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One of five inscriptions required to activate SCP-3534's anomalous properties.

Item #: SCP-3534

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All documentation containing information on SCP-3534 is to be recovered from decommissioned Imperial Japanese Anomalous Matters Examination Agency laboratories and stored within high-priority storage lockers in Research and Containment Site-110.

The creation of SCP-3534-1 instances is only permitted with Level-4 authorization. All SCP-3534-1 instances are to be kept within Research and Containment Site-110's docking bay.

Explorations of SCP-3534-2 are to be performed with the discretion and supervision of Research and Containment Site-110 research personnel. Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders") is responsible for all firsthand exploration into SCP-3534-2. Outside of these authorized explorations, no instances of SCP-3534-1 are to be created.

As documentation containing SCP-3534 is still being manufactured within Japan, personnel of Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") are to be deployed within all major Japanese cities to investigate unauthorized SCP-3534 documentation manufacturing.1 All individuals found documenting elements of SCP-3534 are to be taken into Foundation custody for interrogation. Following the conclusion of the subject's investigation, C-Class (Targeted Retrograde) amnestics2 are to be administered.

The manifestation of any SCP-3534-3 instance into Baseline reality is to be considered a precursor for an MH-Class (Large-Scale Aggressor Overrun) Scenario.3 Should the SCP-3534-3 instance manifest in close proximity to Research and Containment Site-110, Site-110's failsafe nuclear device is to be immediately activated. MTF Eta-5 ("Jäeger Bombers") is to be deployed from Dimensional-Site-172 to the ruins of Site-110 to verify the termination of all SCP-3534-3 instances.

In the event that any SCP-3534-3 instances survive the failsafe or an overlap between Baseline reality and SCP-3534-2, Article I, Section 1 of the Hy-Brasil International Security Agreement of 19924 is to be immediately invoked. All Foundation assets are then to begin preparation for an MH-Class Scenario.

Description: SCP-3534 is a series of inscriptions created by the Imperial Japanese Anomalous Matters Examination Agency (IJAMEA) which, when inscribed into the inside of an aquatic vehicle, alters the vehicle to be a full-size, functional Type-A Kō-hyōteki-class submarine5 (thereafter designated SCP-3534-1). Removal of SCP-3534's anomalous properties can be achieved by a single laceration through all five inscriptions.

Instances of SCP-3534-1 are consistent in terms of markings and interior. Located on the exterior of SCP-3534-1 instances is the logo of the IJAMEA alongside the words "研究船舶" ("kenkyū senpaku," "research vessel"). Instances are equipped with radar technology developed in 1994, aquatic diving suits, and food and water rations.


An SCP-3534-1 instance operated by Foundation personnel preparing for an authorized exploration.

SCP-3534-1's anomalous properties manifest upon entering a body of water. At a varying submergence point, the SCP-3534-1 instance will become obscured by a high increase in water turbidity of unknown source around the instance. Upon being obscured, the instance will be transported to an extradimensional location, designated SCP-3534-2.

SCP-3534-2 is an alternate reality extremely similar to Baseline reality with the primary difference being the mean sea level of SCP-3534-2 increased by approximately 500 meters. This appears to have been a gradual change which began around 1993. No source for this increase in water has been determined, although rudimentary thaumaturgical analysis suggests it may be linked to the SCP-3534-3 population of SCP-3534-2.

SCP-3534-3 are Large-Scale Aggressors which are believed to have caused an event similar to an MH-Class scenario within SCP-3534-2. Instances exhibit characteristics of both reptiles and aquatic cephalopods (being extremely similar to UAE-Brasil-78), and range from ~5 to ~300 m in height. Instances are hostile towards all life and have been observed to commonly engage in combat with one another without direct cause. All instances have been noted to emit higher Elan Vital Energy and Akiva radiation levels than most extradimensional entities.

There are, at current estimates, over five hundred thousand SCP-3534-3 instances within SCP-3534-2. In addition to the SCP-3534-3 population, the population of whales (order Cetacea) and starfish (class Asteroidea) has significantly increased as compared to Baseline reality.
The reason for this increase in population is unknown.

