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Item #: SCP-3489

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3489 is stored in a sterile chamber accessible only through a two-door airlock system. A closed surveillance system will monitor SCP-3489 for any changes in its position; if it is recorded to have left the containment area, Site-37 is to enter lockdown including a warning to all on-site personnel to seek shelter and activate mobile task forces to re-contain the impending containment breach. There are no current methods of preventing SCP-3489's translocation.

Personnel interacting with SCP-3489 must undergo standard sterilization procedures before handling, and SCP-3489 is to be cleaned with microfiltrated water immediately following each test; when not in testing, ultraviolet lights are to remain active to decontaminate the containment chamber.

Description: SCP-3489 is a cubic canary mining cage visually identical to those used throughout the 20th century. A cardstock tag has been attached to its side reading "Stay safe sweety! ~Mom".

Spectrographical array suggests SCP-3489 is constructed with a steel alloy, however attempts to obtain a sample have proven inconclusive due to its anomalous properties.

SCP-3489 demonstrates limited precognition, allowing it to detect immediate danger to itself and/or any living being holding the cage (henceforth SCP-3489-1). The secondary effect is triggered when an eukaryotic organism (henceforth SCP-3489-2) is left inside the cage, the door is shut and it has anticipated immediate peril. Once these prerequisites have been met, SCP-3489 will translocate itself as well as SCP-3489-1 to the nearest location it has deemed safe. However, in several instances, SCP-3489 has initiated an event without being held or occupied1. Upon cessation of teleportation, SCP-3489-2 will no longer be present in the cage. The location of previous examples of SCP-3489-2 is currently unknown. Further experimentation has revealed that the genetic similarity of SCP-3489-2 to the species Serinus canaria (the Common Canary) affects the accuracy of SCP-3489's precognition and translocation. (See Addendum 3489-1).

Addendum-3489-1: Experiment Log

Subjects are D-92836, D-45023, D-16123, D-98356, and D-59265. The D-class personnel are chosen for their similarity to one another; each are white males of an average build in their mid-30s, additionally each have a background of second-degree murder in drug related violence. The tests performed are in a 10 m x 10 m room where each subject is ordered to hold SCP-3489 and stand 5 m North of Agent ████████ facing North. Agent ████████ fires a single pistol round Northward 10 seconds after the test begins. High speed cameras and GPS tracking devices were in operation to determine the activity surrounding the subjects and attempt to locate SCP-3489-2 post-test.

Animal Test 1: Serinus canaria (Common Canary)
5 seconds after the test begins, both the subject and SCP-3489 are instantly transported 3 meters to the East, successfully avoiding any harm. SCP-3489-2 was unable to be located through GPS tracking or high speed cameras.

Animal Test 2: Serinus alario (Black Headed Canary)
After 6.4 seconds SCP-3489 and -1 are transported 1 meter West, avoiding any harm, D-45023 explicitly comments on the sudden movement. SCP-3489-2 is once again unlocated.

Animal Test 3: Ouroborus cataphractus (Armadillo Girdled Lizard)
After 8.2 seconds SCP-3489 and -1 are transported .3 m East. Movement of the subject and cage are caught on camera suggesting slowed reaction of SCP-3489. Subject is wounded and taken to the infirmary. The animal is seen to have vanished .01 seconds before transportation, GPS tracking proves inconclusive.

Animal Test 4: Bradypus tridactylus (Three Toed Sloth)
SCP-3489 and -1 are translocated directly before Agent ████████ at 9.89 seconds. Subject is terminated, the cage is unharmed. SCP-3489-2 is seen "fading" on camera for .05 seconds before translocation, it is unable to be located post-test.

Plant Test 1: Micranthocereus auriazureus (Minas Cactus)
SCP-3489 is located by GPS tracker in the nearby city of ██████-███. SCP-3489-2 [DATA EXPUNGED] resulting in the death of Agent ████████, D-59265 and 2 supporting personnel2

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