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The exterior of SCP-3572, surface level, outside of the entrance door.

Item #: SCP-3572

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No human entry into SCP-3572 is allowed except for the purposes of monthly maintenance and measurement, in which case time spent in the interior should be minimized and is never to exceed forty-five (45) minutes total for any individual. The surrounding area is to be cultivated and modified as necessary in cooperation with the United States National Park Service to minimize tourist activity near the area. A metal door and frame that are resistant to environmental damage have been installed into a brick wall barring the entrance.

The interior of SCP-3572 is to be measured and tracked for maximum potential length and a rough estimate of total volume monthly via remote drone. In the event of any notable seismological event, SCP-3572 is to be measured as soon as possible and the surrounding area is to be imaged for potential new cave formations or sinkholes, which are to be filled in expediently. In the event that SCP-3572 comes into contact with any other cave, Foundation personnel are to lock down and close new entrances to SCP-3572 by any means necessary.1

Any and all sightings of SCP-3572-1 are to be reported to the nearest available level 3 research personnel. Any direct contact with SCP-3572-1 is to be recorded, and witnesses are to be treated with Class-A amnestics. Following event 3572-Thien-Cung, Foundation personnel in potential hotspots have been briefed on the nature of SCP-3572-1 and provided training in the use of amnestics where necessary.

Description: SCP-3572 is a subterranean cave network only accessible through a singular surface entry located in Barren County, Kentucky, encompassing a total volume of an estimated ████ cubic meters.2 The initial entry from surface level leads to a set of tight cave tunnels before increasing in size into a large central chamber, roughly cylindrical and approximately 15m in diameter and 30m in height. This central chamber branches out into between three (3) and seventeen (17) tunnels, varying in length, width, level and orientation. Any other subterranean space that is contacted by these tunnels is absorbed into the total interior volume of SCP-3572.

SCP-3572 generally works to keep any human subject that enters its interior inside. While it does not seal itself off entirely, SCP-3572 has been observed moving its tunnels, creating narrow crawlspaces and dropping pieces of stone or other detritus to impede escape. The severity of these shifts intensifies in direct proportion to how long a human subject has been inside of SCP-3572. If a human subject dies inside the interior, the cavern will collapse around them, gradually compressing and grinding the cadaver into a fine, gritty consistency over the course of approximately fourteen days. Following this event, motion of the cavern will cease for a period of time, ranging from three (3) days at the shortest observed interval to one-hundred-ninety-two (192) days at the longest observed interval in length. SCP-3572 is still unsafe to enter during these periods and will resume movement (albeit at a reduced rate) if another human subject enters the interior.

SCP-3572-1 is a humanoid apparition, conceptually-bound, free-roaming, passive, benevolent. SCP-3572-1 heavily resembles a local cave explorer who died in the interior of SCP-3572 on the 13th of February, 1925. This apparition is bound to subterranean cave networks and cannot appear above ground. It appears to roam independently throughout the Mammoth Cave National Park System, though it has also been sighted abroad, returning periodically to SCP-3572. A list of SCP-3572-1 manifestations, both potential and confirmed, is on record with Site-19 and available upon request.

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