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Item #: SCP-3522
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3522 is to be kept in a standard Foundation domicile at Site-179 with transparent UV-blocking film applied to its windows. No source of electromagnetic radiation is to be brought within four meters of the containment area. For reference, this includes common objects such as radios and televisions. This domicile is to be on the lowest possible level of Site-179 in order to ensure there are no important structures underneath SCP-3522 at any time.
Due to the events outlined in Addendum 3522.1, personnel with the possibility of direct interaction with SCP-3522 are to have training in hand-to-hand combat specialising in environments where vision is significantly impaired, and a gaseous sedative is to be administered to the object (through vents in the containment chamber) before any personnel enter.
Description: SCP-3522 is a twenty-two year old Singaporean human male (170cm, 65kg) whose skin absorbs all forms of electromagnetic (EM) radiation within a four meter radius of its center of mass. This property is effective through solid matter and other such barriers through which electromagnetic radiation should otherwise be unable to pass, such as the walls of a Faraday cage.
Due to its properties, SCP-3522 is blind, as all light in the visible spectrum (as a form of EM radiation) is absorbed before entering its pupils. The absorption of all visible light in SCP-3522's area of effect also leads it to be perceived as a black sphere of four meter radius1. Standard tissue testing has revealed that SCP-3522's skin does not retain its properties when detached from the object.
SCP-3522 experiences sunburn at a significantly faster rate than a non-anomalous human of its surface area, as the effective surface area for the sun's rays to strike down upon is of a four meter radius sphere. Due to this, the windows of its domicile are fitted with UV-blocking film (see Special Containment Procedures). Despite this, pain and damage to SCP-3522 by radiation does not ever exceed second degree burns2, even when lethal doses of ionising radiation are applied to it over a significant period of time.
In recent times, SCP-3522 has been shown to spontaneously demagnetise (albeit weakly) magnets within its effective radius, as well as interfere with the normal function of electronics. The intensity of these effects is slowly increasing over time. It is hypothesised that the final outcome of SCP-3522's effect may be total absorption of the electromagnetic force within its radius. Due to the fact that electrons are bound to an atomic nucleus via said force, this is likely to cause immediate dissolution of molecular bonds through ionisation of the constituent atoms, resulting in the disintegration of affected matter.
Possible methods of containment when SCP-3522 reaches this final stage are being researched, detailed in Addendum 3522.2. If the object is unable to be contained before it approaches this final stage, it may simply fall through the Earth as it disintegrates the ground underneath it, vaporising swaths of Earth's crust and possibly destroying manmade structures as it does so. This scenario is however projected to only cause minor damage as SCP-3522's skin is likely to be destroyed by heat as it approaches and falls into the mantle of the Earth.
A proposal for the use of SCP-3522 as a safety measure in experiments involving large amounts of EM radiation is currently pending review by the Ethics Committee.
SCP-3522 is generally cooperative and maintains a positive mood, though it is recommended that psychological intervention is eventually provided to minimise negative effects of Foundation containment, namely "homesickness" as a result of extended family estrangement and a perceived loss of liberty and purpose. As of the events in Addendum 3522.1, SCP-3522 has become extremely hostile, screaming at security cameras placed in its cell and attempting to direct its properties in order to disintegrate walls, objects, and at times research personnel. As SCP-3522 is unable to control its anomalous properties in any way, none of these attempts have been successful. The reason for this sudden increase in hostility is pending psychological evaluation.
Discovery: SCP-3522, formerly known as O█████ S██ was taken to the ████████ Regional Children's Hospital by its parents at the age of 15 due to dark pigmentation appearing on its skin, with its parents hypothesising that SCP-3522 was developing melanism.3 Within hours SCP-3522's skin had been fully covered by its absorption field, giving the appearance of completely black skin. By the time three days had elapsed from its admission to the hospital, SCP-3522's absorption field had reached its final size of a 4 meter radius sphere.
Foundation medical personnel became aware of the object at around this point in time and alerted the Foundation at large, which then acquired the object. Class-A amnestic agents were used to clear memories of any anomalous observations or events from persons who had experienced them. SCP-3522's parents were informed that its darkening skin was a symptom of an extremely lethal and infectious virus, and as such SCP-3522 had expired and its body disposed of to avoid contagion.
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