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Item#: 3510
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3510 cannot be physically contained. Protocol RED LONGINUS will be performed every three months by Mobile Task Force Delta-99 ("Illuminaughty") as a means of containment until a permanent method of preventing SCP-3510-B's formation can be developed. Foundation assets within national governments and corporations will monitor for signs of SCP-3510.

Protocol RED LONGINUS consists of the assassination of a minor political figure or outspoken conspiracy theorist by MTF Δ-99. Said subject must have been involved in political movements regarding major changes to their country's government or conspiracy theories involving secretive totalitarian world governments. The assassination will be performed in a manner that resembles a suicide or fatal accident, with evidence to suggest that they were assassinated by an outside force. This evidence may include the following:

  • A low likelihood for the subject to commit suicide
  • A low likelihood for the accident in question to occur
  • The death being caused by methods the subject is unlikely to use or succeed at using
  • Items used in the assassination left at the crime scene by task force members
  • Monitoring devices left at the residency of the subject
  • The assassination being performed after the subject generates significant media attention
  • Objects left at the site of the assassination depicting iconography associated with "New World Order" conspiracy theories

The amount of evidence left behind will vary depending on subject. Additionally, MTF Δ-99 may temporarily monitor related persons in a manner that causes them to become openly paranoid about surveillance.

In the event that the continued performance of Protocol RED LONGINUS fails to prevent the formation of SCP-3510-B, MTF Δ-99 will begin assassinating major political figures. Protocol VIOLET IDES will be initiated if manifestations near global levels, with the Foundation temporarily taking control of national governments until manifestations decrease. Collaboration with the Global Occult Coalition may be undertaken to achieve this.

Description: SCP-3510 is an unknown anomaly that can affect subjects in positions of major governmental or economic control. Affected subjects1 (hereafter referred at as SCP-3510-A instances) will believe that they are a member of "New Providence," (SCP-3510-B) a global organization claimed to exert control over all national governments and large corporations. The exact aims of SCP-3510-B are unclear due to the resistance of SCP-3510-A instances to providing information2, though known details include:

  • The manipulation of mass media to positively portray SCP-3510-A instances
  • The manipulation of the world economy to provide SCP-3510-A instances with additional wealth
  • The creation of global military conflicts to put SCP-3510-A instances in higher positions of power

SCP-3510-A instances will attempt to collaborate with other instances to form SCP-3510-B, regardless of past interactions between them. SCP-3510 may begin affecting other subjects that work for SCP-3510-A controlled institutions at this point, convincing them that they are operatives for SCP-3510-B.

Due to measures taken by the Foundation the behavior of SCP-3510-B once operating on a large scale is unknown. The only observed behavior has been attempts at hiding the existence of SCP-3510-B from the public, which occurs even when no persons outside of the organization is aware of it. These attempts mainly include the surveillance and assassination of conspiracy theorists, political figures in opposition of SCP-3510-A instances, and in three cases unrelated persons. All attempts have instead increased awareness to the organization, primarily among groups related to conspiracy theories.

The only known method to prevent the formation of SCP-3510-B is for the Foundation to mimic the behaviors of the anomaly and similar organizations present in conspiracy theories. This will eventually induce amnesia in SCP-3510-A instances and other SCP-3510 affected subjects, making them forget all experiences associated with SCP-3510-B and causing it to become defunct. The process forms SCP-3510-B within the Foundation albeit in a significantly limited and controllable state. Continued mimicking severely decreases the chances of SCP-3510 manifesting, though it does not entirely prevent it.

Discovery: SCP-3510 was discovered after Agents Kristopher Vega and Daniel Morrow3 died in January of 1991. Agent Vega had died from carbon monoxide poisoning in a car4 with his hands handcuffed behind his back. A suicide note was found on the dashboard, written in a different handwriting than Vega's. Agent Morrow was found dead in his apartment building with an antique sword he had owned piercing through his neck, apparently having fallen off of its wall mounted display. Both deaths were ruled as having been caused by an outside party, though the only additional details investigators found were scraps of paper displaying a variation of the Eye of Providence religious symbol.

Similar deaths with the Eye of Providence found at the crime scene were reported in following months, occurring in the United States, Italy, Japan, Denmark, and the Soviet Union. All cases were deemed non-anomalous in nature, though the death of another agent and the presence of a Foundation-issued walkie-talkie at one crime scene prompted Foundation involvement. An investigation found that all of the victims had been openly opposing the policies of select politicians within their national governments.

These six politicians were found to be visiting New York City, and were tracked by Mobile Task Force Kappa-2 ("Dewey Won") to the Roosevelt Hotel on 20-March-1991. All methods of contact with the team were immediately lost when they covertly entered the building. Five heavily burnt cadavers, wearing the same clothing as the agents, were found in the Hudson River the following day. All of the politicians were reported missing at this time as well. The number of deaths of Foundation personnel within government organizations increased over the next month.

An Ethics Committee investigation of the O5 Council in April found the Eye of Providence carved on the walls of O5-1's office, finding that she had become an SCP-3510-A instance. Based on notes left in her office and interrogation, O5-1 had been using MTF Κ-25 and additional task forces for the assassination of Foundation personnel since the formation of this iteration of SCP-3510-B. The only motivation O5-1 gave was "to secure the world the right way." O5-1 and involved task forces were detained on 5-April-1991, though MTF Κ-2 did not return to the Foundation until 1992. SCP-3510 was classified as an anomaly at this time.

The six politicians and CIA Director William H. Webster were detained in March when all seven were spotted exiting a private jet at the Richmond International Airport. SCP-3510-B activity continued despite this, suggesting that the anomaly was not dependent on the original members of the organization. Based on how SCP-3510-A instances said variations of "filling a gap in the world that had to be filled" when interrogated for motivations, researchers slowly developed the current containment procedures for SCP-3510. By the start of 1992 this first iteration of SCP-3510-B (designated SCP-3510-B1) became defunct. All former SCP-3510-A instances were amnesticized to remove memories of detainment then released, with monitoring undertaken until they were found to be uninvolved with SCP-3510. The only former instance not to be released was O5-1, who died in her cell after drinking a cup of water containing high quantities of hydrochloric acid.

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