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Item #: SCP-3486

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel are to monitor the Cooke County Landfill and bar civilian access, providing the cover story of dilapidation due to catastrophic equipment failure. Daily rations of food and water are to be deposited at disposal chutes 42A-46C. As SCP-3486 have made no attempts to exit Cooke County Landfill, it has been reassigned the purpose of a Foundation facility. Should any instance of SCP-3486 attempt to breach containment, it is to be re-contained within a standard human containment cell at Site 25.

Information regarding the research and/or whereabouts of POI #33508 are to be reported to the current lead researcher on SCP-3486; at the time of writing, this position has been assigned to Dr. Khan.


An observed instance of SCP-3486. Stitching on abdomen and left bicep is determined to have been another instance's attempt to medically aid or cosmetically reassemble the pictured instance.

Description: SCP-3486 is the collective designation for 43 humanoids ranging in development from fetal period1 to adolescence. All instances of SCP-3486 suffer from severe malformation or genetic mutations, including but not limited to: Proteus syndrome2, clubfoot, congenital heart defects, phocomelia3, EV4, alopecia, and kyphosis5.

As of 05/05/20██, all known instances of SCP-3486 reside within the abandoned Cooke County Landfill and its accompanying buildings. Cooke County Landfill has since been abandoned due to company relocation and, as such, SCP-3486 have become reliant on Foundation personnel for anonymous deliveries of basic resources via garbage chutes. Previous sources of food and water had been acquired through consistent deliveries of refuse from local garbage trucks. It is assumed that all instances of SCP-3486 were delivered to the Cooke County Landfill via garbage trucks, potentially after being abandoned in local dumpsters.

SCP-3486 are nonverbal, and display varying levels of cognitive and muscular function disproportionate to their developmental stage; behaviors displayed by SCP-3486 are parallel to those commonly associated with "feral children". SCP-3486 live in a loosely organized hierarchy, with the more physically capable instances tending to the needs of less capable instances. SCP-3486 are able to survive conditions not withstandable by non-anomalous individuals, including levels of force comparable to a 60kph car crash, and starvation/dehydration for an upwards of 84 days. When interviewed, those capable of communication disclosed that they had once been referred to as "Hunter". Later interviews6 with adolescent instances have revealed that SCP-3486 have stayed in Cooke County Landfill on the reasoning that they may be easily located by a guardian, should one attempt to locate them, as they have remained in one location since their initial abandonment at a Cooke County-owned refuse bin, dumpster, or similar receptacle7.

SCP-3486 have been observed to administer amateur surgical procedures to one another. These procedures range from medical necessities to wholly cosmetic. Cosmetic procedures typically take place following a visitation to SCP-3486-A by the instance undergoing the procedure. Instances have also been witnessed to fashion prostheses for themselves from debris, notably of children's toys.

SCP-3486-A is a collection of non-anomalous items gathered by SCP-3486, arranged in a pile located in the southwest wing of Cooke County Landfill's equipment warehouse. SCP-3486-A includes items such as discarded makeup, a pink shower cap, thirteen wilted daffodils, a torn leather purse, and a US Size 7 Women's tennis shoe. Several crude children's drawings adorn the walls of the southwest wing near SCP-3486-A, all of which depict a human female in a white garment alongside instances of SCP-3486. Visitations to SCP-3486-A have been observed to leave SCP-3486 with emotional distress and sorrow.

Addendum-01: On 12/14/████, Foundation personnel were alerted to an instance of SCP-3486 that had been deposited in a dumpster outside of the ██████ ████ diner, after the owner of the establishment contacted police to report a "deformed fetus" that had been abandoned there.

CCTV footage displayed a middle-aged woman parking a white vehicle, disposing of the SCP-3486 instance, and exiting the parking lot within 2 minutes. Analysis of the license plate allowed for personnel to locate the Cooke County residence of POI #33508, a geneticist known as Madeleine ██████. The residence was determined to have been abandoned for one week.

A makeshift laboratory had been created in the basement, which housed a number of unidentifiable substances and stolen equipment; folders of analytical notes taken by POI #33508 were revealed to have elaborate plans to attempt to replicate human DNA, as well as progress reports and details regarding failed trials. Encrusted placenta and bodily fluids were caked across the desk and floor. Newspaper clippings regarding local infant deaths were uncovered next to photos of young boys. One boy was later identified as Hunter ██████, whom had passed away at the age of six in the years prior in a fatal car crash.

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