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SCP-3511 prior to containment

Item #: SCP-3511

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3511 no longer exhibits anomalous properties, and therefore requires minimal containment. One Foundation agent is to monitor SCP-3511 in case its anomalous properties reemerge. In this event, refer to previous containment procedures.

Description: SCP-3511 is a female human of Latin American descent, 170 cm in height and 65 kg. SCP-3511 is anemic and is prone to poor blood circulation as well as fainting spells.

SCP-3511's anomalous properties only affect living biological organisms from the kingdom Animalia. Any such matter coming within 7cm of SCP-3511 is repelled. This force does not exert itself on SCP-3511.

Recovery Log: The Foundation was alerted to SCP-3511 when radioscanners detected the following conversation on a small radio show produced out of Oaklin, Wisconsin.

Agent Tennison was dispatched to perform interviews with relevant Oaklin residents to collect necessary information about SCP-3511 before containment. While some residents acknowledged that SCP-3511 was abnormal, none believed it to be anomalous, due to a number of reasons. The most notable interview was with a high school student named Tyler Orthrow.

After this interview, SCP-3511 was detained through the use of remote-controlled drones. All civilian observers were administered Class-C amnestics. SCP-3511's parents were also administered amnestics, and told that their daughter had been killed in a car crash. On the second day of containment, it was deemed appropriate that SCP-3511 should have access to an on-site therapist. Below is the transcript of its first session:

Addendum SCP-3511-1: At the end of the first two weeks of containment, Dr. Wey attempted to ask SCP-3511 more about its parents, hoping to discover exactly what caused SCP-3511 to gain its anomalous properties. Below is the transcript of this session:

Addendum SCP-3511-2: During the fifth month of containment, security footage showed strange behavior from SCP-3511. At night, SCP-3511 would sleep on its left side, causing its arm to lose circulation. Upon waking, SCP-3511 would manipulate that arm in various ways. Due to concerns for SCP-3511's emotional state, the following interview was conducted:

Dr. Wey's suggestions were incorporated into SCP-3511's schedule following the interview. Foundation personnel attempted to detain SCP-3511's parents for an investigation into possible connections to anomalous organizations, however, they were not found at their residence in Oaklin. Recovery of SCP-3511's mother and father is still underway.

Addendum SCP-3511-3: After thirteen months of containment, SCP-3511’s eating patterns underwent a steady change. SCP-3511 consumed smaller portions of meals, attributing its actions to a lowered appetite. An emergency therapy session was held once SCP-3511 stopped eating altogether.

Various options were proposed for how to accommodate Dr. Wey's suggestion, however, none were approved before SCP-3511's neutralization.

Incident SCP-3511-I: On ██/██/20██, SCP-3511 was neutralized. SCP-3511 had turned eighteen that day.

Following the event, SCP-3511 underwent additional testing before it was deemed neutralized. SCP-3511 was administered Class-C amnestics and returned to Greensdale, OH with a reasonable cover story.

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