Recovery: The discovery of SCP-3534 occurred upon sightings of heightened IJAMEA cell activity within Japan. Mobile Task Force Delta-5 ("Front Runners") was dispatched to investigate former IJAMEA operating bases and laboratories.

Upon MTF Delta-5's arrival at the largest former operating facility, said facility was discovered to still be operational with multiple IJAMEA personnel inside. All IJAMEA personnel were apprehended and are being held in indefinite detention.

The most notable subject was a Hattori Michizane, an individual claiming to be of high importance in the IJAMEA. Michizane refused to reveal any further information regarding his identity or the IJAMEA's current goals.

The following is a note recovered from Hattori Michizane's office within the base.


31 October 1995

A rogue angel then demon fell from an aquatic numbered rapture to our world. The mystical island of Hy-Brasil was attacked.

The demon went rogue for a reason, yet it was not provoked nor were its reasons valid. The demon believed that we needed to reset; that we had been given long enough to convert to the side of the star. The angels which surrounded him doubted his statements and banished him from rapture, causing him to flee to our realm.

While in our realm, the demon schemed alone. The demon maintained the thoughts which had led to its banishment throughout its stay in our fragile realm and intended to perform its own Judgement Day. This would lead to the island's doom.

And so Hy-Brasil was attacked. Thousands slaughtered by the hands of the rogue angel then demon. A good portion of the island's population were men and women of science and knowledge of the occult. The rogue angel then demon was eventually killed by men and women of science, but not before the valuable lives were lost.

Man's curiosity concerning rogue angel then demon's fall into our realm grew. Its origins were clouded with a constantly-altering facade, and man had trouble removing the fake face of its birthplace. We, Japan, were plagued with curiosity as well; just not as ignorant as some.

And so, they broke into rapture, deep underground. But you must earn your way into salvation; you cannot steal it.

They angered the angels and, because of this, the angels began to agree with the rogue angel then demon's. They threatened to flood our realm with both sea and the true numbered angels and begin anew. Man did not believe them despite the immense power exhibited because of the rogue angel then demon.

Man did not heed their warning. They entered into our plane and wreaked havoc as promised.

My brother… he worked alongside me during the greatest Occult War. Experimentation of our own began to attempt to find where the angels came from, but Japan was not as successful as others. We discovered a way to open into the dimension in which the angels were currently rebirthing, and this is when our curiosity was also blighted.

We simply watched as they began to remake the new world. They swam majestically through the land, moving with her, the ocean, showing no signs of a challenge. My brother and I stood against the glass of the Kō-hyōteki, watching as the angels created yet another chain of being.

As we watched, one took my brother out of my arms.

I must return to find him. The world we explored is not heaven. My brother is not in rapture; I hear his plea.

Do not fear, Ishida. I am coming. I will spread the knowledge of the angels' methods of transportation, and I will find you and return you home.

Glory to Japan.

Michizane has refused to further expand upon this document.

Exploration 3534-L4: The following is a transcript of an authorized exploration into SCP-3534-2, conducted by operatives of Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders").


Command: Gamma-6, this is Command. Do you read me?

Angler: Affirmative.

Betta: I can.

Carp: Confirming.

Command: Close the hatch and prepare for submergence.

Betta: Got it.

The operatives close the hatch located on the top of SCP-3534-1. They advance forward until an area of required depth for submergence has been reached.

Angler: We're ready, Command.

Command: Copy. Submerge in three, two, one.

SCP-3534-1 submerges completely under the ocean surface and proceeds to lower to a depth of ~20 m.

Carp: We're about twenty meters down, Command. Awaiting your authorization before proceeding into dash-two.

Command: Whenever you're ready, Gamma-6.

After a brief moment of silence, SCP-3534-1 submerges to a depth of thirty meters, activating its anomalous effects. Gamma-6 is transported to SCP-3534-2 after visibility is obscured, as normal.

Angler: Undergoing transportation, Command.

Command: Copy. Report when you've made it, Gamma-6.

SCP-3534-1 fully enters SCP-3534-2.

Angler: Command, we've made it into dash-two.

Command: Advance under your own discretion, but leave your helmet cameras on and report every sixty seconds.

