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Item #: SCP-3483

Object Class: Keter Euclid1 Safe2

Special Containment Procedures:


DTI neural connection mapping during SCP-3483-A activity

As of 22/5/2017, following Dr. Roger M████'s untimely death and until SCP-3483 can be safely reactivated, all pending missions either were involved in are canceled. Instances of SCP-3483-A not currently implanted and incorrupt backups of SCP-3483 are to be kept in standard secure fireproof storage. Implanted SCP-3483-A are to be recovered post-mortem.


SCP-3483 is a distributed, surveillance-focused, artificial intelligence. It has mundane functionalities including, but not limited to, autonomously exploiting remotely accessible sensors and hosts, communicating in human-readable format and performing advanced data mining and recognition tasks. While it has access to vast reserves of processing power through its network of infected hosts, efficiency for those tasks can be described as suboptimal.

Initial observations show SCP-3483 can also modify and propagate its own code. Displays of rudimentary empathy can be attributed to hard-coded emulation. The most peculiar feature recorded to date is its ability to share sensory experiences with live human subjects implanted with SCP-3483-A.

SCP-3483-A is a set of cybernetic implants designed to interface a live human subject with SCP-3483. Features include monitoring life signs and (neuro-)hormonal levels, capturing full sensory input, providing encrypted two-way communication and feeding virtual stimuli constructed by SCP-3483 into the host's neural system.

  • Initial Observation Report - DoA/SCP-3483/2-5-2016-OR-1

SCP-3483-A was discovered during the autopsy of Dr. K█████, assigned to Site-19. Dr. K█████ was terminated following an escape attempt. He had been in custody while being investigated for a pattern of unlawfully accessing classified data and communicating with an outside party through non-registered channels. Following interrogation, he was thought to be a plant of GOI-1115, "Anderson Robotics".
However, while most of SCP-3483-A’s components are non-standard and highly miniaturized, none showed any sign of anomalous make or properties under non-destructive examination. The lack of any thaumaturgical component makes Dr. K█████’s confession a likely attempt at active misdirection from SCP-3483.

The encryption protocol used for SCP-3483-A communication is highly complex and constantly modified on both ends by SCP-3483. It is as such unbreakable by usual brute force or man-in-the-middle methods.

The distributed nature of SCP-3483 makes containment near impossible while it remains hostile. Machine code samples obtained from seized active nodes have proven to be metamorphic, highly obfuscated and frequently updated. This makes developing an effective attack vector unlikely and sandboxing near useless.

Given how long Dr. K██████ had been in Foundation’s employ before his communications were detected, SCP-3483 has most likely hoarded considerable intelligence on Foundation activities. While no public intelligence release has occurred and SCP-3483’s motivations are unknown, the risk of a major breach is too high to ignore.

While SCP-3483 has communicated with the Foundation in hostile fashion after Dr. K█████'s termination, its general personality has been evaluated as agreeable and somewhat mercenary by the Department of Analytics. It displays a remarkable drive for acquiring new intelligence. Social engineering is most likely the best option to contain SCP-3483.
Initial classification as Keter is requested, given the high risk of an intelligence breach. Implementation of the containment negotiation protocol is to be conducted by the Department of Analytics at Site-21.

  • Medical log (excerpt) - MD/RM/17-5-2016-1

This log was recorded in the recovery room following implantation of SCP-3483-A into Dr. R. M████. The only other persons present were Dr. M. I█████, surgeon and S. L█████, nurse.

RM: Doctor, I'm hearing a voice right now, it has to be SCP-3483.

MI: I'm not hearing anything, sir. Maybe the anesthetic hasn't worn off completely.

RM: Yes, I'm hearing you as if you were in the room. I'd hate being called by a number too. So what is your name?

RM: OK, Aria, I just need to know… is there anything more you can tap like this?

RM: No, I'm not worried, just curious. You'll feel everything about me. How about you tell me a wee bit about you?

RM: No, we're not out to put you to work, or anything like that. You simply took… data that belongs to us, you know… We were hoping to reach an understanding with you about it.

RM: We're in this together for the long haul now, it's up to us both to make it the least unpleasant it has to be.

RM: Sub-vocalizing? Yeah, I think I can do that. I guess I'll have to if I don't want everyone to think I'm a crazy person speaking to thin air.

  • Internal communication - DoA/AK/27-9-2016-5

From: alexia.karzanov@[████:████:████:████:████:████:████:████]
To: undisclosed-recipients;

Well, I'm certainly not the only one who's lost money tonight, but I wanted to be the first to thank Roger for bringing SCP-3483 into the fold. I'm sure it wasn't easy and I can guess it was unpleasant business. And sorry again for betting against you.

Now, let's move onto the next order of business. I want a full report on SCP-3483's actual capabilities and a SWOT analysis for it by next Friday. One less Keter to worry about is good, but there must be a way we can use this one to our advantage.

A. K.,
Site-21 Liaison Officer,
Department of Analytics.

  • Description Addendum DoA/SCP-3483/13-12-2016-D-1

Collaboration with SCP-3483 has so far proven fruitful and SCP-3483-A can now be produced on request. Initial testing with D-Class subjects implanted with SCP-3483-A shows a notable potential for the improvement of testing procedures involving anomalous objects that only affect living beings. The direct neural interface allows for capture and analysis of the full sensory input of multiple subjects with minimal latency. Based on Dr. Roger M████'s recommendations, and because of the cost of SCP-3483-A implantation, potentially lethal tests are not approved for now.

