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Item #: SCP-3523

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: MTF-Gamma-20 ("Bricklayers") are to monitor quarries within a 500 KM radius of SCP-3523-A for SCP-3523. If SCP-3523-1 is identified, audio should be played across the quarry with an inverse frequency to that of SCP-3523-1. Due to the extreme difficulty involved in preventing spread, suspicious disappearances should be monitored worldwide to track global spread of SCP-3523.

Description: SCP-3523 is a phenomenon affecting clay quarries, spreading between them by unknown means. All sedimentary rock can be used as a vector, but only clay is affected by SCP-3523. An estimated 29% of clay worldwide is estimated to be affected by SCP-3523. The ████ clay quarry is believed to be where SCP-3523 originated, as affected quarries center around it. It is referred to as SCP-3523-A.

Clay affected by SCP-3523 (dubbed SCP-3523-1) becomes a crystalline powder that very closely resembles the original clay. SCP-3523-1 demonstrates no unusual properties, other than a slight increase in heat retention capabilities. Exposing SCP-3523-1 to vibrations at 21██Hz it permanently becomes 'active', meaning its component particles constantly emit sound at 21██Hz, but at a volume too low for human ears, only become audible in higher concentrations. Subjects have described the high-pitched tone as far more piercing than the same tone played from non-anomalous sources. Buildings with a surface area of at least 150m2 constructed from SCP-3523-1 (or bricks produced using it) are referred to as SCP-3523-2, and have a high enough concentration of SCP-3523-1 to be audible at 120dB. In roughly 34% of humans, the sound induces a dangerous memetic effect. Because the source is audible sound, effects can be negated with strong ear protection. The effects can also be stopped by exposure to the antiphase of the sound. The process of a human individual entering SCP-3523-2 is as follows:

  • After a period between 30 seconds and 2 minutes the individual (hereby referred to as SCP-3523-3) will be suddenly paralyzed
  • Immediately after this paralysis begins, a spontaneous chemical reaction occurs, reorganizing carbon based molecules into SCP-3523-1. This begins at the feet and moves upwards
  • Roughly 1Kg of mass will be converted per minute, meaning the process takes roughly 80 minutes to complete for an average adult male.

During the process, SCP-3523-3 remains conscious and aware (evidenced by contraction of pupils in response to light). At any point, removal from SCP-3523-2 will halt the process and paralysis, although it is currently irreversible.

The widespread effects of SCP-3523 presents a major danger to human populations, as there is no easy way of tracking the spread. For this reason, containment must be a top priority.

History: SCP-3523 initially referred to a two story suburban residence on the outskirts of ████████. It came to the Foundation's attention on 05/07/2008 because of a suspicious missing persons report, identified as the previous occupants, a family of five. Three agents were partially converted before the resonance was identified and proper ear protection provided. Large amounts of clay were found scattered across the floor, believed to be the remains of the previous occupants. Why the effects began after 12 years of normal occupancy is unknown.
As instances of SCP-3523-2 are widespread, original containment procedures are recorded here for posterity.

After multiple reports of similar effects, the bricks used in the buildings were traced back to the ███████ brick plant, which sources its clay from SCP-3523-A.

Addendum 3523-A: An individual (designated PoI-5482) has been playing sounds with frequencies of 21██Hz periodically near population centers since 2008, with occurrences rising from at most 4 times a year to multiple times a month. Locating them is to be a top priority and to date, only one recording has been made of this individual. The following is a transcript of a video taken from video sharing website LiveLeak, entitled 'Clay Man Spotted in Alley'.

Following recovery of this footage, the video was scrubbed from servers. LiveLeak recorded no other viewers of the video.

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