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Item #: SCP-356-ARC

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-356-ARC is immovable by any means available, a contingent of █ agents are to be posted, disguised as custodial staff of █████████ Cemetery. They are to observe any activations of the SCP-356-ARC, report events, and detain subjects. Any and all subjects are to be immediately taken to Site ██ for evaluation and debriefing. Should subjects [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: SCP-356-ARC is a statue of a nude woman, 1.1m tall, lying on a flat slab. The material appears to be marble, though attempts to obtain samples have thus far been unsuccessful. While usually still, the humanoid portion of the carving will periodically "sink" into the slab. Subjects coming in close proximity of the SCP at that stage will experience a strong desire to first touch the slab's top surface, then climb on to it. Group effects [DATA EXPUNGED].

Subjects who climb onto the slab will then “fall” into it, passing through the solid stone with no detectable distortion or damage to the slab. Only the human body will pass through the slab, with all clothes and other personal items remaining behind on the slab. Clothing will be torn, and personal items will show damage consistent with impact on the stone.

After a period of time (to date, the longest access event has been 46 minutes and 3 seconds), the subject will be ejected out of the SCP uninjured, and the humanoid portion will re-emerge in its normal position. All subjects thus far have adamantly refused to discuss what happened inside SCP-356 even under threat of death, and those who emerged with unidentified objects on their persons have likewise been tight-lipped about their acquisitions. Physical examination of subjects reveals no abnormalities in 99% of cases.

Addendum: On ██/██/09, personnel D-42966 was near SCP-356 when it activated. He returned from the SCP shivering, though he exhibited no other signs of exposure to cold temperature. Agents were able to convince him to speak of his experience, but he was only able to say, "It was a—" before abruptly dying. Autopsy revealed that his heart had suddenly experienced a massive collapse, consistent with sudden, enormous pressure or impact.

After being granted permission to use SCP-484 in an experiment with one target of SCP-356-ARC, Agent Green administered one dose to a Class D personnel, ordering him to look into the eyes of the "target". Transcription of video is as follows:

Green: Mr. ██████, please state what occurred during the event.
Class D: Fuck you! Fuck all y'all, man! Y'all are outta yo' minds, man!
Green: Calm down, please.
Class D: Calm down, shit! How about I put you through all that bullshit and then me tell you calm down, how about that?
Green: If you refuse to calm yourself, you will be sedated immediately by security.
Class D: Sedate this, motherfucker! *flips off Green*

█████ ███████ (security staff) grips the subject’s finger and rapidly bends it back against the joint. Subject’s finger breaks in two places, and additional staff restrain and sedate subject
Two minutes pass while the sedative takes effect. █████ ███████ issued reprimand by supervising Agent ██████. Subject rapidly relaxes while first aid is applied. Agent Green appears to be taking notes, before resuming debriefing.

Green: Are you ready to cooperate with this interview now?
Class D: Y…yeah… sure…
Green: Good. Now if you could describe what you remember of the interior for me.
Class D: A… hallway… kinda two on top of each other but kinda not…
Green: Was there just the hallway, or were there more things?
Class D: Uh… some kinda gray curtain thing… but it's like water. I remember… reachin' out to touch it, and…
Green: And… what?
Class D: And there was… a flash of…dark. Does that make sense?
Green: Somewhat, yes. What then?
Class D: I couldn't move… an' then this thing reached out to me and then… then I woke up on the grass naked, and my necklace was gone. Wait, I don't have a necklace.
Green: Forget about the necklace, Mr. ██████. Can you describe this thing for me?
Class D: I…I don’t know. It…looked like…crying. Like hurt and…I don’t know.
Green: Crying?
Class D: Listen, man, I don’t even know. When I was little, my mom died in front of me. Cancer. She smoked like a fuckin’ chimney. It looked how I felt when I watched her die.
Green: …
Class D: Listen, I don’t know what you want me to fucking say, ok? That’s what I remember.

Note: Subject lapsed into a coma several hours after interview, and expired after three days under the coma. No cause of death was determined.

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