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Item #: SCP-3491

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3491 is currently held at Site-15. No subject may come within a meter of SCP-3491 for more than 30 seconds unless proper equipment is provided.

All entities that have come within 50 centimeters of SCP-3491 must undergo decontamination procedures.

Description: SCP-3491 is a paper origami bird within a steel bird cage. SCP-3491 is suspended in the center of the cage by unknown means. Notably, one of SCP-3491's wing tips is slightly ripped.

Beginning at a distance of 10 meters from the entity, electrons can be detected, increasing in energy between SCP-3491 and a human subject. This charge increases exponentially as the subject moves closer, until becoming dangerous to the subject. Overexposure to the charge produced by SCP-3491 can result in a concentrated burn at the vertical center of the individual.

Attempts to remove SCP-3491 have been unsuccessful. Within five centimeters, the charge generated between an approaching object and SCP-3491 becomes strong enough to result in the complete dissolution of matter. This renders any protective material worn by subjects useless.

No components of SCP-3491 have sustained any damage following the generation of these intense electric charges.

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