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Item #: SCP-3487

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3487 is to be be kept in soft restraints in a standard containment room at Site-179. In the event it must be relocated, it must not be led to its new destination but physically moved by a member of personnel. SCP-3487 must be watched at all times via security camera to ensure a fast response when it breaches containment, focused on preventing the object from moving. Researchers are permitted to use reality / temporal stabilisers during testing, as otherwise test results are unable to be noted, appearing to have always been the case.

Description: SCP-3487 is a member of the species Felis catus, weighing 3.3kg and measuring 45.0cm in length from nose to tail. Despite having been in Foundation custody for all of known Foundation history, standard tissue testing repeatedly confirms it has physical and biological attributes consistent with that of an 8 month old member of its species and as such, its true age is unknown. SCP-3487 displays a similar resilience against physical harm to other house cats, though it is capable of accelerated regeneration and regrowth of all parts of its bodily structure given time. Due to the latter, it is hypothesised that SCP-3487 cannot die.

SCP-3487’s primary anomalous property manifests when it moves. When this occurs, SCP-3487 will in actuality stay completely still (as measured relative to celestial bodies other than Earth), but will rewrite known history such that it has always been at its current location (see SCP-3487 Movement Events). It is hypothesised that the Foundation was not originally founded with SCP-3487 as one of the first objects in containment, but that it managed to find a way into Site-179 and rewrote history to accommodate this. The anomalous effects of SCP-3487 do not manifest if it is not moving of its own volition, and thus it can be transported without issue. Moving of its own volition includes walking, but also boarding man-made transport (e.g. elevators, cars) of its own free will. It is unclear if (after having boarded willingly) SCP-3487's effects will manifest if it becomes unwilling to remain while the transport continues to move.

Though it is unclear how its effects manifest when it is not moving, SCP-3487 has breached containment multiple times by changing history such that it was never in restraints, or by rendering the restraints easily escapable. It may also change minor elements of personnel history to facilitate its attempts at breaching containment. It is unknown if SCP-3487 controls the changes it makes, though testing has shown no difference in intelligence from a regular house cat.

These historical changes cause the butterfly effect, though this effect appears to be somewhat muted considering the expected results of some of these changes. Despite this muting, there remains a significant risk of an object-caused CK-class restructuring event, with an immeasurable number assumed to have already taken place pre-containment to establish present-day consensus reality.


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