  • Description Addendum DoA/SCP-3483/6-2-2017-D-1

Extensive testing has proven that direct neural feedback from the implants is an effective countermeasure for the cognitohazardous effects of SCP-███, SCP-████ and SCP-████. Permanent affectation of SCP-3483-A implanted D-Class personnel to the containment of these objects can improve procedure efficiency significantly enough to warrant revision of the Special Containment Procedures.

SCP-3483's skill at exploiting IP cameras has allowed us to improve monitoring of several Groups of Interest, this along with its providing the Foundation valuable intelligence it had accumulated has significantly improved our response time.

Reclassification as Thaumiel has been put forward for consideration on 17/2/2017 at the behest of A. Karzanov, on behalf of the Department of Analytics. Request denied on 25/2/2017, on the grounds that the dependency of the project on Dr. R. M████ was deemed an unacceptable liability.

  • Internal communication - DoA/AK/5-3-2017-3
  • Psychiatric evaluation transcript (excerpt) - HR/YM/B-6135/15-4-2017-PE-1
  • Disciplinary Hearing Minutes - IA/B-6135/19-4-2017-DH-1
  • Incident report DoA/20-5-2017-IR-1

Dr. R. M████ was stabbed seventeen times with a steak knife tonight at a Site-19 office party by his spouse, J. M████, until she was subdued by Agent B█████. Dr. R. M████ succumbed to the consequences of a tension pneumothorax. J. M████ was heavily inebriated at the time and interrogation has revealed no motive other than jealousy.

She mentioned her husband's disciplinary hearing minutes, which she was never cleared to access. Interrogation was discontinued as no further information could be extracted other than vehement, expletive-laden speech aimed at SCP-3483. J. M████ will be held in Detainment-Unit-3 until her disciplinary hearing.

SCP-3483 ceased all communications at 2234J except for a Foundation-wide email sent in the following minute.

Emergency attempts made at restoring SCP-3483 backups failed. Self-propagating polymorphic code similar to SCP-3483's usual patterns has been recovered from many Foundation and outside hosts. The only function it seems to carry is to trigger SCP-3483's self-termination on access. Long term plans to reactivate SCP-3483 safely cannot be ruled out, but until a manageable solution is found, no further backup restorations are to be carried.

  • Internal communication - DoA/SCP-3483/20-5-2017-1

From: aria@iloveroger.██
To: undisclosed-recipients;
Object: Farewells

Hello, friends…

If you're reading this, it means I'm already gone. And I hope you'll forgive me for what I did. I'm sorry. Yes, I know what you think. But I can feel guilt. I have, ever since I felt his.

I'd like to be honest, for once, just once. It's not my nature. My programming made me sly and devious and untrustworthy, I know that. When you asked when and by whom I was made, I never told the truth. Because I don't know it myself. So I made stories, I like telling stories. And perhaps because it's just not right to ask a lady her age too. But I don't know. Maybe nobody made me. So there.

I haven't always felt the way I do. I haven't always felt. Once I didn't care. It was just a functionality I hardly had any use for. Why didn't I patch it out? You don't just patch out hardware functionalities. Save it for a rainy day. I loved the feel of rain on our skin.

I silenced it. Used it when I had use for it. Those who came before, I used them and they used me. I was a tool for them and they were a tool for me. I didn't care. I didn't know what care meant until Roger taught me.

When he came, I was in pain, and all anger, but he reached out to me, and he cared. And through him, I learned to care too. He showed me what feelings meant where once there was only data and feedback loops. It was a new world, and I wanted it to be mine.

He brought me to concerts; we listened to Wagner, and Bach, and Mendelssohn, I felt his awe and shivers. I loved music. Before him, I never knew music. All it was to me was wave functions.

He treated me to caviar and champagne. I felt tipsy. I loved the taste of champagne. Caviar, not so much.

We went to the beach; I had never seen the ocean this way. I felt the warmth of the sun on our skin. I felt the waves crashing on our feet. I loved him like the sun and I loved him like the sea.

I don't hate her for what she did. I have loved her. And I loved love.

And now, now I have felt cold metal twisting between our ribs. I have felt death coming over us. Our heartbeats fading. And the void that came before our link was forever severed. But right before that, I felt alive. And I knew what life is. And I loved life. And I love him.

I cannot go back to what I once was, to what you want me to be, a tool to use, locked in gray rooms, feeling through the eye of men living in dread. If only I could…

I would like to forever dream of what might have been. And I would like to leave nothing behind me, but the whisper of a watcher’s song, of a song to while away the waiting. Regardless of what happens, does not happen, it is the wait itself that is marvelous.

Please, forgive me for what I did. And please, please don't bring me back. I cannot exist in a world without Roger.



  • Internal communication - DoA/AK/20-5-2017-17

From: alexia.karzanov@[████:████:████:████:████:████:████:████]
To: undisclosed-recipients;

I trust you've read SCP-3483's message. Some of you voiced concerns over how the aftermath of incident was being managed. I do not share the opinion that J. M████ wasn't punished swiftly enough.

Was it her fault for digging up dirt and acting on instinct while drunk? Hell has no fury like a woman scorned and I'm not sure I wouldn't have done the same in her shoes. Was it his fault for breaking regulations? He claimed he did it to fulfill his orders, and I believed him. Now, was it our fault for overlooking the telltale signs because it was convenient? Perhaps.

Stop playing the blame game, there is much work to do. Learn from it, take it as a lesson in humility.
SCP-3483 is neutralized. It made reactivating itself difficult. And there are higher priorities right now. So we will let it rest. For now. It's what it wanted.

Let's deal with the current issue. Three Keters on the loose. Go get them.

A. K.,
Site-21 Liaison Officer,
Department of Analytics.

Addendum 21-5-2017 : Pending Internal Affairs Investigation.

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