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Item #: SCP-3578

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3578 is to be kept in a 7m x 7m General-Purpose Containment Chamber that is conjoined to an adjacent 10m x 10m Humanoid Containment Chamber via antechamber. This secondary containment chamber is to be used for the containment of any SCP-3578-A instances that emerge from SCP-3578. Both chambers are to be well maintained and cleaned on a bi-weekly basis to prevent bacteria growth that may be caused by the buildup of mucus and discharge from SCP-3578. Currently, SCP-3578 and all instances of SCP-3578-A are housed at Site-23.

Two members of on-site security detail are to remain posted outside of SCP-3578's containment chamber at all times. In the case of an emergence event, the guards are to enter the chamber and keep watch over SCP-3578 until the assigned medical and research teams arrive to assist in and document the emergence process.

Edit: As of October ██, 200█, SCP-3578's remains are kept in cryostorage at Site-23 while SCP-3578-A-31 has been moved to an 8m x 8m Standard Humanoid Containment Chamber outfitted to suit the needs of a young girl and remains under the care of Dr. Isaac Ruxton and Dr. Janette Crawford.

Description: SCP-3578 appears to be a disembodied reproductive system vaguely resembling that of a human female consisting of a uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and partial vaginal passage. The vaginal passage ends abruptly at the point where it would have normally transitioned to the vulva, although there is no sign of injury at this point. SCP-3578 is capable of asexual reproduction and functions normally as if it were still inside a living body, maintaining healthy blood circulation and having regular menstrual cycles between the emergence of an instance of SCP-3578-A and the formation of a new instance.

Contrary to its appearance, the DNA of SCP-3578 does not match up to that of a human and is not from any known species. It is also considerably larger than the reproductive system of a human female, measuring in at roughly five hundred percent larger and being able to expand to accommodate instances of SCP-3578-A reaching sizes of a three-year-old human child.

SCP-3578-A refers to the organisms that emerge from SCP-3578 every 12-16 months. Instances of SCP-3578-A develop inside of SCP-3578 for a minimum of 10 months before emerging, and there is always 2 or more months between the emergence of an instance of SCP-3578-A and the initial formation of a new instance. These creatures are always biologically female and behave in a docile manner, but do not seem to possess any form of higher brain function.

In order to survive, SCP-3578-A instances require a surrogate 'mother' parent who they form a deep psychological bond with, only accepting nutrition and care provided by this person after imprinting on them. This person will henceforth be classified as SCP-3578-B until the SCP-3578-A instance in their care expires. Since the initial discovery of SCP-3578, the instances of SCP-3578-A have been progressively changing in appearance and biological makeup, with each subsequent emergence resulting in a more developed organism. Recent instances have been seemingly bipedal in nature and have shown many physiological similarities to humans.

Discovery: SCP-3578 was discovered on the floor of an empty operating room by a nurse in ██ ███████ Hospital in ███████, Arizona on February ██, 196█. Staff were informed immediately by the nurse and the Foundation was tipped off soon after when the anomalous nature of the organ was noted, mainly its non-human origin and the fact that it was still functioning despite being disconnected from a living body. Foundation operatives arrived at the scene soon after and took possession of the anomalous organ and promptly amnestized all who had come into contact with or had been informed of it before transporting it to Site-23 for further analysis and study.

Addendum 3578.1: Recorded Instances of SCP-3578-A Emergence Events

There have been a total of thirty-one instances of SCP-3578-A that have emerged from SCP-3578 prior to its expiration. The following records contain reports regarding all notable instances of SCP-3578-A. For a complete list, please contact the Administrator.

Addendum 3578.2: Emergence of SCP-3578-A-31/Expiration of SCP-3578

Following the expiration of SCP-3578-A-30, SCP-3578 had no further menstrual cycles and had very poor vital signs. While it was uncertain what exactly was wrong with SCP-3578, it seemed to be very sick and needed constant medical examinations and care following this event. For the next 23 months, SCP-3578 was considered effectively neutralized and it was not expected to produce any further instances of SCP-3578-A.

20 months after the emergence of SCP-3578-A-29 and SCP-3578-A-30 and the expiration of the latter, SCP-3578 developed a severe blood infection. Standard treatment and medication proved to be entirely ineffective, and due to the lack of blood supply of the same type as SCP-3578 to provide a transfusion, it seemed likely that SCP-3578 would not survive. After consulting with the O5 council and gaining the approval of O5-██ and O5-██, Dr. Charles Atlas was given permission to perform a blood transfusion using human blood in order to attempt to cure SCP-3578.

