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Item Tag: SCP-3490

Item Class: Safe

Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: Stationary Task Force Beta-8 ("Bubble Blowers") is to reside within SCP-3490 in case of unauthorized human entry. Upon the occurrence of said scenario, STF Beta-8 is required to expel the individuals responsible, and summarily administer them Class-A amnestics. Action is to be decided amongst the Task Force if any foreign objects or organisms enter.

STF Beta-8 is to maintain a total of ten personnel at all times. A new member is to be chosen and sent into SCP-3490 for every death that STF Beta-8 endures.

Description: SCP-3490 is a self-sustaining cumulus cloud present over the Pacific Ocean, south of the Kiribati Islands. SCP-3490 behaves similarly to that of a non-anomalous cloud, often precipitating and changing shape, though it has never dissipated or left its initial location.

Upon any object passing through SCP-3490, objects will encounter an open space within SCP-3490, referred to as SCP-3490-A. The barrier of SCP-3490-A's interior extends one meter from SCP-3490's surface, and is a centimeter-thick, impenetrable gelatinous substance1. In SCP-3490-A, precipitation occurs in either the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail2, and multiple igloos coat its barrier. Gravity is also altered in SCP-3490-A, as any object is equally pulled to SCP-3490-A's barrier at any given point.

Multiple humanoid entities reside in SCP-3490-A, collectively designated SCP-3490-1, that are entirely composed of water bubbles. SCP-3490-1 instances otherwise have a simple build, and do not possess facial features or other qualities common of humans. All SCP-3490-1 instances are approximately one meter tall.

When an instance of SCP-3490-1 is damaged, it will regenerate from the point of contact over the course of several seconds, regardless of the injury's severity. In the case of portions of the body or even limbs being separated, both pieces regenerate into a full SCP-3490-1 instance. SCP-3490-1 instances show no sign of aging, and can only be properly terminated if all bubbles that make up their body are destroyed before regeneration can occur.

SCP-3490-1 has seemingly developed its own language, culture, and religion, which is still being studied. Notably, instances are docile and social, often staying in groups. SCP-3490-1 only disperses during thunderstorms within SCP-3490-A, at which they seek shelter within the existing igloos. At 12:00 PM3 every day, SCP-3490-1 gathers at the location of a Lockheed Electra 10E plane wreck in SCP-3490-A, and remains silent for ten minutes. After this, they continue their daily activities, which includes communicating and playfully wrestling. This continues until it is 12:00 PM once again, and the cycle continues.

Addendum 1: Several transmissions of unidentified origin containing descriptions of anomalous phenomena had been kept in Foundation audio storage for forty-eight years prior to the discovery of SCP-3490. Review of the transmissions has since revealed a connection to SCP-3490. These transmissions are documented in the sub-addendum below.

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