentations, training, equipment, or otherwise. The remaining operatives will be reassigned, and they will have to forfeit their augments to cover the cost created by this experiment.

Woodlock: And myself?

Samuel: The Foundation has noticed that you showed exemplary bravery during the latest incident; going in without your team and living to tell the tale and all. You showed satisfactory professionalism during it, and your judgment did not appear to be overly influenced by your past. You will be reassigned to whatever task force takes over for this project.

Fallen: What about me?

Samuel: You displayed the opposite and acted aggressively and irrationally. You will be returned to junior research activities, and your enhancements will be surgically removed.

Fallen: That thing cut off my fucking leg!

Samuel: After you directly disclosed your personal history with it and attempted to terminate it without proper authorization.

Fallen: Termina- We haven't even contained it yet!

Samuel: And now that affair will be handled by more capable hands. The Foundation thanks you for your service and wishes you a swift recovery.

Fallen: Get out.

Samuel: Watch your tone, researcher.

He turns to Woodlock.

Samuel: Mortimer, these are for you.

He hands Woodlock a file of papers. After doing so, he collects a report from Fallen's bedframe and heads to the door, exiting the room.

Woodlock briefly looks over the papers before tossing them over onto a nearby table.

Woodlock: They got bupkis.

Fallen: We worked for months to capture those two-

Woodlock: And they reassigned us when we just weren't fit for the job. I'm sure they'll put some real good teams on it, kid.

Fallen: And I'll never know with a shitty junior researcher clearance level.

Woodlock: It's in good hands now.

Fallen: We thought we were good hands at first too.

Woodlock: We did. We were. Maybe if we still had our mage…

Fallen: You don't seem all that phased that the fucker-

Woodlock: Quit swearing.

Fallen huffs.

Fallen: That the fuckers who killed your team are just walking away scot-free right now!

Woodlock: Knock it off.

Fallen: While we sit here on our asses being told off by some dickhead in a suit who didn't lose shit his entire life, that bitch is out there killing and butchering and making some more orphans!

Woodlock: Agent Leonel-

Fallen: Ex-agent, Captain!

The Captain stands.

Woodlock: Agent Leonel Maelstrom Fallen, shut your goddamned trap for once!

Fallen leans up in bed. Woodlock takes several deep breaths.

Woodlock: Look, we both have problems. People are dead. You don't need to keep reminding me every five minutes just to support whatever bullshit point you're trying to make. Either move on or fall behind, but don't make me have to carry your shitty little emotions on my back as well!

Woodlock: Man up!

He picks up the documents, walks to the door, and heads out.

Fallen watches him leave. He visibly strains himself for a moment, thrashing his fists to a limited extent, before trying his best to turn away. His hands move over his face.

On 13/3/1979, MTF Sigma-8 ("Hellbound Cavalry") was disbanded. The remaining agents of it, namely operatives Fallen and Woodlock, have been reassigned. Authorization for the deployment of Tau-5 ("Samsara") is pending. Authorization for the deployment of Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand") is pending.

Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") has been called in for the time being.

Addenda: 3580.6:


An ongoing containment breach of SCP-3580 and SCP-3580-A is in effect.

Several Mobile Task Forces have been deployed to contain the incident.

The situation is being monitored.

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