Angler: Roger that, Command.

Betta: Alert, everyone. There's one right there.

An SCP-3534-3 instance is visible through one of the windows of SCP-3534-1, approximately 50 m away from the submarine.

Betta: Do they ever leave?

Carp: I'll turn off the lighting.

Angler: Yeah, go do that.

Carp turns off all internal light sources. The SCP-3534-3 instance briefly appears to look in their direction but changes course and swims away.

Carp: Command, we can't even be in here for two seconds without a dash-three noticing us. This may be longer than expected.

Command: Reminder that you have rations in the submarine and that you have no limit to power.

Betta: Copy.

Gamma-6 lowers to the ocean floor, entering the submerged ruins of an unidentified city. It begins navigating between abandoned streets. Occasionally, an SCP-3534-3 instance will pass overhead.

Command: Gamma-6, report.

Angler: Nothing out of the ordinary so far. Just a bunch of crocosquids and abandoned buildings.

Command: Roger.

Gamma-6 continues to navigate the ocean floor. They continue their course uninterrupted until an abnormality is noticed by Betta.

Betta: Hey, A, you see that?

Angler: See wh— oh. Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Carp: What the hell is that thing?

Angler: I don't know.

Command: Gamma-6, what do you see?

Betta: I think we might be overreacting. It looks like an air bubble.

Angler: All the way down here?

Carp: It's just… floating there. If it were an air bubble, it would go up.

Angler: Then what is it?

Carp: I don't see why you're asking me, A.

Betta: Command, requesting authorization to proceed outside of dash-one to the abnormality.

Command: Authorization granted. Take another operative with you.

Angler: I'll go out with B.

Carp: Ooooookay. I'll just be in here, then.

Angler: Damn right you will.

Angler and Betta take approximately fifteen minutes to properly equip themselves for diving using the aquatic suits found in SCP-3534-1. Rushing water can be heard as the artificial airlock opens to SCP-3534-2.

Angler: Command, exiting now.

Command: Copy that.

Betta: Shit, it's cold.

Angler: Especially for an area that contains fucking fire-breathing krakens.

Betta: Well, they are cold-blooded, right?

Angler: I don't know, are they?

Command: Remain on task, Gamma-6. Proceed to the abnormality.

Angler: Copy. Advancing.

Angler and Betta approach the abnormality safely. No SCP-3534-3 instances are within view.

Betta: There's something in it, A.

Angler: What?

Betta: Is that … a tape? Underwater?

Carp: Well, it's in an air bubble, so…

Angler: Command, I'm going to reach in for it.

Betta: A, I don't think—

Angler quickly reaches his hand into the abnormality and retrieves the recording device. Despite being submerged in liquid, the device remains dry.

Betta: …or not.

Angler: I've got it, Command.

Command: Copy. Return to dash-one.

Angler: Inbound.

Angler and Betta continue to return to SCP-3534-1. An SCP-3534-3 instance can be seen approaching the two operatives from approximately 500 m away.

Betta: Shit! Shitshitshitshitshit—

Angler: Get down!

The SCP-3534-3 instance attempts to attack both operatives but misses its first attempted strike. Angler and Betta continue their attempt to flee towards SCP-3534-1, until Betta suddenly halts all movement and spreads his limbs.

Betta: The angels do not dwell in the Heavens above, but the abyssal depths below.

Angler: B, what the fuck are you talking about? Come on, let's move!

Betta: The arms of the starfish have embraced me.

Angler: Fuck—

The SCP-3534-3 begins circling back towards the two operatives. Angler swims backward to Betta's position and wraps a singular arm around his waist, attempting to swim back to SCP-3534-1.

Carp: Hurry! Get in here!

Angler: What the fuck do you think we're—

At this time, another previously unseen SCP-3534-3 instance is spotted approaching the two operatives. Angler's breathing heavily increases and he loses his grip on Betta. Despite this, Angler continues to swim towards SCP-3534-1.

Angler: I am so sorry, David…

The original SCP-3534-3 swallows Betta whole. The second SCP-3534-3 instance then attacks the first, and the two instances engage in physical combat.

