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SCP-3548 in its levitating state, photo taken by Researcher Clara Chaikova.

Item #: SCP-3548

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: MTF-Gamma-23 ("Spooky Scary Skeletons") is tasked with tracking, isolating, and documenting SCP-3548 manifestations worldwide. This includes sightings of SCP-3548 by Foundation personnel as well as civilians, and all reports of abnormal events matching descriptions of SCP-3548.

In the event of an SCP-3548 manifestation, MTF Gamma-23 is to secure the locale of activity, ascertain the location of SCP-3548, and restrict access to it. Civilians that interacted with or observed SCP-3548 are to be administered Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-3548 is a dark grey deer skull of indeterminate species. It typically manifests between dusk and dawn, levitating approximately 3 meters above ground. After a period ranging between 20 minutes and 5 hours, SCP-3548 will descend quickly towards the ground, demanifesting on contact

SCP-3548 will typically manifest once at any given location. It is unknown whether the locations are random or predetermined. Persons witnessing SCP-3548 claim it to be translucent and incorporeal.

Sapient entities experience hallucinogenic effects when coming into contact with SCP-3548. Individuals affected by SCP-3548 describe being transported to a service corridor, typically leading into what resembles a mall. Subjects describe encountering a variety of entities within the location, though reports of their physical appearances vary. A notable exception are the silver deer-headed humanoids near the end of each episode.

Addendum: On September 3rd, 2031, Researcher Clara Chaikova reported her encounter with SCP-3548. It is believed this is the first instance of SCP-3548 demonstrating hallucinogenic effects. Transcribed below are the contents of her personal journal regarding the encounter.

September 3rd, not a day I expected to come across the anomalous. And yet, on my way to a nearby grocery store, I came across a floating animal skull which I think is SCP-3548. Naturally, I had to run back into my house and find my camera, since who bloody knows when the Foundation gets a chance to photograph this beauty again.

I did manage to get some nice photos, or at least, the best a camera can provide during dusk. It was soon apparent that I was lucky with my timing, as shortly after I took some pics the skull fell right onto me. I black out.

When I opened my eyes, I was no longer on a street in my neighborhood. I found myself in a vacant, white hallway. Luckily, I still had my camera. The place was rather dim, although there was a brighter light up ahead. I got up and headed towards it, and found myself on a platform overlooking a lush albeit unnatural looking forest. Behind me was a store which sold some rather interesting stuff, I needed to save on film but I decided to record these ones:

➢ A television which showed nothing but static. I flipped through some channels, it made me feel strange. I think it tried to tell me something urgent, but, hard to say. After that I decided to leave it alone, and luckily its effects went away.
➢ A guide book titled "A guide to wild and wacky creatures of the infinite layers of nil". Flipping through it there were plenty of interesting creatures described, I think I saw "static eels" in the bunch. If I'm not mistaken the Foundation recently acquired one of those.
➢ Pamphlets with nautilus shell1 shaped symbols on them. On their own they weren't really strange or anything, however after I put one back the entire store was covered in these nautilus symbols.

After this nautilus thing occurred, the cashier (which I somehow missed earlier) told me that the store was closed before vanishing. Confused, I looked back at the platform, yet it was entirely pitch black out there. I had to find another exit, thankfully there was another doorway out of this shop, leading into a little mall. All the shops seemed to be either closed or vacant. Despite the nice shades of pink and turquoise present throughout, along with all the potted plants and palm trees, the general vibe of this place unsettled me. I continued to search for potential exits or someone who could tell me what's going on. I haven't noticed earlier, but there was a bit of colour fringing2 present in this world.

I found a doorway to a staircase. I was suspicious, but decided to check it out regardless. There was a doorway which I entered, and the area it lead to was dark. Although hard to make out, it was apparent that the interior was immense in size. It initially appeared to be abandoned, however in the shadows I managed to pick up on several entities. I believe they were humanoid, though there was an odd grainy quality to them. I didn't feel welcome here, and when they grew closer my instinct was to run back up into the mall. Oddly enough, the mall was covered with the nautilus symbol. Posters, wallpaper, store fronts, etc. The colour fringing only got worse, along with the general world looking more grainy than usual. I thought I heard those entities walk up the stairs, so I hid behind one of the potted plants. At the time I thought perhaps my vision was going wonky, but alas, even as I review the photographs I made the colour fringing and grain was indeed there.

I felt something take hold of my arm and drag me along with them. To my relief, these entities weren't the grainy looking beings from that cavern. I wasn't entirely sure what these entities were, though they resembled robots, albeit none created on our world. They were humanoid, and I think their heads were similar to deer skulls. I tried to snap a few pics, pity they all turned out blurry. They led me down one of the service corridors, I believe it was similar to the one I awoke in, however there were far more nautilus symbols on the walls than before. The robotic creatures were discussing something among themselves, but I was unable to pick out what they were saying. I tried to ask them what was going on, but they refused to answer.

We entered through another doorway. This place seemed unaffected by the deterioration or at least not as harshly, as I didn't notice any colour fringing. The surrounding area was full of various computers and other tech, while the ceiling looked like a dome peering into outer space. The entities seemed frantic, I believe they were trying to fix this world. I felt the need to gather more information, however I was forcefully quickly guided to a glowing platform. One of the entities decided to finally speak to me. I believe it told me this:

"You are not supposed to be here, forgive the surveyors."

Moments after this was spoken to me, I found myself back on the ground in my neighborhood. The sky was exactly the same as it was prior to all this. My camera was thankfully alright, and I used up more frames in there than I thought. I headed home after that. I believe I came across something worth exploring further, I cannot wait to share my findings.

Note: Despite Researcher Clara Chaikova's persistent claims of successfully recording the entire incident, all photos minus the one depicting SCP-3548 are entirely blank.

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