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Figure 1: A partially-redacted depiction of SCP-3568

Item #: SCP-3568

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A single copy of SCP-3568 should be stored on an air-gapped network using no less than AES 256 bit encryption. Access to the file and its decryption key shall be granted only after approval by level 4 personnel or above.

Where SCP-3568 is to be used in experiment, it should be printed onto a single page using UV-activated ink and immediately sealed inside a pair of nested envelopes. The outer envelope should be labelled ‘SCP-3568’ and nothing more. Once the experiment has concluded, all printed copies must be immediately incinerated in-situ. Special care must be taken to ensure no descriptions of SCP-3568 exist in recordings or transcriptions of the experiment. For this reason, audio and video recordings are not authorised and transcripts must be adequately censored.

Upon the Foundation receiving reports of SCP-3568's appearance, a field containment team must be immediately dispatched to prevent further dissemination. All confirmed copies of SCP-3568 must be securely destroyed, along with any electronic devices suspected of storing them.

SCP-3568 must be prevented from propagating online as an absolute priority.

Description: SCP-3568 is a specific arrangement of simple geometric symbols that, when observed, causes the viewer's head to violently expand and burst, and a twelve (12) digit number to appear etched at the nape of the victim's neck. Tests have confirmed that witnessing an actual depiction of SCP-3568 is sufficient to induce a lethal reaction within thirty (30) seconds whilst receiving an adequately detailed description of the symbols will trigger the event within five (5) minutes, dependent upon the recipient’s ability to visualise abstract images.

Once SCP-3568 has been pictured, a sequence of events is triggered within the body of the victim that cannot be halted or reversed, other than by immediate, prearranged intervention (see Addendum C):

  • 0-5 seconds - subject’s heart rate increases to between two hundred (200) and three hundred (300) BPM.
  • 5-10 seconds - subject complains of intense headache and becomes distressed.
  • 10-15 seconds - pain intensifies further, victim’s eyes redden due to subconjunctival haemorrhaging.
  • 15-20 seconds - victim begins externally haemorrhaging from the eyes, occasionally loses consciousness.
  • 20-25 seconds - subject becomes calmer, often speaking and reciting numbers (see Addendum A).
  • 25-30 seconds - subject’s brain undergoes rapid distention, shattering the cranium. Death is instant.
  • 30-60 seconds - a number appears at the nape of the subject's neck, branded on the skin (see Addendum D).

The anomaly was first brought to the Foundation’s attention after an incident in March 19██ designated SCP-3568-A. Over a period of three (3) days, a total of two hundred and thirteen (213) physical copies of SCP-3568 were mailed to residents of ██████, █████, resulting in three hundred and forty two (342) deaths. The perpetrators of SCP-3568-A are unknown, as are their motives. However, given the seemingly random nature of the attacks (no links could be found to connect the victims) and that no group or individual claimed responsibility, it can be assumed that spreading panic was one of the primary objectives. Nothing on the scale of incident SCP-3568-A has since occurred but there have been numerous isolated cases of the anomaly manifesting each year. Addendum B details a selection of these.

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