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Item #: SCP-3552

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-3552 are to be secured in a standard containment locker at Site-103 and restricted to Level-3 Clearance and above.

Instances of SCP-3552-A are to be kept in standard humanoid containment chambers at all times. Chambers are to be fitted with 200 watt UVB lamps. SCP-3552-A instances should be exposed to UVB light for twelve to fifteen hours per day. SCP-3552-A instances are to be provided with up to five liters of water per day.

Description: SCP-3552 is the designation for a collection of 246 Citrullus lana (common watermelon) seeds currently in containment. Although appearing non-anomalous externally, samples taken and analyzed have revealed traces of multiple unidentified compounds.

SCP-3552's primary anomalous nature becomes apparent when ingested by human individuals. Affected individuals report extreme fatigue, abdominal/gastrointestinal pain and vomiting within an hour after consumption that grows in intensity over time. Abdominal CT scans taken during this period show the manifestation of a number of tumor-like growths around the lining of the stomach. Biopsy of masses reveal the tissue samples to be comprised entirely of pith from common fruits. The fruits themselves vary from subject to subject.

Tumors grow exponentially within the affected individual's body, rapidly causing further injury and mobility issues as they put stress on organs and protrude out of the body. Tumors created this way are capable of receiving stimuli and transmitting pain signals to the brain.

After several days, ultrasounds reveal the formation of a fetus within the tumors, designated SCP-3552-A. This process, like the process of human fetal development, is aided by the absorption of nutrients from the affected individual and puts immense stress on the host's body. Complete gestation of SCP-3552-A takes approximately four weeks. During this period, the instance will grow appendages that protrude from the growth, causing extreme discomfort. After the four week period, the instance of SCP-3552-A will detach on its own, a process that is unanimously considered to be excruciatingly painful; however, affected individuals receive no lasting damage upon removal.

SCP-3552-A instances are sapient and humanoid in nature; however, they are composed entirely of tissues of various fruits. Behaviorally, they act similarly to normal human infants and are vulnerable to physical and emotional discomfort. Despite their physiology, they are resilient to the decomposition and expiry that affect typical produce.

The Foundation is currently in possession of seventeen instances of SCP-3552-A, designated SCP-3552-A-1 through 17. Dissection of SCP-3552-A reveals the presence of an average of 30-40 instances of SCP-3552 within the body. Organ systems appear identical to humans, although also comprised of various fruit tissues.

Addendum-3552-1: Initial Discovery: On August 24 of the year 2010, local news channels in Bulacan, Philippines aired an interview with a Maria Rosa Subagon, who claimed to have developed a fruit-like tumor on her stomach. Foundation operatives were deployed and successfully able to intercept the broadcast. A cover story was fabricated under the guise of a hoax, while witnesses were administered Class-A amnestics before being released. Subagon was detained, questioned and kept in temporary containment for observation. Following the detachment of SCP-3552-A, Subagon was administered Class-C amnestics and released.

Subagon had claimed to have hosted several instances of SCP-3552-A in the past, and that she had reason to believe the phenomenon had been caused by ingestion of SCP-3552. She claimed the seeds originated from Juaqin's Fruit Farm, a small farm in Bulacan, Philippines. Upon investigation, several bags of SCP-3552 were discovered onsite. In addition, fifty-seven individuals were found to be shackled and bound onsite, thirteen of which were found to host instances of SCP-3552-A. Recovered individuals were detained, questioned and sedated before having SCP-3552-A instances surgically removed. Recovered individuals were administered Class-C amnestics and released. Official records state that the property is entitled to a Juaquin Bagosa Jr., now identified as POI-352. The location of POI-352 is currently unknown.

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