Angler: Oh my God, oh my fucking fuck—

Carp: Hurry the fuck up, A!

Angler finally reaches SCP-3534-1 at which point he enters the submarine. Carp immediately begins their ascent. Gamma-6 is transported out of SCP-3534-2 via a laceration through SCP-3534 with no damage to SCP-3534-1.

Carp: [Heavily] Uh, Command, we're… we're good. We made it out.

Command: Casualties?

Angler: Um, affirmative, Command. David.

Command: …shame. Return to the docking area.

Afterword: I don't know why he just … stopped. He was looking at me the whole time. He just refused to move and… That wasn't David. It couldn't have been. — Codename Angler

The following is a transcript of the tape recovered from Exploration 3534-L4.


…and so we began the project; damn thing lasted three years. Day after day, through dawn 'til dusk, we worked on the machine. The corpse of the creature fueled our ambitions to learn more about its origins. Curiosity is never a bad trait to have. Looking back on Hy-Brasil, I didn't possibly think that anything else like that could ever exist again. But this job has taught me that nothing is impossible.

That day was absolutely treacherous. No one knew where it came from; it just struck with absolutely no sense of mercy, with the intent to kill anything that moved. Hy-Brasil was most likely targeted due to its affiliation with the anomalous. It could have gone anywhere else in the world; Africa, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United States — absolutely anywhere. But it chose a single island that less than one percent of Earth's population even knew existed.

…but, of course, we don't just wonder where things come from. We discover. That's our role in humanity: to advance the world in scientific knowledge and understanding of anomalies that plague the multiverse. So, Project [unintelligible] initiated, led by Doctor Visini. Nobody really agrees what the "true" goal of the project was, but its surface end-goal was clear: figure out where that damned thing came from.

The doctors reached, uh, "salvation" because of this project. Who knew that salvation would be within the depths of the ocean instead of high in the sky? After they went in, they were surrounded by a bunch of those reptilian fucks … and we thought the one that attacked Hy-Brasil was big. These things stood higher than we could even comprehend. But these ones were docile, unlike in Hy-Brasil. Salvation was truly a sight to behold, especially with docile aquatic monsters. The researchers just kept walking until…

They came across a large chapel shaped like a pentagon. A star was labeled on just about every single area on both the inside and the outside of the building. Of course, out of ignorance as well as curiosity, they entered. This was humanity's greatest mistake.

It was filled with people, no, humans sitting around fires singing songs. In my opinion, the songs were quite — gah, fuck. Saying it now isn't going to save us. Their songs were spiritual, and they cast an aura upon the chapel. The aura was calming, but Visini decided it would be appropriate to spare his opinion to the salvation-dwellers.

"Your music fucking sucks," he said. Originally, they chuckled it off and told him to sit down. Knowing Visini, he refused, which just ticked the gentlemen off even more than he intended. "Really. Fucking garbage," he said. And just then, one of the squids leaned down and swallowed one of the researchers. Music is sacred, especially to these creatures. Why? I don't know. I just know that's the fact and we realized it too late.

They came from salvation down — er, up — to us, just to tell us our wrongdoings. Of course, they weren't going to leave us off with a warning. It's never that simple, especially when you're fucking with deities. They decided our only sin was ignorance, and they gave us a time to fix it. We had seven days. Now we have two.

I have a strong feeling that they're going to stay true to their word. I have an even stronger feeling that the punishment stated is going to occur because humanity simply doesn't seem to care. If you're listening to this, somehow, then I just want to let you know… think wisely while in you're in that "salvation". It may just lead to not just your end, but the end for everyone else around you, too.

Logged March 5th, 1993. This has been Dr. Agostinelli… most likely for the last time.


Notes: In Baseline reality, Doctor Visini was a Foundation Senior Researcher stationed at Nexus-03, who proposed a research project to determine the origins of UAE-Brasil-78. This project was denied by the O5 Council. Following the denial, Doctor Visini was reassigned to SCP-1982 in 1990 and was reported missing in 1991.

Doctor Agostinelli was a Junior Researcher also stationed at Nexus-03, who was killed during Incident-N03-78.

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