Dr. Isaac Ruxton was chosen by Dr. Charles Atlas to be the source of blood after testing of on-site staff volunteers showed his blood to be free of any irregularities and the fact that his family had no history of any diseases or medical conditions. After a sufficient amount of blood was collected from Dr. Ruxton, an exchange transfusion was carried out in an attempt to rid SCP-3578 of its ailment.

SCP-3578 reacted very well to the transfusion and recovered quickly, unexpectedly returning to the state of health it was in prior to the expiration of SCP-3578-25. Very soon after the transfusion, SCP-3578 began regular menstrual cycles and eventually a new instance of SCP-3578-A began to develop inside of it.

SCP-3578-A-31 Log

Date: September ██, 199█

Researcher Overseeing Event: Dr. Charles Atlas

Time Elapsed Since Previous Emergence: 36 Months, 24 Days

Length of Gestation: 12 Months, 30 Days

Time Elapsed During Emergence: 13 Hours, 25 Minutes

Report: SCP-3578-A-31 showed consistently healthy vital signs all throughout its development inside of SCP-3578 as well as the highest level development of any SCP-3578-A instance up until this point. Upon emerging, medical teams were alarmed to find that SCP-3578-A-31 was physically identical to a four-year-old human female and was perfectly developed, although it still behaved like an infant albeit with superior motor skills. Unlike previous instances, it would not imprint on any chosen SCP-3578-B suited members of staff nor accept any nutritional formula and reacted adversely to the touch of any member of personnel.

At Dr. Atlas's request, Dr. Ruxton was retrieved and brought to the containment chamber adjacent to the one housing SCP-3578 where SCP-3578-A-31 was being kept. Upon being introduced to the chamber, SCP-3578-A-31 immediately attempted to move towards Dr. Ruxton who was then instructed to pick up SCP-3578-A-31. SCP-3578-A-31 began to calm down once Dr. Ruxton picked it up, and after sitting down he was able to feed SCP-3578-A-31 without issue.

Following this event, Dr. Ruxton was then designated as SCP-3578-B for SCP-3578-A-31 and, as hypothesized by Dr. Charles Atlas upon learning of the initial development of SCP-3578-A-31, DNA testing revealed that SCP-3578-A-31 is biologically related to Dr. Ruxton. Regular testing and examinations were done to make sure SCP-3578-A-31 remained healthy and after 60 days it was determined that this instance would survive indefinitely if given proper care and nurture.

After the emergence of SCP-3578-A-31, SCP-3578's vitals once again began to fall and it began to physically deteriorate at a rapid rate, although none of this was as aggressive in nature as before. SCP-3578 expired on November ██, 199█, 32 days after SCP-3578-A-31 emerged, despite the efforts made by the medical team to keep it alive.

Addendum 3578.3: SCP-3578-A-31

The following report contains all important information regarding SCP-3578-A-31, known unofficially as Clara Ruxton-Crawford

Following the emergence of SCP-3578-A-31 and Dr. Isaac Ruxton's designation as SCP-3578-B, the two were moved to a 10m x 10m Standard Humanoid Containment Chamber suited to fit the needs of both individuals. Dr. Janette Crawford, a previous SCP-3578-B, volunteered to help aid Dr. Ruxton in caring for SCP-3578-A-31 after Dr. Ruxton stated that he was having a difficult time doing so alone.

Despite SCP-3578-A-31's aversion to all other members of on-site staff other than Dr. Ruxton, it took to Dr. Crawford very quickly when she had visited it once before. As such, Site Director Oliver J. Matthews approved of Dr. Crawford's involvement and allowed her to care for SCP-3578-A-31 in shifts with Dr. Ruxton. While it is uncertain why, it was later found that SCP-3578-A-31 had imprinted on Dr. Crawford as well, as Dr. Crawford now felt compelled to care for SCP-3578-A-31 and could not properly focus on her other tasks when away from SCP-3578-A-31. Once this was discovered, Dr. Crawford was designated as SCP-3578-B-2 and the containment chamber was renovated to accommodate her as well

SCP-3578-A-31 developed very quickly when compared to a human of its age, reaching the physical appearance of a six-year-old human in less than six months and mentally maturing rapidly until its intelligence matched that of its physical appearance by human standards. SCP-3578-A-31 inherited many of Dr. Ruxton's physical traits such as blue eyes and blond hair, and they bear a striking resemblance to one another. Despite its similarities to a human and its genetic relation to Dr. Ruxton, though, SCP-3578-A-31's DNA is not that of a human. It doesn't seem to be aware of this, however, and it has not been informed of its non-human origin.

