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Item #: SCP-3563

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature, SCP-3563 cannot be contained at this time. Containment efforts of SCP-3563 should instead be focused on determining locations in which additional manifestations may occur.

In the event that a manifestation of SCP-3563 is confirmed, Foundation personnel are to be deployed to the reported location immediately. A standard 50m² Federal Bureau of Investigation grade mobile morgue unit is to be established over SCP-3563, and the surrounding area is to be marked off with police tape corresponding to the appropriate local metro police department. Two level-2 guards are to be stationed outside of the morgue unit until such a time that SCP-3563 disperses. Guards stationed outside of SCP-3563's mobile containment unit are to be outfitted with uniforms appropriate to local police force.

Civilians affected by SCP-3563 are to be administered Class-A amnestics and released from Foundation custody.

Description: SCP-3563 is a phenomenon that occurs throughout New England, primarily affecting southern Maine and northern New Hampshire. Manifestations of SCP-3563 only occur in towns with populations of at least five hundred, but no more than one thousand. Foundation researchers have determined that manifestations of SCP-3563 only occur when locations matching the following criteria are present:

  • An abandoned or vacant home that has previously been on the market.
  • The neighborhood surrounding abandoned home has families currently living in said neighborhood.
  • Abandoned home must have previously been owned by a family with at least one child.
  • Child of previous owners is either missing or deceased.

Manifestations of SCP-3563 appear exclusively outside of locations that meet the above conditions, typically at the end of the driveway of said home, or on the front yard.
SCP-3563 manifestations are comprised of two components, SCP-3563-1, and SCP-3563-2.
SCP-3563-1 is a lemonade stand built from non-anomalous plywood and timber1, kept together with cap nails and screws. In at least 85% of recorded manifestations, SCP-3563-1 has been noted to have a sign posted above its counter that reads "Lemonabe[sic], 25¢!" in red and yellow crayon or paint.

SCP-3563-2 is a human child of varying gender, race, and ethnic background but always appearing between the ages of seven and twelve. DNA testing has confirmed that SCP-3563-2 entities directly correspond to real-world children who have been declared missing or deceased within at least two years of SCP-3563 manifesting.

SCP-3563-2 will try to sell lemonade to any human beings for a quarter, though have been noted to also sell pink lemonade, iced tea, and an unknown liquid metal with consistency similar to tar. SCP-3563-2's behavior is typical of children of its age; instances have consistently been friendly with Foundation personnel.

Any humans who purchase and consume lemonade bought from SCP-3563 will be compelled to enter the vacant home in which SCP-3563-1 is premised. SCP-3563-2 will continue to sell lemonade until at least ██ humans have entered the house, at which point SCP-3563-2 will leave SCP-3563-1 and enter the home. SCP-3563-2 then proceeds to [DATA EXPUNGED], leaving behind only the organs, monetarily valuable on person belongings, and — on several occasions — teeth that have been filled with precious metals.

Attempts to follow SCP-3563-2 into the home, or prevent SCP-3563-2 from entering, have resulted in the deaths of at least █ Foundation personnel. Attempts to locate SCP-3563-2 afterwards have resulted in little success, with tracking devices going offline as soon as SCP-3563 disperses, and attempts to follow SCP-3563-2 leading to the entity disappearing as soon as line of sight is broken.

Addendum 3563-a: On 08/14/20██, the Foundation received reports from deep cover agents that large amounts of organs and other valuable human organic matter had been sold on the underground market in ████████████, Maine. Agents were tasked with locating the buyer, and were led to James ██████, a 24-year-old narcotics dealer who had purchased the organs, along with several watches, three leather wallets, and thirteen teeth that had been filled with pure grade silver. When questioned about where he had gotten these items, subject told Foundation agents that he bought them from a 'man in a dark overcoat, wearing a brimmed hat'. He was unable to answer any further questions in regards to who he had purchased the items from, citing that it had been 'real dark' at the time. Subject was administered Class-A amnestics, and released into the custody of local authorities.

Addendum 3563-b: As of 09/24/20██, the 'Man in the Hat' has been designated as Foundation POI-528. Foundation agents are to report any further large quantities of organs being sold on the black market in New England directly to Site-██.

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