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View of SCP-3480 from the base of Mt. Olympus

Item #: SCP-3480

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Black

Special Containment Procedures: Access to Mt. Olympus has been forbidden to civilians by the Greek government under the cover story of protecting an important cultural site. Foundation personnel in the guise of officers of the Greek Ministry of the Interior are to prevent unauthorized entrance to the area.

To contain SCP-3480-2 instances, Area-13 has been built within Mt. Olympus, approximately 400 meters below SCP-3480.1 Area-13 is equipped with 18 Massive Scranton Reality Anchors (MSRAs) arranged in a circular pattern around the facility. All Anchors are to remain active at all times, with any damaged or malfunctioning unit repaired or replaced as soon as possible. In addition, one Xyank/Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sink (XACTS) is to be maintained on site for use with Protocol Kronos, with a second XACTS unit placed in on site storage to serve as a back up.

MTF Omega-12 ("Achilles Heels"), a MTF specialized in the capture and/or termination of reality altering entities is to be permanently garrisoned in Area-13 to contain SCP-3480-2 instances during Protocol Kronos.

When a White event occurs, Protocol Kronos is to be enacted. Following completion of the Protocol, SCP-3480-2 instances that are rated as class three reality bending entities or below will be placed in standard humanoid containment cells within Area-13. Instances rated at class four or above will be placed into a comatose state and held on site according to the Palmer Protocol.2

Description: SCP-3480 is the peak of Mt. Olympus, Greece. The Hume value in this area is the lowest recorded by the Foundation, measuring approximately 1.2 x 10-██ Humes on the Caldmann-Rzewski Hume scale.3 A Hume value approaching absolute zero occurring naturally is theoretically impossible, and even Foundation tests utilizing SRAs in a pocket dimension have been unable to produce Hume levels lower than .15hm. While theoretically that value could be lowered further, it would require hundreds of linked SRAs-a number only one Foundation site possesses. Despite the fact that this value should indicate a visibly distorted local reality that is brittle enough to be altered by non-anomalous humans, SCP-3480 normally shows no visible signs of its anomalous nature. The anomaly's age is estimated at ████ years, and has been contained or utilized by various Groups of Interest prior to coming under Foundation control.

SRAs are unable to correct SCP-3480's Hume value to the baseline of 1hm, though they are able to maintain baseline Hume value within Area-13 (albeit at a reduced operating efficiency). It is thus theorized that SCP-3480 acts as a hole through which local reality is drawn. This effect does not appear to negatively impact organisms or the environment in SCP-3480's proximity.


SCP-3480-1 during a White event (Kant counter visible to anomaly's right)

SCP-3480-1 is the designation given to a phenomenon that manifests at seemingly random intervals in SCP-3480.4 Between 5 and 22 minutes prior to manifestation, Kant counters in SCP-3480 read Hume values returning to baseline. When manifestation occurs, one unconscious human will spontaneously appear approximately 3 meters above ground and will not move. The individual will then be surrounded by an ambient white light. Following this, Hume values in SCP-3480 will once again approach absolute zero. These occurrences are collectively referred to as a White event.

Following the individual's appearance and the return to low Hume values, SCP-3480-1 will remain for a variable length of time.5 Interacting with an SCP-3480-1 instance is impossible due to its properties. Any and all matter that approaches within .5 meters of SCP-3480-1 will be subject to acute reality failure, resulting in instantaneous molecularization. Eventually, the light will recede and the individual within will fall to the ground and regain consciousness. These individuals are then considered to be instances of SCP-3480-2.

All Instances of SCP-3480-2 are reality altering entities of various strengths, with the power of the instance increasing the longer the length of its associated White event. SCP-3480-2 commonly show signs of sociopathy, narcissism, and violent tendencies. SCP-███, SCP-███, and SCP-████ are believed to be SCP-3480-2 instances that manifested prior to SCP-3480's containment. Approximately 68% of SCP-3480-2 instances display physical or mental impairments. Common impairments include an additional heart chamber, amnesia, perfect polydactyly of the hands and feet, missing limb(s), increased endocranial volume and height, the presence of an abdominal organ of unknown purpose which emits and responds to radio frequencies in the 2.4-3.6 GHz range, and intellectual disability.

Addendum 3480-1: Following the enactment of current containment procedures, no K class scenarios have occurred as a result of SCP-3480 and casualties have been limited to only ██ individuals.

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