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SCP-3544-1 instances in the process of materialization.

Item #: SCP-3544

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents are to monitor national media reports for murders resultant from domestic violence, and investigate crime scenes for abnormal Hume levels. Locations of confirmed SCP-3544 events are to be documented and mapped in order to anticipate future appearances. MTF-Psi-6 "Spotlighters" are to patrol projected areas during at-risk hours, using portable Kant counters to locate SCP-3544 events and intercept if possible. Events discovered past the intervention stage are to be surveilled remotely using optical and infrared imaging as appropriate, with deviations from recorded behavior logged and reported to Research Lead Dr. C███████. Task Force members are to be rotated on a weekly basis and offered psychological therapy, with amnestics provided on request.

Description: SCP-3544 refers to an anomalous event occurring once every 3 - 14 days, currently localized entirely within the United States of America. SCP-3544 events begin between the hours of 1:30 AM and 3:30 AM, during which time a house with exactly two (2) adult occupants in a romantic relationship becomes the center of the anomaly, designated SCP-3544-A. During this time all occupants are incapable of leaving, and between 5 and 20 shadow-like humanoid entities, designated SCP-3544-1, will manifest within 10 meters of SCP-3544-A and enter through the nearest door.1 Intervention at this stage has shown to end SCP-3544 events immediately, however once all entities are inside SCP-3544-A becomes inaccessible until the event's conclusion2. SCP-3544-1 instances will assemble in a semicircle around the bed of the primary occupants, who wake approximately 10 minutes later. Upon waking an instance of SCP-3544-1 will enter the body of an occupant3, henceforth SCP-3544-B, who will lose autonomous control over all motor functions except speech. SCP-3544-B will then attempt to restrain the other occupant, henceforth the target, using any available means, including:

  • handcuff knots or nooses made from available materials, such as rope, neckties, and ripped cloth.
  • Use of blunt objects to fracture target's legs.
  • precise severance of spinal cord in the thoracic or lumbar sections.

Once the target is incapacitated, SCP-3544-B will begin the surgical removal of seven organs from the target: ovaries or testes, spleen, pancreas, heart, thyroid, pituitary gland and pineal gland, often in contrast to their vocalizations of protest. Notably, despite excessive blood loss and removal of essential organs, the target will never lose consciousness or expire during an SCP-3544 event. Once the target's organs have been harvested, an instance of SCP-3544-1 will place its hand on the target's forehead, causing immediate expiry, followed by an instance of SCP-3544-1 being pulled from the body and joining the congregation. All instances of SCP-3544-1 will proceed to exit SCP-3544-A and all anomalous effects will cease. Instances of SCP-3544-B display extreme psychological distress and suicidal tendencies, however testing reveals no persisting anomalous properties.

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