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Item#: 3567
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Item #: SCP-3567

Object Class: Safe

Detail of the "bubbles" present on SCP-3567

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3567 is currently contained within Site 19. The object is stored flat on a plastic tray in a locked case with the bubbled side facing up. A 6m exclusion zone should be indicated in any testing or containment zones to prevent personnel from entering into SCP-3567's area of effect.

Any subject affected by SCP-3567 is to be designated as an instance of SCP-3567-1. SCP-3567-1 instances that appear in the current timeline should be immediately sedated and transferred to a humanoid containment cell within Site 19 to be evaluated for interrogational value. Afterwards, subjects should be amnesticized and kept sedated to prevent any information breaches.

For a list of SCP-3567-1 instances, reference document 3567.doc.01.


In an effort to conserve the limited testing resources, no further testing of SCP-3567 is permitted until such a time as the anomalous effects of SCP-3567 can be quantified and the trajectory of SCP-3567's temporal displacement can be modeled. Approval from the Head Researcher or those granted Level 4/3567 clearance is required to test hypothesized methods of quantifying and modeling the effects of SCP-3567.

— Dr. Michael Simmons, SCP-3567 Head Researcher

Description: SCP-3567 is a standard 30cm x 30cm sheet of Bubble Wrap and the field of temporal effect produced by the object upon activation.

The object contains 1,764 6mm diameter plastic hemispheres filled with an unknown, undetectable substance. At the time of containment, 1,204 bubbles remain unruptured. The current number of remaining unruptured bubbles is 905.

Upon rupture of a bubble a spherical area of temporal effect with a 5m radius is generated centered on the ruptured bubble. This activation is accompanied by a rush of air and a popping sound generally in the range of 80-100dB.

SCP-3567 has only been observed to affect sapient subjects. Those affected by SCP-3567 switch physical and temporal locations with a version of themselves from 50 years into the future. Subjects return to their temporal place of origin after 50 days.

It has not been determined whether this is the future of our own timeline or another, although the well preserved state of future subjects implies that SCP-3567 may target futures in which a whole entity can be retrieved.

The effects of SCP-3567 appear to be cumulative when activations occur simultaneously.

Discovery: SCP-3567 was originally retrieved from law enforcement in Pittsburgh, PA on 10/06/2009.

201 Garden St

At 12:43 PM on 16/05/2009, emergency dispatch received a call about gunshots at 201 Garden St. It is likely that the sound heard by the caller was the loud popping sound that accompanies activation of the SCP. It is assumed that multiple bubbles of SCP-3567 were ruptured and the immediate vicinity experienced multiple activations of the object's temporal effect.

Upon the arrival of emergency services, a desiccated corpse (later designated SCP-3567-1-B) was discovered along with a pile of discarded clothing and a cardboard box addressed to Layla Johnson. The cardboard box was retrieved by local law enforcement and opened for inspection. The box contained a consumer cellular phone wrapped in a sheet of bubble wrap. After examination of the package by investigators, it was delivered as addressed. SCP-3567-1-B was transported to the local medical examiner for autopsy.

At approximately 6:15 pm, SCP-3567 was activated again by the recipient’s juvenile son, Ryan Johnson (designated SCP-3567-1-C). The temporal effects were observed by Layla Johnson, and emergency services were contacted immediately. Upon activation of the object, SCP-3567-1-C disappeared, leaving behind his clothing. A nude elderly male (SCP-3567-1-D) appeared standing where SCP-3567-1-C had disappeared.

SCP-3567-1-D was taken into custody for questioning by local law enforcement.

The local medical examiner’s office contacted the CDC for a consultation on SCP-3567-1-B. After a CDC representative arrived and assessed the body, the Foundation was notified via standard channels. The Foundation arrived on site and took custody of all related items and subjects.

Layla Johnson was administered a Class-B amnestic and a cover story was provided as to the disappearance of her son. It is unclear whether the receipt of SCP-3567 was intended to harm the recipient or if it was included in the shipment by mistake.

SCP-3567-1-B was recovered from the CDC and showed desiccation and preservation consistent with that of mummified corpses.

SCP-3567-1-D was taken into Foundation custody for monitoring and interview.


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