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Item #: SCP-3547

Object Class: Euclid Urgent reclassification required.

Special Containment Procedures: No longer contained. All Foundation resources should be concentrated on recontainment of SCP-3547 at the highest priority.

Description: SCP-3547 is a potentially sapient, interdimensional entity that has the ability to contact human subjects via their subconscious during delta wave non-REM sleep, so long as the subject has been made aware of the existence of it beforehand, and they wish to communicate with it of their own free will. Subjects who claim to have communicated with SCP-3547 during this dreamlike state describe it as a large, vaguely humanoid mass of strands of an unknown composition suspended within a dark, blue/green void. Subjects report feeling nauseous when looking at SCP-3547, but felt compelled to continue looking nonetheless. Those who dream of SCP-3547 describe its communication as thoughts and feelings that manifest in their mind spontaneously. After multiple encounters with SCP-3547, subjects will speak about it with profuse positivity and religious fervour, claiming that bringing it into our universe would "save" all of humanity, although the specifics of this remain vague. All subjects tested stated that they believed the entity wanted to come closer to them and embrace them, but it was apprehensive for unknown reasons.

SCP-3547 is referenced in a collection of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts written around the 9th century, which were bound into a single tome at a later, unknown date. The title of the collection is “ġemǣtaþ sé freá'wine”, which roughly translates to “Dreams of Our Beloved”. The book is currently stored in the secure document storage facility at Site-11.

The collection features several poems describing SCP-3547 as a “saviour” of the authors of the texts. One poem is an instruction on how to construct an item called “The Lucid Crown”. The poem goes on to explain that the coronet facilitates the communication with SCP-3547, and that the “audience with our beloved” can be shared if “another sleeps awake with the wearer of the crown”. It can be assumed that this is referring to the effects of the electromagnetic field produced by The Lucid Crown. It is unclear whether the authors of the texts constructed The Lucid Crown themselves or recovered it from elsewhere.

SCP-3547-A is an ornate but roughly constructed coronet matching the description of The Lucid Crown. It is made of copper, featuring eight iridescent blue stones of unknown composition equally spaced around the perimeter. The stones protrude inwards through the coronet so that they make contact with the wearer’s head.

If a subject who is aware of SCP-3547 sleeps while wearing SCP-3547-A, their encounter with SCP-3547 becomes far more vivid and lucid. All test subjects reported that they believed SCP-3547 felt far more comfortable approaching them in this encounter, with some reporting that SCP-3547 was apparently bold enough to reach toward them and lightly stroke their head. While the subject is asleep wearing SCP-3547-A, the stones surrounding it emit an anomalous electromagnetic field at a frequency outside the range measurable by standard equipment, which causes anyone in range to instantly enter Stage 3 Non-REM sleep (See Experiment Log 3547-2). Anyone affected by this field will share the dream of the wearer of SCP-3547-A. The range of this field is approximately 1m variable. (see Experiment Log 3547-4).

One passage of note from "Dreams of Our Beloved" describes a procedure that was explained to the author by SCP-3547 during a dream. The procedure appears to be a ceremony designed to allow SCP-3547 to enter our universe permanently as a corporeal manifestation. To perform the ceremony, a volunteer must wilfully wear SCP-3547-A while sleeping outdoors, and have it struck by lightning whilst communing with SCP-3547. The manner in which the entity manifests in our universe is not described. No mention of success or failure to perform this ceremony is recorded in the collection. The low probability of a precise lightning strike on the coronet suggests that successful completion of the ceremony is unlikely.

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