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Item #: SCP-3574

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Known contact numbers for SCP-3574 are stored on file, and are restricted to Level-4 personnel.

Information pertaining to the contact numbers for SCP-3574 are to be confiscated whenever located and identified. Individuals possessing or acquiring this information are to be administered amnestic treatment, or interrogated if required. Phone calls of potential SCP-3574 clients are to be monitored for conversations with SCP-3574-C. If such conversations are identified, the transmission is to be terminated, and the client apprehended.

Instances of SCP-3574-A or B are to be contained when located and identified. Agents assigned to retrieve these instances are to exercise caution, as SCP-3574-A are potentially bio-hazardous or infectious. As such, SCP-3574-A are to be kept within humanoid containment cells with the ability to be hermetically sealed. SCP-3574-B are to be kept within a refrigerated BSL-2 storage unit, until the expiration of SCP-3574-A. When appropriate or necessary, the retrieval of the body of SCP-3574 may be facilitated.

Orders given by SCP-3574-C are to be recorded and submitted to Level-4 personnel. Investigations are ongoing to determine the identity and location of SCP-3574-C. Resources have been allocated to the containment of the individual.

Description: SCP-3574 is an anomalous service which offers to facilitate the termination, injury, illness, or loss of possessions of targeted humans of a client's choosing. These targeted subjects are henceforth referred to as SCP-3574-A. The monetary price of SCP-3574 varies, depending on the service requested.

SCP-3574 is accessible through telephone contact, after dialing one of several numbers. Contact numbers are delivered by letter to individuals with hostile or negative intentions. The source of these letters have not been determined, and assumed to be anomalous in nature. If contact is successful, an individual, designated SCP-3574-C will converse with the client. The voice of SCP-3574-C is modulated, however, a Hungarian accent is discernible. All attempts to identify this individual have been met with failure. Furthermore, attempts to trace the telephone call results in inconsistent and conflicting results.

Over the telephone call, the client is able to discuss the nature of the effects desired for SCP-3574-A. If the desired effects requested by the client are feasible, clients will be instructed to obtain one live sheep (Ovis ariess), terminate it, then remove a body part to be delivered to the target of their choosing, either directly or indirectly. The body part will henceforth be referred to as SCP-3574-B. SCP-3574-C will then instruct clients to remove the viscera of the animal, and insert a specified amount of cash into its abdominal cavity. The type of effect manifested on SCP-3574-A depends on the body part sent, as well as the specifications provided by the client. The effect of each body part is listed as follows:

  • The head results in expiration, or unexplained disappearance.
  • The tail results in an illness or disease described by the client1.
  • Hooves result in one or more injuries, ranging from fractures to disfigurement.
  • The heart results in financial losses, or damage to the reputation of SCP-3574-A.

These effects occur spontaneously, through unknown means, after a period of time decided by the client. Illnesses and injuries are irreversible through conventional methods, and have not been observed to heal. After SCP-3574-A expires or is afflicted by the desired effect, the body of SCP-3574-B will vanish, along with the cash placed within. Any other object placed in the body, such as tracking or recording devices, will not vanish along with it. If a client attempts to extort SCP-3574-A, in order to regain the money lost to SCP-3574, he or she will experience the effects intended for SCP-3574-A, and the original target will subsequently be exempt from any detrimental effects.

Upon initial delivery of SCP-3574-B, SCP-3574-C will contact SCP-3574-A, informing the subject that he or she has committed a transgression, and will be "punished", unless specific orders are followed. Any attempts to dispose of SCP-3574-B will be met with failure, with the object reappearing in various locations within the place of residence of SCP-3574-A.

The effects of SCP-3574 can be neutralized if SCP-3574-A successfully follows the orders of SCP-3574-C. Recorded orders include termination of family members through specific methods2, removal and incineration of the subject's non-vital organs, and self-amputation without sedatives. Alternatively, it has been determined that affixing SCP-3574-B to its body will inhibit the development of detrimental effects on SCP-3574-A, unless the subject had already expired. As such, clients will often conceal the body to prevent this from occurring.

Document 3574-1: The following text is an example of a letter, confiscated from a potential client of SCP-3574.

We know you've been hurt, we know you've suffered injustice, we know how it feels.

We can make it go away, we can right the wrongs you have faced, we can deliver justice when others cannot.

We know you are interested; the oracle knows.

Contact [REDACTED] for further instructions.

The reverse side of all letters from SCP-3574 contain a message of unknown context, accompanied by images depicting four decapitated goat or sheep heads. The text is listed as follows.

The oracle tells us all. These are its words.

"Oracles; there are more.
Though thought to be three,
In fact there are four,
And the fourth one is me."

Addendum: On ██/██/2002, Agent Kershoff alerted researchers that he had received a letter from SCP-3574 at his place of residence. He was permitted to contact the number, for purposes of documentation. The audio log is available in the following document.

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