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Item #: SCP-3530

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3530 can be contained on-site, due to its inability to physically leave the boundaries of Shooting Star School. Due to the non-hostile nature of SCP-3530, and so as not to elicit retaliation from Shooting Star Incorporated, the school is to remain open until further notice (see Addendum).

Individuals wishing to enroll their child in any school buildings within Shooting Star School must consent to regular psychological examinations for both themselves and their child. These examinations must be performed by Foundation personnel under the guise of a local psychiatric office. Any unusual behaviors due to exposure to SCP-3530 are to be noted, and the family is to be amnesticized and relocated.

Addendum (04/23/2015): After Incident 5-394, personnel in charge of psychological examinations are to perform them separately on each family member. In the event that evidence of domestic or child abuse is discovered, the abuser is to be turned over to local authorities and the family is to be amnesticized and relocated.

Description: SCP-3530 is the designation for a group of 15 individuals residing within the three main school buildings of Shooting Star School, a K-12 school in ██████, Georgia. The individuals are designated as SCP-3530-1 through SCP-3530-15. Each of these individuals appear as sentient, two-dimensional hand-drawn cartoon animals, with varying body types. Despite appearing as cartoons, SCP-3530 individuals are capable of moving about in three-dimensional space and interacting with the surrounding environment. However, they are not capable of moving beyond the boundaries of Shooting Star School, as defined by the geographic area that the school occupies. Attempts to remove SCP-3530 from the area have resulted in them vanishing and reappearing within school boundaries.

SCP-3530 functions primarily as educators. Each individual acts as a secondary educator with a focus on a certain subject, alongside that subject's teacher. Both students and staff regard SCP-3530 individuals with fondness, with many students considering them to be close friends. These thoughts are mutually shared by SCP-3530, with some individuals claiming to have an increased fondness of children and staff alike. Each individual is capable of manifesting tools and other objects relating to their subject of focus. For example, SCP-3530-1 has been observed manifesting tools such as protractors, rulers, and calculators. The method behind this manifestation is unknown.

SCP-3530 is present throughout all grades from kindergarten to the twelfth grade. As students progress and enter new grades, SCP-3530 alters itself to match the interests of the students in each grade. Certain individuals are not present until students enter middle and high school and begin the individual's class of focus.

Interviewer: Agent Brown, under the guise of an internet journalist

Interviewed: Kathrynn Gardner, principal of the Shooting Star School

Date: 02/17/2015

Foreword: The purpose of the following interview was to determine the origins of SCP-3530

<Begin Log>

Brown: Now, Shooting Star wasn't the original name of the school, is that correct?

Gardner: Yes, it used to be ███████ █████ school.

Brown: Why was it changed?

Gardner: Well, it's a bit of a long story. It started around three years ago. I'd been principal for about ten years, and it was…

Brown: Unsatisfactory?

Gardner: No, it was just…dull? It's hard to explain. It just seemed to me that nothing about the school really stood out. We didn't have the best test scores, sports teams, staff, and overall, everyone just seemed really depressed.

Brown: And now, you're one of the most prominent schools in the state. What happened?

Gardner: Uh, this is where things start to get weird, so, sorry if I lose you. Let's see, it was a few weeks before the fall semester began. I was taking an evening stroll around my neighborhood, thinking about work and stuff. Anyway, I'm pondering what to do about the school , when I look up and see a shooting star flying right over my head. It seemed silly at the time, but I didn't have anything to lose, so I went ahead and made a wish.

Brown: What did you wish for?

Gardner: I can't really remember, it was a few years ago. I think something about making the school better or more engaging or something like that. Like I said, it was just a silly little thing at the time. I didn't think much of it until the next day, when I got this e-mail.

Brown: What did it say?

Gardner: Well, I deleted it right after I read it, so I don't remember a whole lot. I thought it was some kinda spam, initially. I do remember who it came from, though. 'Shooting Star Inc.' I thought it was a funny coincidence, but I brushed it off as just that. But then, a couple hours later, I get a phone call from administration, told me I had some visitors waiting for me in my office. I was a bit reluctant to go back that early, but it sounded pretty urgent. When I got there, all the staff directed me to the meeting room, and that's when I…well, got my wish.

Brown: Your wish?

Gardner: Well, that's what they told me when I asked what they were doing there. After all, it's not like living Disney cartoons walk into your school on a daily basis. They said they were there to grant my wish. Mentioned the e-mail and everything.

Brown: And how did you react?

Gardner: I was initially skeptical, for obvious reasons, but they assured me that they, and the guys that sent them, meant well. I talked to some of the staff, and as confused as they were, they didn't really have any negative opinions. So, against my better judgement, I decided to give them a sort of trial period, about a week or two. The results were…unbelievable. Test scores and attendance skyrocketed. The kids loved them, the staff loved them, even some of the parents had nice things to say. Long story short, they've been with us ever since.

Brown: Why didn't you think to tell anyone outside of the school?

Gardner: I figured no one would believe me. Besides, it wasn't like they were causing problems.

Brown: Right. When was the name changed?

Gardner: About a year or so ago. I was the one who pushed for it. If it hadn't been for that shooting star, none of this would have ever happened, so I felt like they deserved some recognition.

<End Log>

Note: Students and staff do not appear to find SCP-3530 strange or unusual in anyway. Whether or not SCP-3530 produces a psychological effect is currently being researched.

Incident Report 5-394: On 04/23/2015, the body of ████ ██████, a father of one of the students attending Shooting Star School, was discovered in the school gymnasium by custodial staff. The ██████ family had recently moved to the area, and their son had been attending school for approximately 6 weeks before Mr. ██████'s death. Coroner examination revealed several deep lacerations across the victim's chest, resembling claw marks similar to that of a full-grown lion.

SCP-3530-5 was suspected to be the attacker. However, it could not be located anywhere on school grounds when Foundation personnel arrived to investigate. When questioned, each individual of SCP-3530 claimed that SCP-3530-5 had simply 'taken a vacation' and would return within a few days. SCP-3530-5 returned after a period of 5 days. When questioned, SCP-3530-5 claimed to have no knowledge of the incident and expressed its condolences to the ██████ family.

Upon further investigation, evidence was discovered of Mr. ██████ having a history of drug and alcohol abuse, which led to domestic and child abuse. The ██████ family was amnesticized and relocated. Since the addition to the containment procedures regarding abusive family members, no similar incidents have occurred.

Addendum: After several attempts to shut down Shooting Star School failed, Foundation personnel received the following e-mail from Shooting Star Incorporated.


Thank you for expressing an interest in the latest project by Shooting Star Incorporated! We're always happy to receive recognition for our work! However, your involvement has interfered with the project, preventing it from completing its goal. At Shooting Star Incorporated, we are fully dedicated to fulfilling any wish given to us by our wonderful clients! We deliver this message in response to your actions:

Stop it.

Best wishes from all of us at Shooting Star Incorporated!

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