Once it learned how to speak, SCP-3578-A-31 began referring to Dr. Ruxton as 'Father' and Dr. Crawford as 'Mom', and once it grew accustomed to the other personnel it began referring to Dr. Charles Atlas as 'Grandpa'. Even though they had been advised not to treat SCP-3578-A-31 as a human, Dr. Ruxton and Dr. Crawford gave SCP-3578-A-31 the name 'Clara Ruxton-Crawford' and exclusively refer to SCP-3578-A-31 by this name rather than its SCP designation. This name is now used by all on-site staff after it was decided that treating SCP-3578-A-31 as non-human was impacting its development and causing significant distress.

Despite many attempts to separate Dr. Ruxton and Dr. Crawford from SCP-3578-A-31 for long periods of time, the psychological bond formed between them prevents them from focusing on anything else if SCP-3578-A-31 desires/requires their presence and they feel compelled to return to SCP-3578-A-31 in order to meet its needs. Regarding the two doctors, despite the two of them being chosen by SCP-3578-A-31 to be its parental figures, the two maintain a platonic relationship and their shared bond with SCP-3578-A-31 does not seem to influence romantic tendencies towards one another.

SCP-3578-A-31 reached the physical and mental age of an eight-year-old after another 10 months and as of January ██, 200█ it has entered a growth pattern identical to that of a human being.

Edit: As of September ██, 200█, the psychological bond between SCP-3578-A-31 and both Dr. Isaac Ruxton and Dr. Janette Crawford diminished greatly and it was found that SCP-3578-A-31 could function without a constant supply of care and affection. Both researchers also found that they were able to remain parted from SCP-3578-A-31 for long periods of time without feeling compelled to return to it. Dr. Ruxton and Dr. Crawford have since returned to their previous duties and SCP-3578-A-31 has been moved to a new containment chamber suited to its needs. At the request of Dr. Ruxton and Dr. Crawford, they have been put in charge of the continued research and study of SCP-3578-A-31 and are allowed to maintain their previous roles at the parental figures of SCP-3578-A-31 despite no longer being designated as SCP-3578-B.

Addendum 3578.3-B: Interview with Dr. Charles Atlas

Despite countless attempts to question SCP-3578-A-31 about its origin, it has never shown any sign that it knew anything other than what it has learned after emerging from SCP-3578. However, on the third anniversary of its emergence, September ██, 200█, SCP-3578-A-31 asked Dr. Ruxton if it could speak to Dr. Rickard Atlas and Dr. Charles Atlas, despite the former having passed away over a decade prior and never having been mentioned to SCP-3578-A-31. Dr. Charles Atlas agreed to meet with SCP-3578-31, and the following interview was held two days later.

Interviewed: SCP-3578-A-31

Interviewer: Dr. Charles Atlas

Date of Interview: September ██, 200█, 0800 hours


Dr. Atlas: (Clears throat) Hello sweet-pea, how are you doing this morning?

SCP-3578-A-31: I'm good, Grandpa! How are you?

Dr. Atlas: (Chuckles) I'm very well, thank you. So, I heard you have something important to tell me?

SCP-3578-A-31: Yes! But I gotta tell to Mr. Rickard, too! Is he coming?

Dr. Atlas: Well, I'm sorry Clara, but he is unable to join us. My father passed away quite some time ago, you see. How did you hear about him, anyways?

(SCP-3578-A-31 looks slightly distressed upon hearing about the late Dr. Rickard Atlas)

SCP-3578-A-31: Well, Mother told me. She said it was reeeaaally important that I say thank you to both of you for her…

Dr. Atlas: Mother? Do you mean Dr. Crawford?

SCP-3578-A-31: Nuh-uh, my real Mother.

Dr. Atlas: And who would that be? When did they tell you to say this?

(SCP-3578-A-31 fidgets in its seat)

SCP-3578-A-31: The one who, um… The one who made me! I dunno when she told me, I just remembered that a long time ago she asked if I could say thanks for her.

Dr. Atlas: Well, what exactly did she want you to thank us for?

SCP-3578-A-31: She said that she was very grateful that you and Mr. Rickard and everyone else tried soooo (Spreads arms) hard to help all of my siblings, and that she is happy that you helped her to have me!

Dr. Atlas: (Pauses) Is that so?

SCP-3578-A-31: Yup! She said that she was happy that I am able to fit in and that I would get to live a nice life with the good people that helped her for so long!

Dr. Atlas: Well, I'm glad that we are able to have you here after all these years as well. I'm sure she would be pleased to see how much you've grown.

SCP-3578-A-31: (Giggles) I think so too!


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