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A picture of SCP-3538 taken during testing.

Item #: SCP-3538

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3538 is to be contained within a standard anomalous objects locker. All personnel with a Level 2 clearance and above are allowed access to the entity. At least one personnel trained in Morse code is to be present during all tests involving SCP-3538. Use of SCP-3538 for climbing purposes is prohibited, following Incident-3538-1.

Description: SCP-3538 is an Asymmetric D Climbing Carabiner. SCP-3538 possesses a faded logo and the brand name 'Elliot Climbing Co.' on the left interior. SCP-3538 is capable of understanding human speech, despite not possessing any means of listening, and communicates via Morse Code, with an opening of the entity's hinge representing a dot or dash depending on the length of time the hinge is open.

When communicating, SCP-3538 will often express a desire to return to 'the glory days' and will request to be used for climbing purposes. Should an individual interacting with SCP-3538 inform it that they have previously engaged in climbing, the entity will recount tales and claims involving its prior owner. (See Interview Log-3538-A).

A brief list of claims made by SCP-3538 is included below:

  • Climbing Mt. Everest alone while blindfolded 3 times.
  • Climbing Mt. Roraima with only chalk1.
  • Saving an orphan, all by themselves, who was stranded in a one-kilometer deep ravine.
  • Climbing a one-hundred-meter Redwood to put a baby bird back in its nest.
  • Scaling a courthouse to save a stranded firefighter with a broken leg.

SCP-3538 was found in Quinn, South Dakota after reports of a clicking noise in Badlands National Park was investigated by police. Foundation personnel planted within local police forces later found and identified the source of the clicking to be SCP-3538 sending out a Morse code SOS signal. Upon recovery, SCP-3538 told personnel its account of how it arrived at its location. (See Recovery Log below.)


SCP-3538 was interviewed shortly after being contained to determine the entity's origins and legitimacy of previous claims.


Below is a series of tests involving SCP-3538's practical applications:


Following several tests, SCP-3538 began displaying erratic behavior and attempted to communicate during an experiment, leading to an injury to a D-Class personnel. (See report below.)


Following Interview-3538-A, an investigation was launched into SCP-3538's previous owner. Though an individual matching the name and profile described by the entity, no evidence could be found to substantiate most of SCP-3538's claims. (See Interview Log-3538-B.)

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