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Preliminary research team investigating SCP-3564's location of recovery. Entity not pictured.

Item #: SCP-3564

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3564 is currently housed in the Large Entity containment wing of Site-06-3. As SCP-3564 is generally cooperative towards Foundation demands, weekly readings of various dramatic works (those penned by Shakespeare are preferred, but not required) have been approved to maintain said cooperation1. Any changes in SCP-3564's behaviour are to be reported to the Site's HMCL Supervisor.

SCP-3564's dietary requirements are equivalent to those of three adult humans, and are outlined in Document 3564-D1. Due to the possibility of severe muscle atrophy, SCP-3564 must be encouraged to perform at least 3 hours of physical exercise per day.

Description: SCP-3564 is a humanoid creature (sans head), approximately 3 metres in height. The entity exhibits unusually high levels of muscle mass, tumorous growths in multiple limbs and organs, and appears to have been grown via anomalous means from the remains of William Shakespeare2. Despite its internal organ systems being of unusual size and shape, no life-threatening complications have arisen — for the most part, the entity's internal tissues mimic those found in humans, with the placement of the central brain mass in the upper chest area and an underdeveloped renal system being the only major deviations. SCP-3564 is capable of auditory, olfactory and tactile perception through normal means, and visual perception via an unknown (presumed anomalous) method.

During its time in containment, SCP-3564 has displayed personality traits consistent with those attributed to Shakespeare during his life. A tongue and vocal cords recessed within the neck cavity allow it to vocalise (though speech is slurred and distorted to the point of unintelligibility), and it has expressed great interest in Shakespeare's works, reacting positively to the containment team's recitals of the author's various plays and sonnets. Due to the entity's low overall intelligence and poor memory (indicative of a lack of properly formed brain tissue), no further insight into its origin or construction has been gained.

Recovery: SCP-3564 was initially located on 23/04/1956, in a disused warehouse in Hackney, London, following an anonymous tip that a low-profile anomalous group were operating in the area. The entity was located within a large vat of unclear purpose, surrounded by a large quantity of esoteric equipment seemingly designed for the cultivation of organic tissue. While fire damage had rendered the majority of the technology unsalvageable, a small quantity was taken into Foundation custody for research purposes.

Alongside this equipment was uncovered an extensive repository of classical literature, mock-16th century period-appropriate costumes, and props suitable for a wide array of dramatic performances. All were extremely worn, suggesting near-daily use over a period of months, if not years. Multiple printed fliers detailing a public performance scheduled for the following week were fixed to the warehouse's exterior, but had failed to gather public interest, presumably due to their amateur design and the warehouse's location.

In addition to SCP-3564, six corpses were found buried in a small area of land to the rear of the building. Each instance (termed SCP-3564-1 through -6) was genetically identical to SCP-3564, and displayed signs of malnutrition, necrosis, severe physiological abnormalities, and in the case of SCP-3564-2, a complete lack of skin.

Research into the individual, group, or organisation responsible for SCP-3564's creation is ongoing.

Addendum: Incident 3564-F/BACON: On 16/10/1992, Site-06-3 was involved in a highly abnormal containment breach, in which containment systems for SCP-████ spontaneously malfunctioned. The backup systems failed to fully suppress the creature's anomalous properties, and as a result a large portion of the Site's subterranean infrastructure was irreparably damaged. During this incident, SCP-3564 escaped alongside multiple other anomalous entities, and was deemed a low-priority recovery task due to its lack of life-threatening attributes. It was subsequently located 46 hours later in the basement of a bookshop some 30 kilometres away.

While SCP-3564 initially resisted recontainment efforts (seeming highly distressed and incoherently vocalising), it reluctantly submitted upon the arrival of by Provisional Task Force Two-Beta ("Anti-Stratfordians"), allowing itself to be tranquillised and secured. It was returned to its chamber without further incident, and Interview 3564-0041 was conducted several days later.

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