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Item #: SCP-3508

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents are to issue recalls to retail stores for stocked instances of SCP-3508. All instances of SCP-3508 must be confiscated immediately upon discovery to prevent the passage of SCP-3508 into civilian ownership. Due to the elusive nature of SCP-3508's delivery, it is currently impossible to prevent restocking of SCP-3508.

Non-autonomous instances of SCP-3508 may be contained within standard Safe-class containment lockers. Autonomous instances may be allowed indoor roaming privileges, so long as they are accompanied by no less than 1 guard. No more than 1 instance is to be allowed in Foundation custody at any given time. The singular instance must be contained within a standard containment chamber without furniture or decor. Instances are to only become bonded to D-Class. Unsanctioned interaction between SCP-3508 and any other personnel will merit disciplinary measures.

SCP-3508 may be terminated via incineration. Civilian witnesses to Protest- and Riot-level events are to be administered Class-B amnestics, and a cover story is to be issued. Witnesses and individuals involved with Star-level events are to be administered Class-D amnestics.

Foundation personnel must constantly monitor public access television networks for occurrences of Star-Level events. Any network experiencing a Star-level event must be shut down immediately via QR-9 protocols. Personnel are to locate the coordinates of the ongoing Star-level event and administer emergency medical assistance to the victim of the event, following the termination of all present instances of SCP-3508.

Description: SCP-3508 is the collective designation for the line of plush toys "Soft & Squishy" manufactured by the amateur entrepreneurial group, "Accelerate the Future" (ATF), and is considered to be their first endeavor. SCP-3508 may be any color combination and species of existent or nonexistent fauna, although pastel and primary colors are favored in 68% of recorded instances. To date, there have been 15,326 definitive variations in species and coloration.

SCP-3508 measure between 38cm and 52cm. All instances share a similar stylization, including large cartoon eyes, squat proportions, jointed digits, an "ATF" satin tag, and a detailed smile. All instances are packaged identically in clear plastic boxes; box art and information is specific to each instance. The given name of the instance will be displayed in banner form on the front panel of the box, as well as at least one drawn image and a short description. All instances are advertised with the phrase "They Really Love You!®" printed across the front panel of the box.1

Contained and unopened instances have included the following:

- A Panthera uncia (snow leopard) plush with the displayed name "Snowshoe" and a description reading, "Snowshoe the Snow Leopard™ is the perfect puffy pal for a cold and cuddly day! Tumble through the snow and leap through the trees with the furrrostiest feline around! He'll never leave your side, even when the snow melts away!"

- A monochrome jackalope with the displayed name "Jelly Donut" and a description reading, "Jelly Donut the Jackalope™ is the coolest cryptid around! Watch as he bounces up and into your heart! Who else would be better to hunt monsters with than you and your new best friend?"

- A rainbow Nasua narica (coatimundi) with the displayed name "Cuddlepie" and a description reading, "Cuddlepie the Coatimundi™ is the nighttime nuisance that can wiggle his way into anyone's heart! Fill up on fruit and scarf down snacks with Cuddlepie before the morning comes, and have the best late-night lunch ever together! Take him home and feast forever!"

Upon removal of an instance of SCP-3508 from its packaging, the instance will become autonomous and assume a jubilant demeanor. The instance will behave in a childlike manner and display affection towards the individual who unpackaged it ("bonding"), henceforth referred to as SCP-3508-1.2 SCP-3508 display unwavering loyalty towards instances of SCP-3508-1, and will attempt to stay within <1m of them at all times. Should a bonded instance of SCP-3508-1 leave the visual proximity of SCP-3508, the instance of SCP-3508 will attempt to locate them by any means possible. SCP-3508 learn in tandem with their bonded instance of SCP-3508-1, and display levels of intelligence greater than or equal to SCP-3508-1, allowing for a more personal relationship with SCP-3508.3 SCP-3508 learn at exponential rates in order to match or learn beyond the capabilities of their respective instance of SCP-3508-1. Instances of SCP-3508 left in isolation for any period of time exceeding twelve hours will display emotional distress, followed by a state of dormancy, during which SCP-3508 will lose autonomy.

Addendum-01: An instance of SCP-3508 was provided to D-18007 for testing. Prior to testing with SCP-3508, D-18007 had displayed a significantly below-average emotional capacity. Upon becoming bonded to his respective instance of SCP-3508 (SCP-3508-662), SCP-3508-662 began to engage D-18007 in simple conversation regarding his emotional wellbeing and preferred hobbies. Within 20 minutes, D-18007 reported a significant positive change in his mood as a result of SCP-3508-662.

When testing concluded, D-18007 requested to have ownership of SCP-3508-662, a request which was ultimately denied. D-18007 appeared mildly disgruntled, but showed no signs of anomalous attachment. SCP-3508-662 was witnessed to have been "whimpering" as it was recontained in its containment locker. Inaudible whispers were reported to have emanated from the row of containment lockers containing 60 instances of SCP-3508.

Dr. Winchester, the current lead researcher assigned to SCP-3508, chose to bond to an individual instance of SCP-3508 for testing purposes, henceforth referred to as SCP-3508-Prime. SCP-3508-Prime, a white Vulpes zerda (Fennec fox) labeled by the packaging as "Angel Cake", has been removed from its containment locker a total of twenty-six times for testing with Dr. Winchester. SCP-3508-Prime has taken to referring to Dr. Winchester by his first name, David, and has shown expertise in multiplayer video games, such as Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter. Current testing has come to a halt after Site Director Dowe's concerns regarding Dr. Winchester's attachment to SCP-3508-Prime, and SCP-3508-Prime has been stored in a containment locker.

Addendum-02: On 06/01/20██, twelve instances in Foundation custody regained autonomy and caused a minor containment breach following their escape from Safe-class containment lockers. All instances made a collective attempt to swarm around Dr. Winchester. SCP-3508-Prime produced a document written in pink highlighter with child-like handwriting (Document-3508-1). Soon after, all instances were escorted back to their respective containment lockers.

Addendum-03: On 06/05/20██, the Foundation was alerted to a Protest-Level event surrounding the perimeter of the office headquarters of ██████, Inc., involving 54 instances of SCP-3508. Upon arrival to the scene of the event, several instances began to throw small stones at Foundation personnel. Researcher Davis was struck once in his left eye, prompting a loud cry of pain, to which all present instances of SCP-3508 ceased activity and turned to Davis. Following 13 seconds of silence and inactivity from SCP-3508, instances collectively abandoned their picket signs and began to throw stones at personnel. Two members of Foundation personnel were escorted to a nearby hospital to be treated for soft tissue laceration, dental trauma, and corneal abrasions.

This is considered to be the first occurrence of a Riot-Level event.

Addendum-04: On 06/26/20██, an envelope addressed to the Foundation was discovered posted to the door of Site Director Dowe. The sender of the document within the envelope has yet to be identified, but personnel have attributed the document to SCP-3508-Prime. The document, henceforth designated as Document-3508-2, shows a remarkable improvement in grammatical and syntactical structure compared to Document-3508-1, despite being attributed to the same author. SCP-3508-Prime had escaped Foundation containment several days prior to the document's discovery, and the means by which it delivered the document are currently unknown.

Following the discovery of Document-3508-2, 15 Riot-Level events occurred at 7 Foundation sites, resulting in minor containment breaches and $███,███ in damages to property and person. How SCP-3508 uncovered the classified locations of Foundation sites is unknown.

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