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Top view of SCP-3507 before its autopsy

Item #: SCP-3507

Object Class: Thaumiel Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The corpse of SCP-3507 is to be held in deep storage warehouse #32-T in Site 46. SCP-3507's weapon and armor are to be transported to the Site 36 non-anomalous storage department.

MTF Rho-15 “Smooth Samurais'” are assigned to terminate all Y-class entities using the tier V trans-dimensional kinetoglyphs developed by Research Team TGU-23.

Description: SCP-3507 was a semi-corporeal human male of Japanese ethnicity and appears to have been approximately 20 to 30 years of age. SCP-3507 manifested at 2000 UTC in the proximity of disused Taoist religious shrines. SCP-3507 was most often found traversing forests and rural areas in Japan. SCP-3507 had a migration sequence which included the circumnavigation of mainland Japan at a pace of once every year.

SCP-3507 was dressed in late Heian period armor known as ō-yoroi. The armor is made up of thousands of individual leather scales, which are bound together through an intricate network of bamboo threads. The armor was covered in a thick layer of tree resin and salt. Over the armor, SCP-3507 usually wore a wool coat.

SCP-3507 carried a sheath on its back which contained an ōdachi1 which is in a style reminiscent of swords created during the Yayoi period2. SCP-3507 only uses ōdachi whenever it encounters and attempts to terminate a Y-class entity. SCP-3507, occasionally, traveled to hot-spots of Y-class entity activity such as Ways3 or areas with naturally occurring dimensional portals4.

The main goal and desire of SCP-3507 was to terminate all Y-class entities. In traditional literature, Y-class entities are often referred to as yokai. Y-class entities are created from a manipulation in reality that is caused by negative human emotions and an extremely high Hume level. Depressive or melancholic thoughts or actions that occur near areas that are relativistically unstable allow for a subtle restructuring of concurrent reality in the local area.

Most often this reconstruction occurs in relation to the base emotion that caused the spatial shift. It is currently unknown if the reality shift completely creates the Y-class entities or is modifying existing objects/animals into becoming new Y-class entities.

An example of this is Y-class entity H, which is colloquially known as the shirogami, which is manifested by extreme depressive moods and is, seemingly, created from the transmutation of a Elaphe climacophora (commonly known as the Japanese Rat Snake).


Ukiyo-e wood printing of Y-class entity L frightening a calligrapher

Due to the varied circumstances of Y-class entity creation, there are significant differences in both appearance and constitution, however, two similarities exist between all instances. The first is that all Y-class entities are incorporeal, thus, no tangible weapons or containment devices have any impact on their movement.

The second similarity is that the only way to identify a Y-class entity is through positron emission topography. Positron emission topography creates images through discharging gamma rays and graphing the reflecting image. Y-class entities are normally completely invisible to humans, however, a select few individuals who are afflicted with blindness are able to "sense" the presence of Y-class entities. This, however, entails no containment risk due to how the perceived encounters with Y-class entities only produce common day occurrences such gusts of wind or feelings of paranoia.

SCP-3507’s main anomalous capacity manifested in its ability to interact with Y-class entities. An increase in Y-class entity creation in the past 40 years has necessitated the assistance of SCP-3507's actions in the prevention of Y-class entity propagation. Containment of Y-class entities was under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Japanese Abnormal Matters Examination Agency (IJAMEA) till their dissolution in 1945.

During the intervention of the Foundation after the suspension of IJAMEA activities, it soon became apparent that significant and, at the time, impractical thaumatological resources were needed in containing the Y-class entities due to their unique composition. Thus, it had been decided that SCP-3507 will contain the majority of Y-class entities including those in the A to Y subcategories.

Due to the nature of the creation of Y-class entities, SCP-3507, sporadically, came into close proximity with humans. Whenever SCP-3507 noticed that it is was being viewed by another individual, it would phase through the surrounding area and relocate. One exception, however, were individuals who were afflicted with blindness. SCP-3507 had exhibited an affinity for these individuals and did not relocate when they were near.


Set of Ukiyo-e wood printing depicting Y-class entity M attacking Emperor Sanjō's Palace

The following excerpts are the surviving journal entries of Emperor Sanjō, the 67th emperor of Japan. The period in which these journal entries were written corresponds to the date in which SCP-3507's armor originates from.

The journals displayed the first mention of Y-class entities in the historical record. The circumstances of the period depicted in the journal are hypothesized to have been caused by the tumultuous reign of Emperor Sanjō.

The burning of Osaka Castle during the Tokugawa Shogunate destroyed the majority of the records of palace records and documents during the Heian period. They have been translated and transcribed by Foundation linguists. Emperor Sanjō was forced to abdicate his throne on 2/7/1017 and died later that year.

The following is an interview conducted after establishing the anomalous aspects of SCP-3507.

Interviewed: SCP-3507

Interviewer: Dr. Tsunesaburo13

Foreword: Dr. Tsunesaburo was instructed to interview SCP-3507 in a casual manner so as to not cause any unnecessary agitation. Dr. Tsunesaburo spoke in Old Japanese and the translations for both Japanese-speaking and English-speaking personnel are transcribed below.

