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Item #: SCP-3500

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A circular area with a radius of 5m around Dr. Ralph Roget is to be monitored at all times. Should SCP-3500-1 appear, it is to be detained and placed in a standard humanoid containment cell. SCP-3500-1 instances displaying cognitive function in line with the original Dr. Roget are to be granted class three humanoid privileges, and offered limited employment. Due to SCP-3500's relative unpredictability, caution is to be observed during SCP-3500-1 manifestations. Instances displaying hostile or volatile behavior towards Foundation employees are to be subdued on manifestation. Should such hostility continue past initial containment, instances are to be terminated to avoid further damage.

Thorough analysis should be conducted to ensure that each SCP-3500-1 instance is an SCP-3500-1 instance, and not a result of SCP-2546 infection.

Dr. Roget is to be granted psychological counseling upon request. Per Site-77's director Shirley Gillespie, all attempts by Dr. Roget to resign or leave his position are to be denied. Since SCP-3500 began, Dr. Roget has requested amnestic treatment following each event. Initially, these requests were granted; however, despite the amnestics, Dr. Roget has become mentally unstable. Further treatment has been suspended in order to ensure that he becomes desensitized to these phenomena.

Update 2017-4-21

Foundation personnel possessing level three clearance or higher have been notified of recent developments concerning SCP-3500, and have been placed under close surveillance. SCP-3500's mechanism of spreading is currently unknown, and cannot be prevented as of this iteration.


Description: SCP-3500 is a phenomenon involving the manifestation of anomalous versions of Dr. Ralph Roget, hereby dubbed SCP-3500-1, within a 5m radius of the baseline individual. SCP-3500 occurs at highly variable intervals, with no discernible pattern between manifestations.3 The cause of these manifestations is currently not known.

SCP-3500-1 primarily resemble the baseline non-anomalous Dr. Roget in most materializations; however, all recovered instances have displayed an array of anomalous properties inconsistent with their baseline counterpart (see Table T-3500-1). A number of manifestations have exhibited abilities/properties consistent with other anomalies contained by the Foundation. SCP-3500's relation to these anomalies is currently not understood.

307 instances of SCP-3500-1 have been captured and contained.


The following table contains a selection of SCP-3500-1 entries that have been contained. The full list is available to personnel possessing clearance level two or higher.

