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Item #: SCP-3517

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3517 is currently contained in Secure Locker 3517 at Site 66. Backup copies are kept in redundant file formats and multiple hard drives as per standard procedure regarding non-anomalous recorded media.

The region that is the subject of SCP-3517 is currently pending investigation. After the discovery of SCP-3517, the area was put under consideration for potential SCP status; the area was previously pending investigation due to civilian disappearances between 1950 and the present day numbering 38, nearly double that of comparable locales, though not high enough to otherwise be of concern.

Description: SCP-3517 is a series of video recordings featuring a collection of events of unknown origin, totaling 23:41 in length. The recordings were originally contained on two 128GB memory cards, found in a travel bag containing a head-mounted camera apparatus, commonly worn by civilians during outdoor excursions.

The recordings appear to take place over the course of three to four days, and follow the experiences of a small group of civilian hikers who became lost on [REDACTED PENDING FURTHER INVESTIGATION], a mountain in the [REDACTED PENDING FURTHER INVESTIGATION] range. The contents of SCP-3517 show disturbing and surreal fauna populating the mountain, encounters with which lead to the eventual disappearances or deaths of all subjects. Subjects are immediately aware of inconsistencies between what is expected and what they encounter, and react accordingly.

The contents of SCP-3517 change subtly between viewings, most often the location of environmental details such as clouds and distant trees, but retain most events and dialogue between viewings; beyond this, SCP-3517 is not otherwise considered anomalous in itself.

SCP-3517 was retrieved in a rocky alcove on the northeast face of [LOCATION REDACTED], along with assorted damaged equipment and a fragment of clothing, determined to be denim.

Contents of SCP-3517: SCP-3517 is divided into three timespans of varying lengths. Recordings are numbered according to general place in timeline; further context will be provided at the beginning of each log.

SCP-3517 features four individuals;

  • A: Male, 25-30 years of age. Appears to have a close relationship with Subject B. Appears somewhat knowledgeable about fieldcraft and has some medical training. Perishes via fauna.
  • B: Male, 25-30 years of age. Appears to have a close relationship with Subject A. Law student. Follows Subjects A and C closely, appears poorly prepared for a hiking excursion despite athleticism and equipment. Fate unknown.
  • C: Female, 30-35 years of age. Older Sister of Subject B. Carries .22 rifle and multiple extra rounds of ammunition. Self-professed hunter, becomes hyper-vigilant after initial encounter with fauna. Perishes after encounter with flora.
  • D: Female, 15-25 years of age - unclear. Student of general studies. Acquaintance of Subjects A and B. Shows signs of paranoia; unknown if pre-existing, or brought on by events depicted in SCP-3517. Possesses some accurate knowledge regarding foraging as well as several relevant books, otherwise dubiously equipped for a hiking trip. Perishes via fauna.

Recording Summaries: The recording device was held by each of the four subjects at different points, with roughly equal distribution. Below are summarized transcriptions of the contents - see Document 3517-A for further analysis.

Further context regarding SCP-3517 is pending.

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