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Item #: SCP-3516

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3516 is to be kept in a locked box at Site 77. When not in use for testing, both wheels of SCP-3516 are to be locked using a standard bike lock.

When using SCP-3516, no protective equipment is to be issued to the rider. Testing of SCP-3516 may only be done outdoors, and may not come within 50 meters of any essential mechanisms of the site. Observers are required to stand behind a screen of protective glass at all times when testing SCP-3516. Riders of SCP-3516 are to be equipped with a metal rod to jam between the spokes of the front wheel in the likelihood of superficial injuries occurring. At least one medical personnel must be present for every test.

Description: SCP-3516 is a red bicycle, specifically the 1982 Schwinn Predator model. Flame symbols are crudely painted alongside the body of the bicycle in acrylic paint. Two spokes on the front wheel are bent, and five on the back wheel. The entire bicycle shows signs of age and wear, but still functions normally.

When any human subject begins to ride SCP-3516, the anomalous abilities of SCP-3516 will activate. Regardless of current situation or speed, the subject will experience feelings of excitement and increased levels of adrenaline, similar to those experienced when on a roller coaster or other method of thrill-based entertainment. The subject will also become increasingly accident-prone as time goes on, with an estimated additional 8% chance of falling off of or crashing SCP-3516 for every minute passed. 90% of subjects are observed to have an accident within 10 minutes of beginning to ride SCP-3516. It should be noted that regardless of the severity of the crash, SCP-3516 will show either minimal damage or no damage. Experimentation has proven that it may be damaged outside of crashes.

Once the subject has fallen off of or otherwise crashed SCP-3516, SCP-3516's secondary ability will manifest. The severity of damage caused to the surroundings of SCP-3516, which may or may not include the rider, will be far greater than what is normally possible from the impact, with collision speeds as low as 30 kph releasing upwards of 22,000 newtons. Impacted objects will also show decreased stability, breaking under forces that they would normally withstand.

The final aspect of SCP-3516's anomalous abilities concern any injuries sustained by the rider over the course of the crash. The severity of the injuries, including those extrapolated upon by the secondary ability of SCP-3516, is effectively inverted. Wounds that would normally be life-threatening or fatal will instead seem to have no effect on the subject's health, and may be easily recuperated from. Small or minor wounds, however, will prove to be devastating, with a skinned knee being sufficient to knock the subject unconscious and taking weeks of intense care to heal. If the subject managed to sustain no injuries over the course of the crash, no anomalous abilities will activate.

SCP-3516 Testing Log:

Test SCP-3516-12

Subjects: D-10334

Experiment Director: Dr. Sambre

Procedure: D-10334 is equipped with a bicycle helmet and is instructed to ride SCP-3516 into a concrete wall. Observed impact speed is 28 kph. Experiment is overviewed by Dr. Sambre.

Results: The front tire of SCP-3516 lodges 13 cm deep into the wall, and D-10334 is bucked headfirst over the handlebars and into the wall, where the helmet splits in two and D-10334 shatters 2 vertebrae, suffers several skull fractures and a ruptured trachea. After 8 seconds, subject stands up and complains of dizziness. Full recovery is made in 20 hours after subject is issued a single bandage and a mild painkiller.

Test SCP-3516-17

Subjects: D-12708

Experiment Director: Researcher Passarelli

Procedure: D-12708 is instructed to ride SCP-3516 off of an 8-meter drop onto a concrete surface. D-12708 is not issued any protective equipment, as doing so has proven futile.

Results: Upon impact, SCP-3516 bounces roughly 20 meters and injures Researcher Passarelli, dislodging D-12708 in the process. The left arm and leg of D-12708 are dislocated upon impact, and two toes are broken. D-12708 reports reduced feelings of discomfort and pain while injured and during the relocation process. Broken toes heal over the course of 4 days.

Notes: "I'm making changes to containment procedures. One of the pedals knocked out three of my teeth." - Researcher Passarelli

Test SCP-3516-20

Subjects: D-10980, Agent ██████
Experiment Director: Dr. █████

Procedure: D-10980 is instructed to ride SCP-3516 in a straight line. As she is doing so, Agent ██████ is to shoot D-10980 in the leg with a sniper rifle.

Results: D-10980 is successfully shot, and falls off of SCP-3516. The injuries sustained from the crash are easily treated, but the gunshot wound shows no anomalous properties.

Notes: "This confirms that SCP-3516's effects only apply to the injuries sustained in the crash, or at least those caused by riding it. Shame, otherwise we could've potentially used it to facilitate healing by purposely injuring prior patients, as stupid as that sounds." - Dr. █████

Test SCP-3516-21

Subjects: D-20039

Experiment Director: Dr. █████

Procedure: D-20039 is instructed to ride SCP-3516 in a straight line. While doing this, they will pass over several buried high-yield landmines. D-20039 has not been informed of the landmines.

Results: The landmines are successfully detonated. SCP-3516 is not damaged aside from slight degradation of the paint, and D-20039 is blown into multiple pieces. However, each individual piece of D-20039 did not die, and were able to be surgically joined together again. Afterwards, D-20039 did not show any lingering anomalous abilities.

Notes: "That was gruesome, but easily the most impressive demonstration of SCP-3516's abilities to date. There may not BE an upper limit to the level of damage it can invert, as long as SCP-3516 is mostly responsible for causing it. Even the portions of D-20039's body we couldn't recover regenerated once the rest were assembled." - Dr. █████

Test SCP-3516-28

Subjects: D-10802

Experiment Director: Researcher ███████

Procedure: D-10802 is to ride SCP-3516 past a pricker bush.

Results: As D-10802 bikes past, a single thorn grazes his leg, leaving a small scratch. D-10802 immediately expires. Autopsy reveals the cause of death as simultaneous cessation of all bodily functions.

Notes: "And here we see the opposite end of the spectrum." - Researcher ███████

Test SCP-3516-33

Subjects: D-10065

Experiment Director: Researcher ███████

Procedure: D-10065, while riding SCP-3516, is dropped out of an airplane at ██ kilometers.


Notes: Jesus Christ. - Researcher ███████

Recovery: SCP-3516 was brought to the Foundation's attention and subsequently recovered on 4/15/2002, when a terrorist thought to be operating alongside [REDACTED] rode SCP-3516 into the middle of a freeway, resulting in ███ casualties and ██ fatalities. While this normally would not have been enough to warrant further investigation, eyewitness reports of a man reattaching several severed limbs before biking out of the crater caused by a gas tanker exploding, seemingly perfectly unharmed. Field agents gave pursuit, following the trail of destruction caused by SCP-3516's effects, and SCP-3516 was eventually secured when the rider suffered a slight scrape from a pebble being kicked up towards their face by the tires, and subsequently expired. Class C amnestics were issued to aid in coverup, and the damage was explained to have been caused by a string of terrorist bombings.

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