Identity Date of Manifestation SCP-3500-1 Description/Characteristics
SCP-3500-1-001 2012-02-26 Security footage captured SCP-3500-1-001's manifestation within Dr. Roget's office. The instance possessed pink pigmentation, feathers5 protruding from the arms and legs, and an orange tinted beak in the place of a mouth and nose. SCP-3500-1-001 became hostile upon noting Dr. Roget's presence. Dr. Roget sustained 2 facial lacerations before site security could secure the instance.
SCP-3500-1-017 2012-06-19 SCP-3500-1-017 manifested in Site-77's cafeteria atop the food distribution line as Dr. Roget was eating lunch. The entity was brown in color and consistency, and was later determined to be made entirely of milk-chocolate. It began moving in Dr. Roget's direction, at which point it began melting. Other personnel present report that the entity showed signs of consciousness as it was melting, reportedly screaming incoherently in Dr. Roget's direction. Several personnel became enamored with the material, and had to be removed from the premise by site security. When questioned about their sudden desire to consume the material, affected parties all mentioned a distinct and overwhelming aroma which drew them towards the chocolate.
SCP-3500-1-054 2012-11-18 SCP-3500-054 appeared as Dr. Roget was passing a Janitorial closet. The entity was described, by Dr. Roget, as being completely composed of wood, with the exception of the eyes, which appeared human in origin, and the hair which resembled the brushes typically found on janitorial mops. The entity was immobile throughout the encounter, and began secreting highly corrosive fluid from the head, resulting in the rapid deterioration of the wooden tissue. Site security was alerted shortly after this began; however, despite repeated efforts to neutralize the corrosive substance, the replica ultimately dissolved. Dr. Roget filed an amnestic treatment and personnel transfer request following the incident. This request has been denied.
SCP-3500-1-094 2013-02-19 Dr. Roget awoke in his Site-77 apartment three times on the morning of February 19th to a foreign figure which he described as being "Shadowy, but glowing." Following the second appearance, Dr. Roget was awoken by a sudden flash of bright light and a distorted high-pitched squeal, at which point he realized that the figure was in fact an SCP-3500-1 manifestation, at which point it collapsed into a pile of its component parts. The entity is now known to have been composed of 92 children's night lights, as well as a number of standard extension cords. All night lights were determined to be non-anomalous. Dr. Roget was purportedly found unconscious in his bathroom two days following the incident, having nearly overdosed on prescription strength sleeping medication.
SCP-3500-1-114 2013-04-18 Dr. Roget returned to his office following reports of anomalous food bowls in Site-77's cafeteria. CCTV camera footage captured Dr. Roget beginning to open the door, when he was suddenly pushed back against the wall of the hallway by a flood of Tostitos brand corn chips. Dr. Roget was recovered from beneath a ceiling high pile of chips and molten cheese, at which point it was determined he'd suffered numerous minor lacerations, and first degree burns on the arms. During the debrief, Dr. Roget reported that, as he was opening the door, he was able to see a replica of himself made of several standard food bowls, random assortments of molten cheeses, and several bags of chips. Dr. Roget requested psychological treatment following this incident.
SCP-3500-1-118 2013-05-01 The entity was initially clothed in garb worn by hunters during the early 20th century, and possessed appropriate hunting gear from the period. Initially, 118 was screened thoroughly for anomalous properties, however none were found. As a result, he was offered full employment and standard level one security clearance despite an irrational fear of the moon. On May 24th, 2013, Dr. Roget found the entity within its office, in the process of transforming into a human sized Oryctolagus cuniculus, at which time it managed to escape into the site. 57 additional human sized Oryctolagus cuniculus were contained by site security alongside the original depletion of Site-77's vegetable stocks. Dr. Roget put in an additional request following this incident to increase psychological treatment from once to three times a week, alongside a second personnel transfer request. The former was granted, and the latter denied.
SCP-3500-1-170 2014-03-29 The circumstances behind the appearance of SCP-3500-1-170 are currently unknown.6 SCP-3500-1-170 is an identical version of Dr. Roget's head, severed at the neck, and kept in a fluid filled glass container possessing an electronic cryogenic temperature regulation mechanism. Whenever it is observed, Dr. Roget will receive a call on his work, home, or cellular phone, depending upon his current location. Upon answering, Dr. Roget will be greeted by a voice claiming to also be Ralph Roget, but from a future point in time.7 Conversations tend to center around past, present, and future events of Dr. Roget's life8 as well as a continual attempt to convince Dr. Roget to take control of Site-77 through assassination of the current director. Dr. Roget continues to ignore such attempts, but has requested that the entity be placed in a chamber where observation will not be possible. This request has been denied, and authorization has been granted to monitor these calls.
SCP-3500-1-216 2017-02-22 On February 2nd, 2017, Dr. Roget contacted site security and notified them of another SCP-3500-1 manifestation. Upon arriving at Dr. Roget's office, security found him standing three meters from the door, with his sidearm drawn and pointed at the entrance. Upon being questioned, he panicked, and fired two rounds into the door, after which the sound of something large being dragged across the floor could be heard. SCP-3500-1-216 proceeded to destroy both the door and the frame with great force, via Dr. Roget's desk having fused to the entity's arms. Three security personnel were incapacitated by flying debris at which time Dr. Roget fled the scene. Additional security personnel were deployed, and successfully subdued the instance following several physical engagements. More thorough analysis, following containment, lead researchers to discover that the entity possessed a tail, stinger, and arms analogous to those found in Arizona Bark Scorpions.9 Dr. Roget submitted a request for additional security personnel to be stationed near his office. This request has been approved.

As of 2017-4-20, Director Shirley Gillespie has authorized increased surveillance of Dr. Roget, in order to ensure his safety, following SCP-3500-1-216's manifestation. As Dr. Roget's mental state has improved, in part thanks to psychological treatment, further restrictions beyond surveillance are not necessary at this time.

Update 2017-4-21:

As of this version of SCP-3500's documentation, the anomaly's effects have spread beyond Dr. Ralph Roget to Dir. Jean Karlyle Aktus, Dir. Sherry and Leep Andrews, Dir. Tilda R. Moose, and Dr. Penelope Panagiotopolous. Due to this sudden spread of SCP-3500's effects, an upgrade of the anomaly's object class from Euclid to Keter has been filed, and is currently pending.

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