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Item #: SCP-3577

Object Class: Euclid


Photo of SCP-3577-127 discovered following its manifestation in temporary GoI-466 captivity. Of note is that SCP-3577-127 was chronologically 'born' following its generation event on 07/15/2020. Photo was allegedly taken on 07/15/2019, one year prior to SCP-3577-127's existence.

Special Containment Procedures: As the majority of SCP-3577's containment is handled by GoI-466 ("Wilson's Wildlife Solutions") Foundation resources are to be focused on the research of the SCP-3577 anomaly.

Currently, a pack of 16 unsterilized instances of SCP-3577 are held in Controlled Habitat-02 on Site-64 for research purposes. Personnel assigned to the observation and handling of SCP-3577 are to check all currently available documentation regarding individual instances in Foundation captivity on a daily basis, for the purpose of detecting any discrepancy in the number of instances in Controlled Habitat-02 or the length of time instances have spent in Foundation captivity. In such an event, containment procedures are to be adjusted depending on the extent of SCP-3577 generation.

SCP-3577 instances of opposite sex are to be separated into groups and transferred to two secondary enclosures one week prior to the conclusion of a courting period. Following the conclusion of a courting period, enclosures must be checked for the generation of new SCP-3577 instances before releasing both groups back into Controlled Habitat-02.

MTF Beta-4 ("Castaways") are currently engaged in an ongoing joint-effort operation with GoI-466 in order to locate and capture all undocumented instances of SCP-3577 in the wild, with the intent of sterilization and controlled release back into the wilderness.

Description: SCP-3577 is the designation for multiple instances of Canis latrans1 that exhibit retroactive reality-altering properties in lieu of nonanomalous reproduction. To date, over 265 instances have been discovered and contained by both Foundation and GoI-466 personnel.

Instances of SCP-3577 are otherwise identical to non-anomalous members of Canis latrans but display no naturally occuring reproductive behaviour. To date, no instance of SCP-3577 has been confirmed to be less than 4 years of age or observed to be visibly pregnant.

Anomalous behaviour occurs following a 'courting' period, during which two SCP-3577 instances of opposite sex remain in each other's presence for 63 days. An exception to this occurs during a time period from February to March, in which the courting period is cut down to 31 days. SCP-3577 cannot initiate a courting period with a non-anomalous counterpart. Sterile instances of SCP-3577 are unable to initiate a courting period.

Upon the conclusion of a courting period, a litter of 3-14 new adult instances of SCP-3577 will be generated in the surrounding general area of the original parent instances. All new instances are a genetic mixture of both parent instances and will invariably be 2 years younger than the female parent. The generation of a SCP-3577 instance to date has never been observed.

Following the generation of additional SCP-3577 instances, information will be retroactively injected into the past two years that proves the existence of the corresponding SCP-3577 instances prior to their generation. Information created as a result of SCP-3577 includes:

  • The appearance of tracks, droppings and animal remains produced during the last two years that can be linked back to new SCP-3577 instances and the area containing its generation point.
  • The creation of documents and files having been chronologically produced at some point during the last two years, containing information regarding new SCP-3577 instances. Existing documents cannot be modified by SCP-3577's retroactivity.
  • The generation of new SCP-3577 instances already fitted with Foundation-standard tracking collars and ID chips when born in Foundation captivity. All instances are generated with existing registry and tracking information logged into the SCP-3577 Database.
  • The appearance of injuries resembling coyote attacks received in the past two years manifesting on humans who closely interact with SCP-3577 on a regular basis. Medical records will be altered with additions addressing incidents in which said individuals were attacked by a new instance of SCP-3577 and were treated for wounds at some point during the previous two years.

SCP-3577 cannot affect memory; Retroactive existence of SCP-3577 instances consistently has a chronallagi rating of less than 0.012 and does not appear capable of causing paradoxes.

Addendum 3577-A: To date, all instances of SCP-3577 have been discovered within the general area of Oregon, USA. Initial reports of unusual coyote populations were noted to have originated from within numerous Indian reservations located within Oregon, with the majority of accounts gathered from the Warm Springs Indian reservation throughout 2019.

Investigation into previous Foundation activities within the Oregon area indicate that SCP-3577 does not appear to correlate with current or previous known anomalous activity related to Native American tribes located in Oregon or the greater United States.

While the Foundation was not aware of the existence of SCP-3577 for an unknown number of years, numerous accounts had been made throughout Oregon from 1998 to 2016 involving civilians and the apparent collective loss of memories involving coyote-inflicted injuries and attacks despite the presence of previous documentation of said incidents. While previously designated as ongoing Extranormal Event-76f67, all information has since been confirmed as the result of previous SCP-3577 generation events.

Prior to a request for Foundation intervention on 04/05/2019, GoI-466 ("Wilson's Wildlife Solutions") was reportedly relocating and rehabilitating instances of SCP-3577 within Warm Springs Indian reservation following the emergence of an explosive coyote population located on reservation land. GoI-466 was initially not aware of SCP-3577's properties and struggled to contain the anomaly for a period of time preluding the request for Foundation aid from GoI-466 individual Dr. Sylvester Baptise, one of the personnel responsible for GoI-466's containment of SCP-3577.

As part of the Boring Agreement, GoI-466 agreed to offer the Foundation access to all documentation and correspondence involving their containment of SCP-3577 prior to the Foundation's awareness of the anomaly and installment of current containment procedures.

Known internally as 'Project Acme', containment of SCP-3577 was headed by both Dr. Sylvester Baptise and his wife, Marie-Sophie Baptise. Marie-Sophie was present onsite at Warm Springs Indian reservation with the assistance of her son, Bandit "B.B." Baptise and a small group of volunteer workers throughout the course of Project Acme. Mr. Baptise remained at GoI-466 HQ in Boring, Oregon during this period of time.


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