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Item #: SCP-3506

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Satellite imagery is to be routinely monitored by Foundation-operated web analysis bot Upsilon-29 ("BULWER-LYTTON") for spontaneous architectural manifestation. Upsilon-29 and Foundation agents embedded in various postal services are to destroy any correspondences suspected to be from SCP-3506-A.

If a structure is confirmed to be an SCP-3506 manifestation, Mobile Task Force Mu-101 ("House Hunters") is to establish a perimeter around the affected area and prevent access to it by civilians and SCP-3506-B subjects.

Description: SCP-3506 is an anomalous global phenomenon primarily characterized by the spontaneous manifestation of residential buildings. The appearance of these structures varies depending on the architectural norms of the cultural setting in which they manifest; however, all instances generally give an impression of dilapidated opulence.

Manifestations of SCP-3506 structures typically last around 30 days, and cease after the conclusion of a Clifford Event (described below). If any living person other than a subdesignated SCP-3506 entity attempts to approach an SCP-3506 structure, local topography will be anomalously altered to redirect the individual back the way they came.

SCP-3506-A is a humanoid entity associated with SCP-3506 manifestations. SCP-3506-A assumes different identities depending on the culture in which it is manifesting, but always claims to be a legal professional who specializes in managing clients' affairs after their death.

In the weeks leading up to a Clifford Event, SCP-3506-A will contact various citizens of the country it presently occupies and claim that a distant, wealthy relative has left them a large sum of money. Forged documents are often provided via electronic or physical mail to corroborate these claims. SCP-3506-A will enter a dormant state after it has persuaded 12 individuals (hereafter referred to as SCP-3506-B) to participate in a Clifford Event.

During a Clifford Event, SCP-3506-B subjects gather at the SCP-3506 residence, ostensibly to hear the last will and testament of their fictitious relative. SCP-3506-A, acting as the executor, will then explain that SCP-3506-B subjects must remain in the house until the following morning in order to receive their inheritance. Furthermore, any who leave before sunrise will forfeit their inheritance, which will be evenly distributed among the remaining participants.

At this time, an anomalous storm will begin to form around the property. SCP-3506-B subjects may successfully withdraw from a Clifford Event if they leave before sunset; after nightfall, the storm will drastically worsen and the surrounding landscape will be anomalously restructured to maximize flood severity. No SCP-3506-B subjects have survived an attempt to leave a Clifford Event after sunset.

SCP-3506-C are additional humanoid entities that manifest during Clifford Events. The alleged identities of SCP-3506-C instances vary, but always involve a role related to the maintenance of the SCP-3506 residence and its surrounding property. SCP-3506-C are generally helpful toward SCP-3506-B subjects, but will occasionally make remarks or display mannerisms which seem intended to provoke feelings of unease.

SCP-3506-D is a cloaked humanoid entity of inconsistent height which manifests between the hours of 12 and 6 AM during Clifford Events. Throughout this period, SCP-3506-D will intermittently stalk, mutilate, and kill SCP-3506-B subjects in a variety of ways. SCP-3506-D often uses the remains of its initial victim to construct a graphic tableau, presumably to intimidate surviving subjects. SCP-3506-D does not speak, but occasionally makes vocalizations such as laughter and whistling.

To date, no SCP-3506-B subjects have survived a Clifford Event after sundown, and it is therefore unknown if any inheritable wealth described by SCP-3506-A actually exists.

Addendum: On 19/02/2018, Foundation researchers successfully obtained an audio recording of a Clifford Event via listening devices planted on SCP-3506-B subjects. The following is a transcript of a notable conversation taken from these recordings.

Foreword: Conversation between SCP-3506-B (Robert Bentley) and SCP-3506-C instance at 3:06 AM. Five subjects had been murdered by SCP-3506-D prior to this point. Context for certain events was extrapolated from subsequent comments by SCP-3506-B subjects who discovered the scene.

[Begin Log]

Bentley: Well, hello again. Trifles, was it?

SCP-3506-C: Triffles, sir.

Bentley: Right. Triffles the cook.

SCP-3506-C: What are you doing in my kitchen, if I may ask?

Bentley pulls a carving knife from a nearby knife block.

Bentley: There's a killer on the loose. Better defend myself, right?

SCP-3506-C: Y–yes, I suppose so, sir. But I must say, I rather doubt a knife will be of any use against the master, seeing as he's no longer entirely of this world.

Bentley: Perhaps. But he's not my concern at the moment.

Bentley drives the knife into SCP-3506-C's leg, then flips over a table and uses it to pin down SCP-3506-C.

SCP-3506-C: Sir! Why me, sir? I haven't done nothing!

Bentley: I highly doubt that. Someone lured us out here. I'd wager you know something about that.

SCP-3506-C: Please, sir! I don't know anything! I'm only the cook!

Bentley: Then how come none of the staff have died yet?

SCP-3506-C whimpers. Bentley picks up a nearby butcher's knife and cuts off two of SCP-3506-C's fingers. SCP-3506-C screams.

Bentley: I'm not fucking around here, Triffles.

SCP-3506-C: Help! Somebody help me! He's trying to kill me!

Bentley: Yes, keep that up. I'm sure everyone will happily come flocking to the scene of another murder—and I will kill you, Triffles, if you don't start talking right fucking now.

SCP-3506-C: (Quietly) Please, sir. Please stop. I mustn't break character.

Bentley: Break character? Break character?

SCP-3506-C: (Weeping) Sir, please. Sir.

Bentley: Tell me what the fuck is happening! Do you want to lose another finger?

SCP-3506-C: Stop! It's… it's immersive theater, sir. Please, don't—

Bentley: Theater? What's the point in putting on a show if you're going to kill your fucking audience?

SCP-3506-C: (Unintelligible.)

Bentley cuts off another of SCP-3506-C's fingers. SCP-3506-C screams again.

Bentley: Answer the fucking question!

SCP-3506-C: I said, you're not the audience!

[End Log]

Afterword: Following this exchange, SCP-3506-D materialized, disemboweled SCP-3506-B, and force-fed the intestines to the involved SCP-3506-C instance until it apparently expired from asphyxiation. This is the only known occurrence of SCP-3506-D committing violence against an SCP-3506-C entity.

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