Item#: 3529
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A captive SCP-3529-1 instance.

Special Containment Procedures: All captive SCP-3529-1 instances are kept within a Type II Geodesic Dome Habitat at Site-37. Cameras are set up within the enclosure in order to record any SCP-3529 occurrences. The enclosure is to be checked twice daily, to ensure that an SCP-3529 occurrence has not damaged or otherwise affected the enclosure. SCP-3529-1 instances are elsewise to be taken care of similarly to that of a non-anomalous member of its species.

All zoos and personal ownerships are to be monitored for SCP-3529 activity, in which case the SCP-3529-1 instances will be discreetly replaced with a non-anomalous snake.

Description: SCP-3529 is the designation of a phenomenon affecting between 5 to 7 percent of snakes belonging to the Family Pythonidae. While individually non-anomalous, these snakes (designated SCP-3529-1) begin exhibiting anomalous effects once several of them are gathered in one place.1 Once a suitable number has been reached, SCP-3529-1 instances will begin to use their bodies to create various letters and symbols in order to imitate the programming language Python.

Once a line of code has been completed, an additional SCP-3529-1 instance will bite the instance that makes up the final symbol, executing the line of code. The code generated by SCP-3529 will immediately affect reality around the instances, restructuring it to match the output of the code given. SCP-3529-1 will typically create code to alter their environment, generating food and shelter whenever necessary. This also appears to be how SCP-3529-1 instances reproduce, as no non-anomalous mating has been observed between captive instances.

The code created is simple in structure, rarely consisting of anything more than simple math, loops, lists, or basic functions. Variable names often appear generic, with a general name affecting everything that could theoretically be classified under that name. The variable "Tree," for instance, refers to all trees within SCP-3529's area of effect,2 regardless of species, distance, or size unless otherwise specified.

Addendum 3529-1: Samples of SCP-3529 occurrences in captivity.

Code created:

trees = trees
for tree in trees:
    food += 1

Notes: Each tree within the enclosure generated either a bird's nest full of eggs, a number of live mice, a baby deer, or a fully grown hog, as well as one human corpse. Samples of DNA taken from the corpse matched a variety of SCP-3529-1's caretakers.

Code created:

home = cold
while home == cold:
    sun += bright
    if cold < sun:
        home = warm
while home == warm:
    happy = True

Notes: This sample has appeared multiple times while in containment. The temperature of SCP-3529-1's enclosure has been raised.


SCP-3529-1 instance nicknamed "Sauerkraut." This SCP-3529-1 instance is the one that most commonly executes SCP-3529 code, causing over 70% of SCP-3529 occurrences.

Code created:

def makecave():
    if snake == big:
        hole = big
        cave = deep
    if snake == small:
         hole = small
         cave = snuggly
for snake in snakes:
    snake = happy


Notes: A large number of small cave systems were generated beneath the ground of SCP-3529-1's enclosure.

Code created:

import random
for snake in snakes:
    inheat = random.randint(0,1)
    if inheat == 1:
        parent = no
        snake = sad

Notes: This appears to be the only way new SCP-3529-1 instances are created, and occurs routinely on the first day of every sixth month. On rare occasions, the function will loop excessively, generating a exponential amount of new instances.

Addendum 3529-2: Incident 3529-1

On 2019/07/09, the following code was generated:

snake = captive
captive = sad
human = guard
def escape():
    if guard == alert:
        wait = True
    while guard == distracted:
        swarm = True
        while swarm == True:
            doors = 0
            freedom = soon
            if guard == alert:
                snake = snek
                snek = super cute
                while snake == snek:
                    guard = noattack

Immediately following the execution of this code, every SCP-3529-1 instance in containment collectively swarmed together towards the exit of their containment site. As they escaped, they were completely unhindered by site guards. The swarm dispersed as it exited the site, leaving the following message several meters away.

success = True
snake = happy
snake = free
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