<Begin Log>, 1:38 am, 2/12/19██

(Dr. Tsunesaburo begins walking down the same path as SCP-3507, as determined by drone tracking. Approximately 5 minutes later, SCP-3507 begins to walk about 5 meters away from Dr. Tsunesaburo)

Dr. Tsunesaburo: Good morning, (pause for about 30 seconds) the weather is surely pleasant this evening.

SCP-3507: Yes, indeed.

Dr. Tsunesaburo: I am surprised you understand me. The last time this language was commonly spoken was nearly 800 years ago.

SCP-3507: Language, like emotion, comes and goes like the wind.

Dr. Tsunesaburo: Such is the way of all life it seems. (pause for 30 seconds) What are you doing this evening?

SCP-3507: Why are you talking to me? You obviously know what I do, most never notice my presence or simply ignore it.

Dr. Tsunesaburo: My friends and I are interested in what you are trying to accomplish, it is very helpful and interesting to us.

SCP-3507: I see your are interested in the unknowable. (SCP-3507 grimaces) Men who want to control the unnatural and forbidden. If that is who you are, then there is nothing else to say.

Dr. Tsunesaburo: No, our only goal is to protect, we do not wish to exploit as some have done in the past.

SCP-3507: So you are like a guardian? My master was a guardian like me and, apparently, so are you. The sanctity of life is the highest goal to a guardian.

Dr. Tsunesaburo: Was it your master who taught you how to fight?

SCP-3507: Well, he did help with some things. It was mainly my father who taught me how to sword fight. He was very used to combat. He fought many opponents and killed many people.

Dr. Tsunesaburo: Is that something that you are against?

SCP-3507: I understand the commitment that my father had to the clan's well being, but I wish to move past the violence that has engulfed millions throughout our land's history. I promised my master that no harm would come to anyone because of those vile creatures. I have staked my pride and clan's honor.

Dr. Tsunesaburo: Was your master the one who taught you to interact with creatures that you get rid of?

SCP-3507: He was the first to tell me of the world behind the veil. At first I thought it was just the ramblings of my old father. In the last days I was with him he discussed many things with me. It was my master that taught me to see and hear for them. You know, I am only comfortable in front of those who are blind because they remind me of him.

Dr. Tsunesaburo: How did you come to meet your master?

SCP-3507: Well, he came when I was only a child. He was the one who taught me how to access my true self. He was part of an organization that protected people. (pause for about one minute) (SCP-3507 breathes in) This fragrant wind reminds of my home. It was a remarkable home adorned with gold, silver, cherry blossoms, all the comforts one could want. Was your home similar?

Dr. Tsunesaburo: Similar in feeling, but different in style. I grew up in a rural village named Kitashiobara near Fukushima. I lived in a modest home and my parents were farmers, but the mountain breeze and the vast forests made it equal to any palace. (pause for 20 seconds)

SCP-3507: Over my travels I have learned the importance of a peaceful environment. I know firsthand that an agitated environment brings about trouble: physically, mentally, and for the world that lies beyond.

Dr. Tsunesaburo: It seems you know much about this "hidden world." Why are you intent on exterminating the beings that exist there?

SCP-3507: Because they are an antithesis to my being. What difference is there between my father and these creatures? (SCP-3507 shakes its head aggressively) Both manipulate and kill with no regard and only to satisfy their own goals. If I am to say that I am different than my father, allowing the creatures to exist to flourish in their madness is tantamount to ignoring my ideals. Without ideals, what is the difference between us and them? If I am to live, I must abide by my own code.

Dr. Tsunesaburo: It seems you have learned much about the creatures over time. How exactly do you interact with them?

SCP-3507: I can only reach this otherworld, by moving within the wind and earth. By aligning my body with virtuous actions and cleansing my soul of baneful sentiments. I only wish to accomplish that which brings me closer to honor. This is the only way to fight them. To counteract their hateful creation with ultimate devotion.

Dr. Tsunesaburo: Devotion to who?

SCP-3507: (due to wind rustling SCP-3507 does not hear Dr. Tsunesaburo and continues answering the previous question) You seem to want to learn how to bring peace to the land? I will tell you. (SCP-3507 voice starts to continually raise in volume) Start with loving something with absolute indignation, let the feeling overcome you and its intensity will allow you to reach transcendence as it has me! (At this point appears to flicker and then fade into the ground)

<End Log>, 2:11 am, 2/12/19██>

Incident A-5: The acute and widespread lack of resources in post-World War 2 Japan caused an extreme hunger crisis throughout Japan. This led to an intensification of Y-class entity activity and capability during the period. On September 8th 19██, SCP-3507 went to the town of Shirakawa in the Gifu prefecture, which, at the time, was completely taken over by Y-class entity A, which is colloquially known as a Tengu. For more information on Y-class entity A's size and combat proficiency please refer to "Y-class entity Elimination and You" by Dr. Isoruko.

By the end of the confrontation between Y-class entity A and SCP-3507 there were 17 civilian casualties due to collateral damage. Approximately two days later, SCP-3507 was found dead on the roof of Osaka Castle. The cause of death has been determined to be suicide as the autopsy into SCP-3507's corpse has shown that its injuries are consistent with that of seppuku or ritual suicide by disembowelment.

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