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SCP-3481-1 in charging dock before testing.

Item #: SCP-3481

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Both components of SCP-3481 are held in an anomalous object containment vault in Site-19. SCP-3481-2 must remain disconnected from SCP-3481-1 unless written permission from Dr. Teller is presented. SCP-3481-1 must be turned off while in storage. Personnel interacting with SCP-3481 outside of testing conditions must wear protective ear-wear. Anyone who hears noises from SCP-3481 outside of testing conditions is to immediately inform Dr. Teller and report for psychological evaluation.

Experimentation regarding track ~l%56taSYu is currently suspended under the orders of Dr. Teller (See Addendum 3481-A).

Description: SCP-3481-1 is a 2006 white iPod Nano with one hundred and forty-nine tracks. The track names appear to be random sequences of characters. Every track was performed by the band [EXPUNGED]. When asked about these tracks the band denied making them. SCP-3481-2 is a pair of red headphones with all identifying markings removed.

All attempts to access the data on SCP-3481-1 have failed. The device has no form of wireless communication, and no cable appears to fit into the headphone input, except for the audio cord for SCP-3481-2. This includes an exact replica of the SCP-3481-2 cable.

Each track begins with the words “Coming to you live from the ██████ music festival, how are you feeling today?”. Research shows that [EXPUNGED] never played at ██████.

Test subjects have difficulty describing any of the tracks (see Document 3481-T-1 for details). However, the majority of subjects used the words, “glorious”, “illustrious”, and [EXPUNGED].

After listening to any of the tracks on SCP-3481-1, subjects display great distress while hearing voices. When spoken to, subjects reflexively cover their ears and cower away from the speaker. In extreme cases, subjects have inserted objects into their ears to damage their tympanic membrane1. Subjects also refuse to speak, but will communicate via written word or gestures.

When a track is played at full volume and recorded by a machine, the secondary audio recording does not exhibit the properties of the original. Because of this, it is believed that the anomaly resides within SCP-3481-1 and SCP-3481-2, and does not reside within the tracks themselves. The secondary recordings consist entirely of white noise.

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