When SCP-3533 is sprayed onto a surface or a number of surfaces, the respective components become conceptually vague for up to 72 hours (Efficacy of the spray has increased by 25% since 2003).

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An instance of SCP-3533. Photo taken with a Branston-Mayer Mnestic Filter (Class III). Contact information redacted.

Item #: SCP-3533

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Upon their manifestation and detection, instances of SCP-3533 are to be sequestered from all affected businesses and stored in standard nonliving storage units within the Site-19 anomalous items warehouses.

Knowledge of SCP-3533's existence is mostly self-contained and therefore only minor actions must be taken upon their manifestation. These events, referred to as "Replenishing Events", are carried out on an uneven monthly schedule that is to be monitored by stationed Foundation agents under strict Class-W Mnestic treatment regimens, with any fluctuations reported to current project lead.

The frequency of Replenishing Events is known to be influenced by the market value of stock "████", however, attempts to buy, sell, or otherwise manipulate said stock have failed due to the fact that no relevant living entities or enterprises other than and including the subsidiary responsible for the manufacture of SCP-3533 currently exist.

At this point in time, Foundation operatives are to avoid all contact with LOI/POI-3533. A perimeter has been established along the property line at a safe distance and must be maintained until such time that it is believed LOI/POI-3533 no longer represents a substantial security risk for classified Foundation operations (See Addendum 3533.2).

Description: SCP-3533 is the collective designation for an antimemetic household detergent spray titled "Metaphysiclean!". SCP-3533 will spontaneously appear on shelves of big-box stores and other franchised corporate retailers in the United States, although their presence will go largely unnoticed by ~99.8% of observers not on Class-W Mnestic regimens. It should be noted, however, that SCP-3533's antimemetic nature is not an intended feature of its design but a result of other anomalous properties.

The liquid that comprises SCP-3533 has been deemed functionally indeterminate, as limited GCMS testing has yielded results that suggest the substance is conceptually recursive.1

When SCP-3533 is sprayed onto a surface or a number of surfaces, their various components become conceptually vague for up to 72 hours.2 During this period, they will gradually revert to their original state unless more is applied; repeated exposure to SCP-3533 has shown to permanently mesh the concepts of whatever it is sprayed on, the results becoming increasingly ill-defined with latter applications. SCP-3533 will evaporate from applied surfaces and is not detectable after this timeframe.

SCP-3533's packaging indicates it is manufactured by "████████", a non-existent subsidiary of S. C. Johnson and Son.3 The address of the factory that produces SCP-3533 (Designated LOI/POI-3533) is found on the labels of all instances. The location was traced to an abandoned lot in [REDACTED], which upon closer inspection was revealed to be a fully functional factory operating under antimemetic camouflage, likely the same effect expressed by SCP-3533 itself. While on mnestic drugs, LOI/POI-3533 appears nondescript externally, however, its interior has been permanently converted into an extradimensional space that is defined as the interior of the factory, SCP-3533, Frank Miller, supervisor, several other employees and at least 18 other identities or concepts including the concept of ennui and the concept of paid overtime. According to LOI/POI-3533, this was due to a large spill of SCP-3533 that occurred in 1998 which, while having little effect on the output quantity of the chemical, was considered "an abstract administrative nightmare".

Addendum 3533.1: Experimentation Logs

Addendum 3533.2: LOI/POI-3533 Interaction

Addendum 3533.3: LOI/POI-3533 Select Employee Email Correspondences

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