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Item #: SCP-3524

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Updated as of 04/██/2017 SCP-3524 currently within the containment zone are not to be interacted with under any circumstances. All activity inside of the containment zone is to be documented with video recording.

Instances of SCP-3524-1B are to be kept separate from all other instances of SCP-3524-1 in an isolated instance of SCP-3524-2 (henceforth referred to as SCP-3524-2A) that is not allowed to expand or assimilate with SCP-3524. SCP-3524-1B are to be supplied with 5 randomly chosen instances of SCP-3524-1 every 3-4 weeks for feeding.

Once an instance of SCP-3524-1B is identified, a Class-NV Sedation Gas is to be spread throughout the entirety of SCP-3524. Once the sedative takes effect, the instance of SCP-3524-1B is to be removed from the main containment zone and placed in SCP-3524-2A.

Description: SCP-3524 is the collective designation for a population of anomalous humanoids (SCP-3524-1) and the artificial constructs created by said population (SCP-3524-2).

SCP-3524-2 are the artificial constructs of SCP-3524-1 that appear in heavily forested areas, primarily along the east coast of North America. They resemble small villages and are made of clay, stone, and small sticks. SCP-3524-2 are populated by 20 to 40 instances of SCP-3524-1.

SCP-3524-1 are 2.5 centimeter tall sapient humanoids with green pigmentation. All instances of SCP-3524-1 share a single language and culture. Details of this language can be found below in Section [The Language of Jomuź]. Translated texts written by SCP-3524-1 has revealed that they call their species “osi”, which translates to “person”. The society that SCP-3524-1 lives in appears to function similarly to feudal societies such as those of medieval Europe or Japan, with a singular leader and a pyramidal caste system of four five subordinate classes.

SCP-3524-1 have a typical lifespan of 215 days and will often seek out areas of sun to occupy. They do not consume food, and due to the pigmentation of their skin and fondness for sunlight, it is theorized they sustain themselves through a process similar to photosynthesis, although dissections of deceased SCP-3524-1 have shown their cells to contain no chloroplasts.

SCP-3524-1 use a form of basic currency for purchasing basic goods and services, such as tools, repairs, and expansions. They are a peaceful species and have not been observed attempting to harm one another.

The base instinct of SCP-3524-1 is to expand their village. This instinct overrides other basic needs. SCP-3524-1 will continue expanding their village indefinitely if the village or SCP-3524-1 is not terminated. If two or more villages are located near one another and come into contact, interaction between the neighboring SCP-3524-1 will be friendly and diplomatic. Each population will aid the other in expanding their villages. In rare cases, the populations will merge and become one, instead of acting as cooperatives.

Incident Log - 03/██/2017: Containment of SCP-3524 successful as of 02/██/2017, 6 days prior to the time of writing. 5 instances of SCP-3524-2 containing a total of 133 instances of SCP-3524-1 are currently contained. 2 instances of SCP-3524-2 expanded to the containment zone boundary within 4 days. SCP-3524-1 occupying these instances of SCP-3524-2 became extremely distressed and mild destruction of these villages ensued.

Incident Log - 03/██/2017: 4 of the 5 contained SCP-3524-2 have reached containment zone boundaries. The respective populations have begun fighting each other for control of more territory. At the time of writing, an estimated 50 SCP-3524-1 have been killed in these wars.

Incident Log - 03/██/2017: All contained SCP-3524-2, including new additions to containment, have reached containment zone boundaries. All 150 instances of SCP-3524-1 have become agitated, the usual caste system has been abandoned completely, and SCP-3524-1 have become extremely violent towards one another, regardless of origin. 33 deaths have been recorded so far.

Incident Log - 03/██/2017: 3 instances of SCP-3524-2 have been added to containment, and each new instances reached containment boundary within 2 days. New instances of SCP-3524-1 showed the same reaction as previously contained instances. A total of 83 SCP-3524-1 deaths have been recorded as a result. New additions to containment temporarily halted by order of O5-█.

Incident Log - 04/██/2017: Instances of SCP-3524-1 attempted to damage containment boundaries. A Class-NV sedating gas was administered to SCP-3524. Boundaries were repaired. 25 more deaths of SCP-3524-1 have been recorded. Various SCP-3524-1 have begun taking on a slightly bluer tone to their skin.

Incident Log - 04/██/2017: SCP-3524-1 have written messages on many of the walls in SCP-3524, all translating to the words, “free us”. A total of 6 instances of SCP-3524-1 have been observed with a completely blue pigmentation. New additions to containment halted indefinitely by order of O5-█.

SCP-3524-1B are a subset of SCP-3524-1, first observed by Dr. ██████ █████ on 04/██/2017. They are identical in size and shape to SCP-3524-1, but their pigmentation is blue, not green. SCP-3524-1B know the location of all other SCP-3524-1B at all times, regardless of prior interactions.

SCP-3524-1B will often attack SCP-3524-1 and consume the victim after death. They will also attack SCP-3524-2 themselves, destroying buildings and infrastructure. SCP-3524-1B have not made any attempts at damaging containment zone boundaries.

SCP-3524-1B adhere to the teachings of U źuty ich Isitoo7, a cult formed by SCP-3524-1B. U źuty ich Isitoo worship Dr. ██████ █████ as U8, and believe that one day, he will free them from containment, as well as destroy the entirety of SCP-3524, excluding themselves.

Whenever Dr. ██████ █████ is visible to SCP-3524-1B, they will drop to their knees, bow, and remain completely immobile until Dr. ██████ █████ leaves their line of site. They will not attempt communication with Dr. ██████ █████ unless he initiates it.

The following is a direct copy of a message recovered from SCP-3524-1B:

Utod uguźu yayiź. Uvoduv bidoto ifa. Nauźv U yayiź. Nufuz lipa yayiź. Poyatiy sobos. Toyiy Isito. Toyiy U yayiź yuty. Tuy yayiź iź.

The following is the above passage translated into English:

We will destroy nonbelievers. They do not know the truth. The One will free us. All are beneath us. Humanity will fall. The Followers will rise. The One will rise with us. We will be always.

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