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Item #: SCP-3575

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The affected section of Quaw's Boulevard and Southview Avenue has been closed indefinitely. All lots in the area have been purchased by the Foundation and currently serve as Provisional Site-99.

SCP-3575's inhabitants are to be provided any requested supplies pending rescue efforts. As they are largely self-sufficient, only requested materials should be provided. Moral support may be given as well, although this is left to the discretion of supervising personnel.

Following the events of 07/01/19, no provisions are to be made available to the residents of SCP-3575 until further notice.

Description: SCP-3575 is a dimensional anomaly located in Belgrade, Montana.

SCP-3575 encompasses a 305 by 305 meter space centered on the intersection of Quaw's Boulevard and Southview Avenue; beyond this point, travel becomes difficult for unspecified reasons. It is believed that SCP-3575 resembles Belgrade as it was in 1999, with any constructions in the actual town beyond that point not being reflected in the space.

SCP-3575 is inhabited by fifteen individuals (designated SCP-3575-1 through -15) ranging from 14 to 23 years in age. All claim to have lived in Belgrade and passed into the location sometime in the last eighteen years. Persons living in SCP-3575 reside in the location's houses, and work together to grow food.

So far, no entrance to SCP-3575 has been found; any Belgrade-native individuals within the space appear to enter it rarely and at random. Once inside, it becomes impossible to get back to U-011, although it has been hypothesized that an exit lies beyond the bounds of the intersection proper. Non-human animals are the only entity known to be able to easily cross between SCP-3575 and U-01, and as such, may be exploited to facilitate communication between the Foundation and SCP-3575's residents (see interview log 3575-I4).

The majority of Foundation information about SCP-3575 comes from its contact in the location, SCP-3575-1. SCP-3575-1 (believed to be Nick Danguard of Belgrade) was first contacted by the Foundation in 2017. Since then, they have frequently requested supplies and entertainment for the other residents, and in exchange answer interview requests and provide biological samples of entities in the space.2

Addendum 14/01/19: On 07/01/19, SCP-3575-1 sent back a letter explaining the group's collective decision to leave their immediate area and go exploring, in case the exit to SCP-3575 lay somewhere beyond the intersection.

A message was sent back urging the group to reconsider, at least until their plans could be discussed with the Foundation. So far, no reply has yet been received.

Addendum 18/01/19: On 16/01/19, a backpack was found in a park in the nearby town of Bozeman containing a camera and a journal. The journal's stylistic conventions match SCP-3575-1's previous communications with Foundation personnel, and is assumed to have belonged to them at some point. The camera contained several photographs of the Quaw-Southview intersection, though each had been taken several months apart. Most photos correspond to dates in the journal.

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